Most Popular Mom Cars of Modern Era

Buying one of the best mom cars for Mommy this Season requires an exquisite selection to be made!

Best Mom Cars

Just because you are busy with children’s duties all day doesn’t mean you have to downgrade to a lazy sedan or a typical soccer mom SUV. The automotive market now swarms with top-notch mom cars that are stylish, safe, reliable, and robust, with plenty of space to carry all the family members along with their luggage. The mommy cars of today are a lot better than the ones from our parent’s era. Here are the choices made easy with a wide selection of some of the best mom cars for you to choose one for your family!

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18 Best Mom Cars of Modern Times

Today, we present the 18 most hot mom cars ranging from SUVs, minivans to hatchbacks and sedans. Our auto experts at Spoliamag have handpicked the best mom cars after careful evaluation of features related to safety, interior spaciousness, seating & cargo capacity, tech, and advanced driver assist systems. The prices we mentioned are of brand-new models, effective May 16, 2024.

1. America’s First and Only Plug-In Hybrid Minivan – 2024 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid – MSRP $53,620 – Overall Rating: 8.6/10


Yes, a minivan first, but it is not your mom’s car of yesteryear. It is a plug-in hybrid minivan, so it is cheaper to run and lowers emissions. Undoubtedly, its exterior design and comfortable interior exceed our expectations and break its minivan dishonor. Minivans are a choice of large families that have to commute regularly with lots of stuff at the back. If you feel a five-seat SUV isn’t enough for your family, give the Pacifica a try. You do not have to stop at a gas station daily due to its plug-in nature, and you can indeed feel comfortable while waiting for your kid’s soccer game to end. Not to mention, it features a mobile hotspot for you to work while waiting. In fact this is one of the best cars to endure your driving skills if not fully enhanced.

Curious to know the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid MPG? Our esteemed head of auto test team, Fatima has a lot of errands to run and kids to shuttle around. She finds the Pacifica very eco-friendly with its ability to travel up to 32 miles on electric power alone and its impressive rating of 82 MPGe combined.

Fuel economy (city/highway/combined)19/28/22 with FWD, 17/25/20 mpg with AWD, and 30 mpg combined with electric motor and V6
Seating Capacity7
Cargo Volume140.5 cubic feet behind first row and 87.5 behind second row
Current Price of 2024 Pacifica PHEVTouring L: $53,620, Limited: $54,990, Pinnacle: $62,350

2. AWD Compact SUV – Subaru Crosstrek – MSRP $25,195 – Overall Rating: 7.8

subaru crosstrek

The Subaru Crosstrek should be an ultimate pick for energetic moms looking for most reliable compact cars. What makes mothers so excited to have it is its simple design and shades, particularly the Sunshine Orange color. Another excellent thing about the Subaru Crosstrek is its practicality; you can take it to any place you want. Accommodating five people effortlessly, it has received the Top Safety Pick award from IIHS, so you feel safe on your journeys. Besides, facilities such as Apple CarPlay, Subaru’s Starlink, and EyeSight make it one of the best mom cars of this era.

Fatima has expressed her satisfaction with the advanced technologies like the SUBARU STARLINK Multimedia system. This intelligent system enabled her to remain connected while on the go, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility. Additionally, the spacious interior of the SUV, which boasts an impressive volume of up to 121.7 cubic feet, provided her with a practical and reliable driving experience that surpasses many of its competitors and makes it best mom SUV.

Fuel economy (city/highway)34 / 27 mpg
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume20.8 cubic feet behind second row and 55.3 cubic feet with rear seats folded
Price of 2024 Subaru Crosstrek$25,195 for the base model with a manual transmission, $26,345 for the Premium, $29,195 for the Sport and $31,095 for the top-tier Limited model.

3. Best Hybrid SUV for Families – 2024 Toyota Highlander Hybrid – MSRP $40,970 – Overall Rating: 8.0/10

Hybrid SUV for Families – Toyota Highlander Hybrid

The U.S. News recently recognized this Toyota as the recipient of the prestigious 2024 Best Hybrid SUV for Families accolade. This remarkable vehicle boasts spirited acceleration, impressive fuel efficiency, and a three-row seating convenience, particularly generous in the first two rows.

