Best Gifts for Cats that are Purr-fect for Your Feline Friend

Treats, mice or everything nice? The list is pretty much endless!

best gifts for cats

Are you looking for the best gifts for cats? How about giving your exotic kitty a surprise gift? It’s not mandatory to only buy gifts for your expensive cat breed on a special occasion. You can make your cranky kittens, the happiest by buying them their favorite things.

Whether you need a special gift for your loved one’s cat or want to celebrate your own cat’s birthday we’ve got you covered. According to research, if you want to make your loved ones happy then buying them a generous gift will not only boost happiness but also make your bond stronger. We’ve curated our list from various different gifts for cats available on the market and the selection will surely bump your feline’s happiness to cloud 9.

Top 12 Gifts For Your Cat

best gifts for cats

1Treat Maze & Puzzle Feeder For Cats

If you want to create a fantastic bond with your cat then buy this maze for your little kitty. This is not a game but a healthy activity that’ll train your cat perfectly. The veterinarian also recommended this maze for pets because it keeps them active, trains them to eat slowly, aids in their weight loss, and also helps in meal management. Woah!! One maze and so many benefits. Who doesn’t want to get this ultimate gift for their cat or friend’s cat? The only downside of this puzzle is some cats get cranky when they can’t find their food. You can get this item for $15 from Amazon.

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2Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy

Do you want to chase your cat and make her day entraining yet full of fun? Honestly, this is one of the best gifts for cats and an amazing option for those who want to know their kitty’s instincts. With this toy, your cat will stay energetic throughout the day. Moreover, it helps them learn lifelike movements including pausing, stopping, or starting. The mouse has such realistic ears and has a rubber tail that’ll gain all the attention of your little kitty. The downside of this mouse is, that it’ll only work on hard surfaces.

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3The Honest Kitchen Wishes Fish Fillets

Do you want to give your cat a surprise? How about bringing home your cat’s favorite fillets? Honestly, nothing could be best than this cat treatment because it’ll make your little kitty the happiest. Cats always love to have crispy flavors and this item is rich in protein but grain-free. It is a suitable option for those kittens who’ve tummy issues or any allergies. To keep them last longer you can cut them into smaller pieces. However, these fish fillets are slightly expensive. This is an all-natural product with no preservatives or fillers so your cat will stay healthy while eating it. I’m sure you must have an idea about pet health insurance for cats, if not get it now to treat your kitty on time without spending a lot. The fish fillets are available for $13 on Amazon.

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4Kitty Cot Cat Perch

Does your kitty love basking? Some of the cats love taking sunbaths and always prefer sleeping in the sun if yours is one of them then get her the kitty cot cat perch. It is one of the cozy yet best gifts for cats created with the weather and resistant nylon fabric that is for its warming quality. The fabric-covered PVC pipe frame can easily mount on windows through sturdy suction cups. To give extra strength it contains metal wires. Some users have complained that suction cups lose over time and continuous heat on the frame could deform it. You can get this super cozy and stylish perch for $45 on Amazon

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5Cat Scratcher Post

Are you tired of your cat’s behavior? Do you want to keep your furniture safe from scratches? Go for this one. It is a standing 32 inches scratcher that helps your cat to fully stretch their claws that relieves its all-day-long stress and also sharpens its claws. We all know that felines have a habit of scratching everywhere in the home but by getting this scratcher your cat will know what to do when their urge to scratch becomes high. The frame is sturdy and covered with sisal fiber which is super suitable for cats. The only thing I don’t like about this scratcher is the odor that might irritate some cats. Nevertheless, this is one of the best gifts for people who love cats.

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6PetSafe Drinkwell 360

You might have noticed that your feline has not drunk water lately. There are two reasons, they might get enough hydration from daily food or some cat doesn’t like drinking water from containers. By purchasing this drink well 360 fountain your little buddy will easily reach the clean water whenever thirsty. The cat will find this water fountain attractive, it’s easy to assemble and dishwasher safe too. Lastly, the fountains have so many extra parts to store that could be a hassle for you. Otherwise, this is one of the best gifts for cats on our list. You can purchase it for $75 from Amazon.

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7P.L.A.Y –Purr & Pounce Cat Tunnel

Does your kitty love to hide in boxes? How about getting her a tunnel made up of soft material that she will love to have? In this tunnel, your little champ could sleep, play, and rest too. Moreover, it is equipped with a dangling mouse that’ll entertain your kitty and also keep her engaged all day too. Whether you need a gift for your best friend’s little kitty or looking for gifts for cats in your home, go for this one. Honestly, this tunnel only lacks longevity otherwise it is a good source of entertainment for a short period. You can get it for $65 on Amazon.

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8Pet Gear 360 Travel System Cat & Dog Stroller

Woah!! This is one of my favorite gifts for pet owners because who doesn’t love to have this cutie stroller for their feline friend or furry cavapoo puppy. I am sure you’d love to go on a walk, or shopping with your cat then why not purchase a stroller for her. You can convert it into a car seat and a carrier too. It comes with a comfortable interior that’ll keep your cat secure yet happy. The item has a padded handle so you can easily stroll with your cat all day long. There are so many benefits of adopting a pet and one is you can stroll around with a partner anytime. The only thing I don’t like about this stroller is the plastic latch which is not so strong. However, you can purchase this product for $282 from Amazon.

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9PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

What else could be best than giving this automatic self-cleaning cat litter box to any cat owner or purchasing it for your cat? If you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for cats in 2022 then go for this one. With this little box, you can save your kitty from going through tough poop cleaning sessions daily. The litter box removes the waste automatically, equipped with unbeatable odor control and you’ll not be dealing with messy floors anymore. Moreover, it comes with leak protection and easy cleanup. The only con of this litter box is temporary crappy litter trays and you need to spend extra to get the permanent one. It is available for $121 on Amazon.

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10Green Velvet Personalized Cat Collar

Wait!! Are you looking for something unique? I’d suggest you for this one. Nothing could be more elegant than purchasing a personalized collar for your cat right? You can customize this velvet collar with a phone number and name so in case your cat has been lost, someone will return her to you by dialing the number. You can also purchase a velvet bow to make it look complete. No doubt, this is one of the best gifts for cats in 2022 and a good way to keep your cat secure.

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11Cat Sling Carrier | Best Gifts For Cat Owners

Traveling with a cat isn’t a walk in the park. How about getting a sling carrier that’ll keep your cat safe and help you move around without carrying the cat in hand all the time? it has a fixed strap, high quality, is created with breathable material, and is skin-friendly. You can purchase it for $18 from Amazon.

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12Women’s novelty socks | Gift For Cat Owners

No one wants to move when the cat is sleeping in the lap. Right? By wearing these comfy socks you can explain why you can’t get up right now. You can get these super cute socks from Amazon for $14 after 16% off.

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