50 Insanely Fun Winter Bucket List Ideas for Everyone

Stop letting your best days pass you by! Proactively tick off things from your bucket list and have fun!

Winter Bucket List

When it’s freezing outside and cold winds are blowing, you might want nothing to do but sleep in. Truly, it gets almost impossible to part with your warm & toasty blankets during frosty days. But you can’t deny that the winter season has its own charms. The pure-white snowy scenery is breathtaking and nothing beats the heavenly warmth of hot cocoa on a frigid day. So, instead of wasting away your days lazily on the couch, try these unique, creative, and fun winter bucket list activities! They’re sure to energize you and improve your mood on bleak days.

Best Creative Winter Bucket List Activities for Kids

Children can get listless during the cold season. They can’t go outside to play every day and staying inside gets boring pretty quickly. In fact, it is common for kids to suffer from cabin fever when they are forced to stay in on snowy days. To relieve the boredom and keep them entertained, here are some engaging & fun snow activity ideas!

1Cook a Feast for Stray Animals

Holidays are all about caring for each other and expressing gratitude. Show care and compassion for stray animals by cooking them a grand holiday feast! Not only will it get the children excited but also teach them to be kind to animals.

2Dress up Pretty for an Ice Skating Trip

Among iconic winter activities, skiing, snowboarding, and Ice skating are a must! While the formers require you to put on sports gear and ski goggles, the latter offers more freedom. Get inspired by the beautiful Winter Olympics ice skating performances and dress up prettily for a fun evening out!

3DIY Christmas Gifts this Year

Inflation is off the charts and Christmas gifts are getting more and more expensive. Save money and improve your finances this year by DIY-ing holiday gifts. It’s a great holiday activity for kids that teaches them to appreciate handmade gifts even more.

4Track Santa’s Journey

Every December, the US Air Force tracks Santa’s journey across the globe. If the kids can’t wait for their presents to arrive, distract them via Santa Tracker.

5Learn a New Skill

Winter is the best time for kids to pick up a new hobby or learn a new skill. Since they’re forced to stay in frequently, it can relieve the boredom and keep them entertained. Studies show that trying new things and challenging oneself has overall positive effects on our cognitive abilities & mental health.

6Build a Secret Base in the Snow

Let the kids run free and play in the snow! An excellent way to use up all that snow piled up in the backyard is to build an igloo. Kids can use it as a secret base and make it more homely by adding pillows, blankets, etc. What a fun way to stay warm right?

7Make Christmas Sweaters for Your Pets

Holiday gifts are not for humans only. It is important to include your fur babies in the holiday tradition as well. This winter, show your love and care towards your pets by making them Christmas socks. It’s a fun little knitting project that even young kids can accomplish!

8Decorate the House with an Insane Amount of Fairy Lights

Nothing says festive season like fairy lights. Involve all the kids in Christmas cleaning & decorating the house. Prompt them to be creative. No doubt, they’ll turn the house into a glittery masterpiece!

9Stay up all Night to Watch the Sunrise

The modern generation doesn’t know how to appreciate the simple things in life. They don’t realize the beauty of nature. So, this cold season, get them to watch the sunrise together. They might not want to wake up at the crack of dawn so incentivize them by allowing them to stay up all night.

10Eat Maple Taffy

Among the most fun snow activities to do, making maple taffy takes the cake! Collect freshly fallen snow and pour boiled maple syrup on top. Scoop it up with a stick and enjoy this easy, delicious snow treat!

Heartwarming Activities the Whole Family can do on Frosty Days

If you already have a family of your own, here are some wholesome ways to spend time together this winter.

11Relish some Home-Roasted Chestnuts

Want a quick, yummy, and healthy snack? Try roasted chestnuts. Better yet, roast them together on the bonfire. Another good option is roasted sweet potatoes.

12Have a Bonfire in the Backyard

Since our primitives, human beings have enjoyed gathering around a fire. No wonder, bonfires are a must-do activity for winter. Sitting by the fire is so soothing & relaxing that it will significantly cure your burnout syndrome.

13Reminisce about Old Times through Old Photographs

The digital age might have wiped off the tradition of physical photographs. But there must be some from your parents or grandparents’ time in the storeroom. Moreover, it was common for parents to make DVDs and record the formative years of their children back in the day.