In addition, the Highlander Hybrid can be equipped with all-wheel drive, ensuring a confident driving experience even in colder regions. Notably, the 2024 model features an enhanced infotainment system.

This 7-seater Toyota SUV is ideal for large families or better for a Mom’s Night Out.

The Highlander Hybrid has received excellent ratings in crash tests and is highly regarded for the user-friendly LATCH system, making it effortless to securely install child safety seats in the second row.

An 8-inch touchscreen includes wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. Moreover, this SUV boasts a wide range of standard safety features for added peace of mind.

Fatima admires this Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) for its ability to find a perfect spot for parking. Once it discovers the ideal location, the magical Ultrasonic sensors calculate the space to the curb and other parked vehicles. The Highlander then notifies you to apply brakes and let the Park Assist do its magic. Isn’t it a really cool feature for a mommy’s car? Now who says learning how to drive a car is difficult?

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway/combined)36 / 35 mpg
Seating Capacity7-8
Cargo Volume16/48.4/84.3 cubic feet behind the third/second/first row respectively
Price of 2024 Highlander Hybrid$40,970 (LE), $44,120 (XLE), $46,380 (Bronze Edition), $48,225 (Limited), $51,425 (Platinum)

4. Best Compact Car – 2024 Volkswagen Jetta – MSRP $21,435 – Overall Rating: 7.7/10

Volkswagen Jetta

Looking at the VW Jetta might remind you of college time. However, the sedan has some exceptional features that enable you to relive your youth while carrying your family with you. This car absolutely smothers your stress away. It is a budget-friendly, best compact car gas mileage with above-average storage in the boot. You can hitch rear-facing car seats at the back and even carry a double stroller in the trunk. But, what makes this offering so exciting and cool is its lower price tag, which starts at $21,435 for the 2024 model year and $31,345 for fully loaded trim.

It gets a 10-inch digital cockpit and an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto. Besides, a mobile hotspot, wireless charging, and BeatsAudi system allow you to crank your college time’s tunes. Thanks to the host of safety facilities, the new Jetta has received a five-star rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Fatima liked the new 2024 Volkswagen Jetta interiors, its comfortable ride, user-friendly infotainment, and adult-friendly seating in both rows.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)31/41 mpg with auto, 29/42 mpg with manual
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume14.1 cubic feet of trunk is good in its class but 60/40-split-folding rear seats do not fold completely flat.
Price of 2024 Volkswagen Jetta$21,435 for the Jetta S manual, $22,585 for Jetta Sport, and $29,310 for the top-of-the-line Jetta GLI Autobahn.

5. Luxury Small Cars – Kia Stinger – MSRP $36,590 – Overall Rating: 8.3/10

KIA Stinger

Speaking of a mom’s car, how can we not consider the Kia Stinger – one of the best small luxury cars. Fatima loved its sporty yet practical demeanor thanks to the sleek hatchback, allowing her to load anything in the vehicle quickly. From groceries, and school bags to sports equipment, the Stinger didn’t let her down when it comes to cargo capacity.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)22/32 mpg with FWD, 21/29 mpg with AWD
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume23.3 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and just over 40 cubic feet with these seats folded.
Price of 2024 Kia Stinger$36,590 for GT-Line, and $51,790 for GT-2

