25 Life Hacks To Change Your Life

Life Hacks

Life hacks are, by definition, clever tricks and efficient shortcuts to do mundane tasks that save time and effort. They are witty (and sometimes, quite weird) solutions to complex problems. They take the difficulty and repetition out of everyday work and make it easy for you.

From cleaning your bathroom mirrors to keeping your health in check, there are some great hacks for everything. You can use them in cooking, cleaning, eating, and even working, changing your life for the better.

Ready to discover the secrets to an easier life? Read on as we delve into DIY ideas, clever hacks, and quirky tips. Find amusing ways to tackle everyday challenges with ingenious life hacks and have a whole lot of fun!

Life Hacks For Home

Want some simple life hacks that you can use around the house to make your life easy? Here is the perfect list.

Placing your cell phone in a glass (or an open tin can) can increase its volume. It is a great hack for alarms, so you never miss an early morning.

Snooze Hack

Once you have boiled an egg, poke a small hole in it before immersing it in water. It will help leak water between the egg and the shell and make it come off easily.

Easily Peel an Egg | Life Hacks

Tie a knot on the right side of your hands-free to separate it from the left side. No more left or right confusion!

Identify Left from Right with this neat little trick

Squeezing lemon got easy! Place a half-cut lemon between a pot-catcher, and squeeze it easily.

Squeezing Lemons Made Easy

Use a tab (top of the spatula, paper clip, or anything else) to mark the spot you left off on the tape roll.

Use tab to hold your spot on a roll of tape

Put newspaper at the bottom of your trash can to absorb any liquid spillage and prevent bad odor.

Put newspaper at the bin bottom to prevent any liquid leaks

If your zipper is stuck, just rub a graphite pencil lightly over it to make it glide smoothly.

Stuck Zipper?

Tie a bright-colored cloth on your suitcase handle to make your luggage stand out at the airport.

Wanna watch movies without tiring your hand? Tilt your mobile phone onto glasses to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Wanna watch movies without tiring your hand?

Prevent Over-Boiling With Wooden Spoon

Prevent Over-Boiling With Wooden Spoon

Fog-Free Mirrors

Hot showers are the best thing except when the bathroom mirror gets all blurry and foggy, and you can’t see a damn thing. Worry not, we have the perfect solution. Rub a little amount of shaving foam on the mirror and wipe it off with a dry cloth. You can also use car wax instead of shaving cream to de-fog (if that’s even a word) your mirror.

Remove Wrinkles The Easy Way

No time for ironing? No problem! Put your wrinkled clothes in the dryer with a few ice cubes or a wet washcloth. As the ice melts, the steam will work its magic, leaving your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free. It does not work with heavy fabric but is a great hack for lighter clothes, like shirts.

The Mirror Magic

Want to make your room appear larger and brighter? Strategically place mirrors to reflect natural light and create the illusion of more space. It is a simple and effective DIY idea to make your small space look bigger and well-lit.

DIY Drip Waterer

You can easily DIY a drip waterer for your garden. Take any regular hose, poke small holes every two inches, and screw a cap at the end. Place the hose around your plants and turn on the water. Voila! You have got the perfect drip waterer to keep your plants hydrated.

Another way: fill a plastic bottle with water, drill a few holes in the cap, and bury it upside down in the soil to water your plants.

Control The Cable Chaos

Tired of the hauntingly chaotic mess of cables on your desk or console? We have got the perfect life hack tip: separate all the cables with paper binders to keep them tidy and organized. You can also find the right cord at one glance, just like that.

Clean Up Paint On The Carpet

Accidentally splashed a load of paint on the carpet? Don’t panic! Just get some denatured alcohol on a cloth rag and blot away the paint. The clean-as-new carpet is here!

Simple Life Hacks For Health

In this rough and tough routine, it gets quite difficult to take time to focus on health. But that does not mean you can neglect it. Here are some clever life hacks that can help you amp up your well-being without becoming a chore.

Start Your Day With Lemon Water Boost

Grab a glass of lukewarm water, add some fresh lemon juice, and drink it up on an empty stomach. It balances your body’s pH levels, fulfills your vitamin C dose, keeps your tummy soothing, and helps lose belly fat.