14Go Treasure Hunting in the Attic

The attic and storeroom might be the most neglected and forgotten rooms of a house. But they are full of precious things! This winter, go treasure hunting in the attic. See what valuable collectibles or adored memorabilia are hiding there.

15Build an Elaborate Gingerbread House

Ditch the same-old boring holiday food. This year, take up a challenge and make a giant gingerbread house in great detail. It is sure to bring the whole family together!

16Storytime by the Fireplace

For those who are lucky to have grandparents or great-grandparents, ask them to tell you stories as you sit by the fireplace on extremely cold winter days.

17Have a Proper Family Photoshoot Day

Again, it’s a forgotten tradition. One that we need to bring back! Everyone in the family should get dressed up and have a professional photoshoot day.

18Surprise Your Neighbors with Something Sweet

Do you know about the fun tradition of “elfing” someone? It means leaving a small gift on somebody’s doorstep, ringing the bell, and running away! What’s more, whoever has been elfed has to elf someone else and keep the game going! Isn’t that sweet?

19Sleep in!

It might make you feel lazy when you’re the only one sleeping in. So, get your entire family to have a sleep-in day! Now, you can comfortably enjoy wintertime without feeling guilty.

20Watch Every Holiday Movie out There

You must have seen some holiday films, but have you seen them ALL?

Special Ways to Have Fun with Friends this Winter

Hangouts with friends also decrease in the cold weather. You can’t exactly go to a lot of places when you’re snowed in. So, here are some special activities to include on your winter bucket list with friends.

21Host a K-pop Concert

All young people are obsessed with kpop. When you have nothing to do but still want to spend quality time with your friends, jam to k-pop music!

22Sleepovers are Never not Fun

This is only true for a close-knit group of friends. If there are a lot of people, it will turn into a rowdy party. But with your few trusted close friends, it will be a healing and fun time.

23Take a Pottery Class Together

It’s all about doing something special with your friends. And pottery is an excellent hobby to take up. You’re sure to pleasing time learning something together.

24Make Nature-inspired Jewelry

Spring and autumn might be more appropriate seasons for this. But go out, and scavenge anything you can from nature, leaves, twigs, nuts, seeds, pine cones, etc. Turn them into beautiful jewelry. There are a lot of ideas on the internet you can take inspiration from. In fact, some have even turned into a successful small business for teens!

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25Explore Winter Crafts Fair

Craft fairs are brimming with unique, creative energies. It’s an excellent hangout place for young people. Instead of shopping at expensive brands, explore one-of-a-kind products at the seasonal crafts fair.

26Binge-watch Wholesome Anime

If you and your friends love anime, time to prepare yummy snacks and watch wholesome series!

27Shoot an Exquisite Firework Show

No need to wait till the New Year to watch fireworks. You can host your own fireworks show with your friends! You might have to pool in money but the sight of exquisite explosions of colors in the winter sky will be worth it!

28Host a Knitting Party

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting, get your friends into it as well. Gather them all and teach them to knit. This way you can have a wholesome knitting party and maybe make Christmas gifts for each other.

29Cook a Holiday Meal Together

Although it’s a norm to spend holidays with family, you can do it with your friends as well. For some people, friends are their chosen family. So, this year get together with your best friends and cook a holiday feast.

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30Organize a Sustainable Swap Party

A swap party is one where all participants bring some items to trade with other people. It’s a great way to be sustainable. Instead of buying more things, you can exchange them for something else in return. Make sure to lay out the rules carefully though. Only items in good condition are allowed. No worn-out, breaking-apart junk!

Romantic Things for Couples to do when it’s Cold Outside

Winter is the most romantic time of the year. No wonder you might want to spend it with your significant other! Here are some intimate date ideas to include on your winter bucket list for couples.

31Go Stargazing on a Clear, Cold Night

Very few things are more romantic than watching the stars with your soulmate on a cold winter night. Choose a clear day with no clouds to go stargazing and express your unconditional love for each other.

32Have a Romantic Dance in the Snow

Dancing in the rain is a staple for romance movies. Take it a step further by slow dancing in the snow amidst sparkling festival lights.

33Give Each Other’s Hobbies a Try

A relationship takes a lot of effort to build. Make your partner feel loved by showing interest in their hobbies. Whether it’s video gaming or knitting, get your soulmate to teach you things they love. It’s a super fun way to understand each other better.