6. 7 Passenger SUV – 2024 Toyota 4Runner – MSRP $40,705 – Overall Rating: 7.3/10

Toyota 4Runner

Not all moms demand luxury; some are born adventurous. For such souls, we recommend the Toyota 4Runner – one of the Toyota’s best SUV in our list, allowing them to have fun while performing their daily duties. Its rugged styling and built let it conquer any road conditions. You drive it on the highways or take it off the road, you and your kids will not feel uncomfortable inside. So you are not bound to target the best driving roads when you have this vehicle in hand. In addition, the optional third-row seating is ideal for carpool duty. One attractive facility that inspires Fatima is the Toyota Entune app. It permits her to explore a destination on a smartphone and forward it to your 4Runner for navigation when she drives.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)16/19 mpg
Seating Capacity5 7
Cargo Volume47.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 89.7 cubic feet with the second row folded down. Models with a third row have 9 cubic feet of space behind the rearmost seats, 46.3 cubic feet with the third row folded and 88.8 cubic feet with all rear seats folded.
Price of 2024 Toyota 4RunnerWith eight trims starting at $40,705, the most expensive is the range-topping TRD Pro trim that costs $55,170.
Ford Bronco Sport
By Alexander Migl – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The Ford Bronco Sport is a trendy compact SUV with impressive capabilities and a host of attractive features. It stands out among its competitors by being well-prepared for off-road adventures, making it an enticing choice for moms seeking excitement.

The Bronco boasts impressive safety ratings, receiving the highest mark of five stars from the NHTSA and earning the prestigious Top Safety Pick+ designation from the IIHS (2022 model). Blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, forward collision warning, forward automatic emergency braking, lane-departure warning, and lane-keep are part of the standard package.

Fatima loves the MyKey system that allows parents to set limits for teen drivers. The SUV from Blue Oval features an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen, seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and advanced voice recognition capabilities.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)25/29 mpg
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume32.5 cubic feet behind the rear seats and 65.2 cubic feet with the second row folded down.
Price of 2024 Ford Bronco Sport$29,795 (Base), $29,795 (Big Bend), $32,365 (Heritage), $33,935 (Outer Banks), $38,390 (Badlands)

8. Best Large Luxury SUV – 2024 Lincoln Navigator – MSRP $83,265 – Overall Rating: 8.6/10

Lincoln Navigator

If you want a best luxury large SUV with best gas mileage along plenty of power and a high-end appearance, look no further than the new Lincoln Navigator. What really excites our car test team about the Navigator are its three rows of seating, a standard or long-wheelbase option, genuine leather, wood trim, and metal accents. Thanks to all these facilities, your whole family can ride in coziness. Other highly desirable features include heated and ventilated front seats, a head-up display, a power-adjustable steering wheel, and a range of driver-assistance systems. We also recommend an all-wheel-drive and Heavy-Duty Trailer Tow package for moms who want to utilize Navigator’s 8700-pound towing capacity.

Furthermore, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we love the Lincoln Pickup and Delivery Service. The company will collect your Navigator and transfer it to a maintenance and service facility. You do not have to visit the dealership for this task, which frees you for things that matter most. It is definitely a handy feature that every mama can always use.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)17/23 mpg with RWD and 16/22 with 4WD
Seating Capacity78
Cargo VolumeStandard-wheelbase: between 19.3 and 20.9 cubic feet of room behind the rear row and 57.5 to 63.6 cubic feet behind the second row. With both rows folded down, it is 103.3 cubic feet.

Extended-wheelbase: between 34.3 and 36 cubic feet of space behind the rear row and 73.3 to 79.6 cubic feet behind the second row, with a maximum capacity of 120.2.
Price of 2024 Lincoln NavigatorA starting MSRP of $83,265 for entry-level and $115,990 for the Black Label L extended-wheelbase.

9. Safest Mom Car – 2024 Tesla Model 3 – MSRP $40,630 – Overall Rating: 8.3/10

Tesla Model 3

Picking up your teen in the new Tesla Model 3 will surely earn you the “Cool Mom” rank. It could be one of the best mom cars for various reasons; it is all-electric, fast, has a unique interior design, and is a technological wonder mainly controlled via a big high-tech 15-inch display screen. The best part is Model 3’s above-average drive range in its class. Being a busy mom, you don’t have to pull over to refill fuel often. One single charge can last from 175 miles in 15 minutes charging depending on the battery.

Besides its remarkable features and drive range, Fatima loved the fact it is one of the safest mom cars on the market. The Tesla Model 3 earned five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Top Safety Pick+ from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Accordingly, it means you can feel perfectly safe with your family inside the Model 3.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)137/124 MPG-equivalent city/highway for base and 130 MPGe for Long Range.
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume19.8 cubic feet of rear cargo room and 3.1 cubic feet of space in the front trunk.
Price of 2024 Tesla Model 3Starting at $40,990 and topping out at $54,630 for the flagship Performance variant.