Limit Staying Outside

You won’t believe this real-life hack actually works! Ask Siri to get you the UV file using which you can determine how long you can stay outside without your skin getting burned from the sun.

Get Food In Small Plates

Having trouble controlling your portion size/ here’s a great life hack: use smaller plates instead of bigger ones. It is like an optical illusion, convincing your brain you are getting quite enough while keeping the portions in check.

Get The Earthing Bliss

Have more direct skin contact with Mother Earth. Lay down in the garden, swim in water, or walk barefoot on the ground. Earthing, as it is called, is a powerful way to absorb natural energy, reduce inflammation, and promote well-being. Do not believe us? Look it up!

Workout Before Bed

Squeeze in a light workout before bedtime for a health boost! Not only does it enhance metabolism but also makes your muscles burn more calories.

Everyday Life Hacks For Food

Here are some super cool and easy-peasy life hacks to make your daily munchies more delightful.

Keep Bananas Fresh

Wrap a cling wrap or aluminum foil on banana stems to keep them fresh for a long time.

DIY Icecream Sandwich With Cookies

Running low on ice cream cones? No worries! Grab your favorite cookies, scoop some ice cream between them, and press gently. Instant homemade ice cream sandwiches that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Does it often happen that you turn around for a sec and there’s boiling milk spillage all over the stovetop? Well, not anymore! Pop a wooden spot across the pot to prevent the milk (or water) from spilling over the edge.

Use Frozen Grapes As Ice

Freeze some grapes (you can also use berries) and add them to the beverages. They will chill your drink without watering it down and you get to have a little treat at the bottom of the glass.

Ziplock Bag Ice Cream Hack

Making ice cream without an ice cream maker? Count us in! Pour your mixture into a Ziploc bag, seal it tight, and place it in a bigger bag filled with ice and salt. Shake it like you mean it for about 10 minutes, and voila – creamy, dreamy ice cream!

Stop Onion Tears

Stick onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes before slicing. The cold slows down the release of tear-inducing gasses so you can chop onion without crying.

Life Hack Tips For Kids

Responsible for the little ones? Here are a few life hacks to help deal with them smoothly.

Keep Them From Falling Off Bed

A pool noodle best protects kids from falling off the bed. Place it under the fitted sheet along the bed’s edge and your little ones are safe in their sleep.

Prevent Mess From Dripping Popsicles

We all love popsicles, but their sticky meltdown? Not so much. Use a muffin liner over the popsicle stick to catch the drips and keep the mess at bay.

Crib To Study Table

If your kid has outgrown the crib, it’s time to revamp it. Remove one side of the crib, add a comfortable chair, and here it is – a personalized study nook for coloring, reading, and of course, studying.

Let your kids Be Bored

Tired of finding new ways to entertain your child? Simply, dont! Psychology says that little kids should be left alone and bored. It will allow them to find new things to keep them busy, fostering their creativity, imagination, and cognitive development.

Life Hacks For Productivity

Crank up your productivity game with amazing life hacks that will make your workday a breeze.

Pomodoro Power Hour

Follow the Pomodoro technique to effectively balance work and rest. Work around a 25-minute chunk, followed by a chill 5-minute break. It keeps your productivity alive without stressing you out.

Set A Timer

If you have a tedious or long task at hand that you are particularly fond of doing, do it for a specific time. Set a timer for 15 to 30 minutes, and finish how much you can in that period.

Do Sitting Yoga

Yoga has several benefits in relieving stress and boosting your energy levels. So, incorporate simple yoga stretches into your work routine, even while sitting. You can do a seated forward bend, spinal twist, or a chair pigeon pose. It will allow you to relax your body and take a small break from work.

Two-Minute Rule

If something can be done within two minutes, do it right away instead of leaving it for later. This way, you can keep tasks from piling up by getting things done in time.

Last Thoughts!

‘‘Oh, I never thought of it this way,” this is what most people usually say after learning these life hacks. But, it’s never too late to start now; implement these hacks in your routine and see the difference it makes. From finishing your work to watering your plants, these quirky tips can help you turn tedious tasks into easy breezy solutions. Let’s hack our way through life!

P.S.: What are your favorite life hacks that have transformed your everyday life? Let us know in the comments.