34Go for a Weekend Gateway in the Snow

Sometimes, all you want to do is disappear somewhere far away with only your lover. A weekend gateway to a ski or snowboarding resort is ideal for that. Or maybe, you can book a cozy cabin somewhere and get the most out of the snowy season. Don’t forget to pack all the essentials you need for this romantic road trip!

35Create Your own Spiced Wine Recipe

Mulled wine is a traditional holiday drink. Basically, it is a regular wine cooked with some spices, honey, and oranges. For a romantic holiday meal, you can enhance the recipe or create your own from scratch.

36Kiss Under the Mistletoe

It’s a cliche, for sure. But if you haven’t crossed this off from your winter bucket list, you’re missing out!

37Have an Honest Conversation

There’s no end to the activities you can do together with your lover. However, none of that will hold any meaning if you two don’t understand each other fully. In order to build a successful relationship, it is super important that you have honest conversations with each other from time to time. These will help you stay on the same page and provide an opportunity to discuss the future of your relationship.

38Laugh Together – Watch Standup Comedy Together

Numerous studies have revealed that laughter brings us together. It plays a crucial role in bonding. Therefore, couples who laugh (and cry) together, stay together. This winter, go for a gig night out and watch local stand-up comedians. Sharing a sense of humor is truly a sign he’s your soulmate!

39Create a Holiday Tradition

Every family has a holiday tradition. In preparation for having a family of your own one day, establish a quirky, fun, and unique holiday tradition of your own.

40Try an Outdoor Hot Spring Together

Being immersed in a steamy hot bath while the outside is cold is beyond heavenly. It’s a must on every winter bucket list. Plus, you can enhance the experience if you try an outdoor hot spring bath with your lover. The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is the best spot!

Solitary Things to Do on your own this Winter

Are you an introvert looking for things to do on your own this winter? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

41Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Isn’t it mysterious to think about where will you be in the future? What your life will look like? As time goes on, we forget things and often lose our way. Hold on to your current dreams, hopes, and aspirations by writing a letter to your future self.

42Do Some Random Acts of Kindness

Real kindness doesn’t need a witness. Doing random acts of kindness alone is a rewarding activity that will bring you peace and good feelings.

43Go Winter Solo-Camping

Camping with everyone is fun but camping solo has its own perks. Reading a book or contemplating your life by the campfire alone is something everyone must experience at least once in their lives. Try crossing it off your winter bucket list this year.

44Finish Your Reading List

Have an ever-increasing reading list? Take this opportunity to read all the books you want this year!

45Cook Yourself an Elaborate Comfort Meal

People pay special attention when cooking for others but not when it comes to themselves. Treat yourself the same as you do others! Stop eating instant food and cook an elaborate comfort meal this winter to heal your soul.

46Walk Aimlessly and Explore Your City

You don’t always have to be doing something. Sometimes, doing nothing can be more healing. So, walk aimlessly in your city this winter. See the holiday lights and festive decorations. You might find your new favorite spot hidden in plain sight!

47Explore New Music

Music has a profound effect on us. We must keep on exploring new music to channel our feelings and emotions. Try finding music that suits your vibes this winter.

48Meditation and Mindfulness – Learn to be with Yourself

If you can’t be comfortable in your own skin, you can’t be comfortable around others. Many people struggle to practice mindfulness and meditation but it’s not that difficult. You just have to allow your thoughts to be without suppressing them. Plus, stay focused on the present moment and concentrate on whatever you’re doing.

49Draw a Self-Portrait

Even if you’re not artistic, draw a portrait of yourself. It’s mystifying how our self-perception differs from how others perceive us. Get to know yourself better by painting a self-portrait this winter.

50Have a Dopamine Detox Day

Several studies show that we are addicted to our smartphone screens and the harmful effects it has on our mental and physical well-being. Improve your health by having a dopamine detox day this winter. Simply, turn off all screens, avoid social media, and only engage in physical & creative activities.

Wrapping up:

There are tons of ways to enjoy winter. Whether you decide to go out to play in the snow or stay in a to have a wholesome time, make sure to get the most out of this beautiful, festive holiday season! We hope you got some great ideas to include on your winter bucket list. Have other fun ideas? Do let us know in the comments below!

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