10. Bold Crossover SUV – 2024 Kia Soul – MSRP $20,190 – Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Kia Soul

Looking for a bold crossover SUV? The Kia Soul is on the top of our mom’s car list for many reasons. It has adequate room inside, though it doesn’t look huge from the outside. Ingress and egress for kids are super easy, and come on; it is gorgeous. But what the moms in our test team liked the most is its affordable price tag.

It starts at just $20,190 and tops out at $23,790, so even if you go for the top of the line variant, you don’t have to feel bad.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)29/35  mpg
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume24.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats and 62.1 cubic feet with these seats folded, which is among the biggest in the subcompact SUV class.
Price of 2024 Kia SoulLX ($20,190), S ($22,690), EX ($24,490) and GT-Line ($23,790)

Best Soccer Mom Cars

11. Best Wagon – 2024 Subaru Outback – MSRP $28,895 – Overall Rating: 8.0/10

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback stands out as a versatile wagon that competes with compact crossovers renowned for their toughness, courtesy of standard all-wheel drive, an expansive cabin, and ample room for storing cargo. It has gained recognition for its resilient interior and robust exterior performance, enabling it to tackle both the chaos caused by children within and the challenges posed by the great outdoors. In the USA, people prefer it over the soccer mom SUVs and soccer mom vans.

The Outback offers a pleasant driving experience and incorporates numerous convenient technological and safety enhancements. For 2024, Subaru made updates to the Outback, particularly refining the exterior design for the Wilderness version and making slight adjustments to the available features.

However, one drawback worth noting is that the Outback’s standard 182-horsepower engine lacks impressive performance. Opting for the upgraded turbocharged four-cylinder with 260 horsepower justifies the additional cost for a more satisfying driving experience.

Fatima discovered that it surpasses the spaciousness, adaptability, and road clearance of many crossover SUVs in its price range. Additionally, it offers a unique advantage as a wagon with a lower roof, which facilitates easier loading of items.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)21-26 City / 26-32 Hwy
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume32.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats and 75.6 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.
Price of 2024 Saburu$28,895 (Standard), $31,195 (Premium), $35,795 (Limited), $36,105 (Onyx Edition), $39,360 (Onyx Edition XT), $39,960 (Wilderness), $40,195 (Limited XT), $40,345 (Touring), $42,795 (Touring XT)

12. Subcompact Crossover – 2024 Honda HR-V – MSRP $24,100 – Overall Rating: 7.8/10

Honda HR-V

We are sure you would agree that not every soccer family needs a big SUV or a minivan. We find these families more inclined toward subcompact crossovers these days. If you are one of those, we suggest you pick the Honda HR-V. One of the best mom cars on our list, we choose it for its spaciousness. In fact, it has more rear legroom and cargo capacity than most of its competitors. Fatima was totally psyched about being able to slam a massive baby seat in the back and still have enough room in the trunk for all her soccer gear. Besides, it also scored off the charts in all six freaking crash test categories and even snatched up a Top Safety Pick+ award.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)26/32  mpg with FWD 25/30 mpg with AWD
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Volume24.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats and 55.1 cubic feet with these seats folded down.
Price of 2024 Honda HR-VLX ($24,100-$25,600), Sport ($25,650-$27,150) and EX-L ($27,650-$29,150)

13. Mid-Size 3-Row SUV – 2024 Chevrolet Traverse – MSRP at $47,795 – Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Chevrolet Traverse

We are fortunate to have Chevrolet at the top of the alphabet for the reason that no vehicle better holds the soccer mom label than the Traverse. The carpool-friendly full-size family SUV can accommodate up to eight passengers and still possesses plenty of space at the boot for – well, for your soccer gear. The cargo capacity is ideal for three-row utility vehicles, which mostly lose almost their practicality with all the seats intact.

Chevrolet has continuously been improving the Traverse to stay in the game. You will find the newer versions more wealthy and comfortable with lots of kid-friendly features. In her notes, Fatima exclaimed that her offspring were absolutely thrilled by the array of power ports and a top-notch Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling them to seamlessly access their beloved apps while on the move.

If you are ready to accept your inner soccer mom, the Traverse is one of the best SUVs for moms.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)18/26  mpg with FWD 17/25 mpg with AWD
Seating Capacity8
Cargo Volume23 cubic feet of room behind the third row, 57.8 cubic feet behind the second row and a maximum capacity of 98.2 cubic feet.
Price of 2024 Chevrolet TraverseLS ($40,995), LT ($43,345), RS ($57,595)

14. Best Mid-Size SUV for Moms – 2024 Dodge Durango – MSRP $41,265 – Overall Rating: 7.7/10

 Dodge Durango

Our test team found the Durango is better at pulling a loaded two-horse trailer than even some small pickup trucks. However, you should be vigilant about the vehicle’s weight ratings because a loaded trailer would limit the stuff you can hold in the cabin.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)19/26  or 18/25 mpg with V6, 14/22 mpg with V8, and 12/17 mpg with Hellcat
Seating Capacity6-7
Cargo Volume17.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind its third-row seats, 43.3 cubic feet with these seats folded and a sizable 85.1 cubic feet with all rear seats folded.
Price of 2024 Dodge DurangoSXT ($39,670), GT ($41,420), R/T ($51,270), Citadel ($51,670), SRT 392 ($74,995) and SRT Hellcat ($95,995)

15. Best Multipurpose Vehicle With SUV-Inspired Design – Kia Carnival – MSRP $32,600 – Overall Rating: 8.2/10

Kia Carnival

Our test team felt the interior more upscale than ever, thanks to the large center console, an optional dual-screen infotainment system with a digital gauge display, leather upholstery, reclining second-row seats with pop-up footrests, optional panoramic sunroof, and stretched wheelbase, which makes it more spacious than before. However, the Pacifica and Odyssey still offer slightly more cargo space, perfect for soccer moms who need gears for all the children.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway/combined)19/26/22 mpg
Seating Capacity7-8
Cargo Volume40.2 cubic feet behind the third-row seats, 86.9 cubic feet with the third row folded down and 145.1 cubic feet with both the second and third rows folded down.
Price of 2024 Kia CarnivalLX ($32,600), EX ($38,100), SX ($41,300) and SX Prestige ($45,700)

16. Best Full-Size Luxury Crossover SUV – Mercedes-Benz GLS – MSRP $88,150 – Overall Rating: 8.4/10

Mercedes-Benz GLS

Fatima’s all like, “I ain’t sweatin’ takin’ my kids to the soccer field or on a fancy shopping spree in this sweet Benz ’cause cleaning up spilled jelly’s a piece of cake on these dope leather seats compared to cloth upholstery.”

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)18/23 mpg is the best you get in the base model
Seating Capacity5-7
Cargo Volume17.4 cubic feet behind the third row, 42.7 to 48.7 cubic feet behind second-row seats and maximum capacity of 84.7 cubic feet with both rear rows folded down flat. The two-row Maybach offers 18.4 cubic feet.
Price of 2024 Mercedes-Benz GLSGLS 450 ($87,000), GLS 580 ($112,000), AMG GLS 63 ($147,000) and Maybach GLS 600 ($175,500-$227,400).

17. Best Minivan for Soccer Moms – 2024 Toyota Sienna – MSRP $39,080 – Overall Rating: 8.0/10

Toyota Sienna

Soccer moms aspiring to get their hands on a feature-packed minivan shouldn’t look further than the new Toyota Sienna. It is available only in hybrid powertrain in the U.S., allowing you to minimize your carbon footprint. The sole powerplant option is a 2.5-liter inline-four-cylinder that is assisted by a pair of electric motors, creating 245-hp and 199 lb-ft of torque.

For the 2022 model year, Toyota beefed up up the minivan’s appeal by introducing the Woodland Edition for active families and adventure seekers. Our auto gurus were totally digging this bad boy off-road variant! It’s got all-wheel drive on lock, a sweet 0.6-inch lift kit to boost ground clearance, a roof rack for all your gear, a tow hitch for hauling whatever you want, AND a 1500-watt power outlet to keep your gadgets juiced up!

It is handsome, technologically advanced, comfortable, entertainment-rich, and a safe minivan in all aspects. We say it can’t get better than this for a soccer mom with an adventurous soul.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)36/36 mpg with FWD and 36/36 with AWD
Seating Capacity7
Cargo Volume33.5 cubic feet behind third-row seats, 75.2 cubic feet with these seats folded flat and 101 cubic feet with the second row tipped forward.
Price of 2024 Toyota SiennaLE ($39,080), XLE ($50,020), XSE ($45,245), Woodland Edition ($48,625), 25th Anniversary Edition ($46,670), Limited ($49,945) and Platinum ($53,145)

18. Best Mid-Size SUV for Moms – 2024 Kia Sorento – MSRP $31,990 – Overall Rating: 8.0/10

Kia Sorento

The 2024 Kia Sorento is an absolute revelation for mothers seeking a vehicle. It is an exquisite blend of aesthetics, functionality, and safety features, all of which are paramount for families. With its captivating and high-class interior and an excellent range of standard equipment, it is a pleasurable and convenient ride.

The impressive and commanding engines and its top-notch dynamic handling further add to its prowess, making the driving experience incredibly responsive. What moms in our auto expert team relished the most is Sorento’s versatility (particularly as a five-seater) and comprehensive set of standard safety facilities that render it a trustworthy and reliable family SUV.

However, despite its exceptional features, the base engine could feel underwhelming when loaded, and the third row may not be suitable for grown-ups. Nonetheless, the Sorento continues to reign supreme as one of the finest mid-size SUVs in the present-day marketplace, offering an array of features that make it an irresistible option for moms.

EPA Fuel economy (city/highway)23 mpg in city and 28 on highway
Seating Capacity7
Cargo Volume12.6 cubic feet behind third-row seats, 38.5 cubic feet with these seats folded flat and 75.5 cubic feet with all the rear seats folded.
Price of 2024 Kia SorentoLX ($29,990), S ($34,390), EX ($37,990), SX ($43,490) and SX Prestige ($47,390)

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Mom Cars

What are the most important features to consider when choosing a car for moms?

When picking out a ride for moms, you must remember safety, reliability, and practicality. That means look for vehicles with high safety ratings and features like Lane Departure Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking. And don’t forget about the practicality factor! Moms need cars with enough space for all their gear and easy-to-use child seat anchors.

What are some of the best car models for moms?

SUVs like the Honda HR-V or Lincoln Navigator, minivans like the Chrysler Pacifica or Honda Odyssey, and crossovers like the Subaru Crosstrek or Kia Sorento are all great options. These rides have everything moms need, including safety, reliability, and practicality.

How do safety ratings and features factor into choosing a car for moms?

Safety is vital when considering a car for moms. That’s why you need to peep those safety ratings from organizations like the NHTSA and IIHS. And if you want to take it to the next level, look for vehicles with advanced safety amenities like automatic braking, surround-view cameras, adaptive cruise control, lane-centering technology, extensive side-impact airbags, built-in booster seats, rear-door child safety locks, anti-pinch windows and tailgates.

What is the ideal size and type of car for moms with young children?

When it comes to size and type, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for moms with young children. But a lot of moms swear by SUVs or minivans. They offer plenty of space for all the kiddos’ gear while still being easy to drive and park in the city.

How can I find the best deals on cars for moms?

Ready to score a sweet deal on a mom car? Start by researching online to compare prices from different dealerships in your area. And don’t be afraid to haggle with those dealers to get the best price possible. You could also look into financing options like loans or leases to see which works best for you.

Which 2024 SUV packs a punch for moms without emptying their wallets?

If you’re a mom on the hunt for a 2024 SUV that won’t break the bank, the Kia Sorento is definitely worth considering. With an MSRP of approximately $30k, it’s a wallet-friendly option that doesn’t skimp on style or substance. This bad boy boasts a roomy cabin, top-notch features right out of the gate, a serene and smooth ride, and an air of luxury that belies its modest price tag. No wonder it snagged a spot in our top SUVs for moms!

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