Hilarious Money Memes to Laugh your Tears Away during Inflation 2023

money memes

The rising inflation of 2023 has all of us worried sick about money. We didn’t have enough of it in the first place and now it’s worth even less! No wonder our personal finances are in shambles. While it is good that you think about money problems and their solutions, too much agonizing is only going to ruin your health and make you unhappy! So, take some time to go through these hilarious money memes that are relatable to people all over the world. Truly, nothing says “we’re in this together” than laughing over our shared misery.

40 Hilarious Money Memes that Perfectly Describe Our State of Being Broke

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a hearty laugh with these funny memes about being broke. Perhaps, you can even put on some movies about making money and getting rich to help inspire you to get through these difficult times!

1. Remember when road trips used to be cheaper? (sniffles)

You: Flights are ridiculous. Let’s take a road trip

Gas Prices:

money meme-gas prices

2. People do be walking around with your entire month’s expenses on their feet.

When you enter an Adidas store and see your salary written on a pair of shoes:

money meme-expensive shoes

3. There’s no remedy for it

Doctor: Show me where it hurts. (Shows him my bank account balance)

money meme-empty account

4. No like, seriously

“Thank you, Student Loans, for helping me get through college I don’t think I can ever repay you.”

money meme-can not repay student loans

5. When you’re your own worst enemy and best friend

Me: I’m so happy I’m saving
Me to me: Death is inevitable, spend all of it

6. Must be the inflation

Not sure if everything is expensive Or if I’m just poor

money meme-inflation

7. Teenage Millionaires? More like Kid Millionaires

Me getting dressed to go to work when there’s an 8 year old YouTuber that made $26 million this year:

money meme- kid millionaire

8. Usually, Salary gets all spent before it’s even here

Pay rent, car insurance, groceries, student loans, credit card debts, Repeat

money meme- salary spent

9. It’s all the evils of Capitalism!

Me: Oh Wow, this shop has everything my heart desires!

Spooky Shopkeeper: Yes, I will warn you… every item comes at a price.

Me: yes, I know how shops work

Spooky Shopkeeper: The price may be more than you expect to pay.

Me: Yes, I know how US taxes work, too.

Shopkeeper increasingly exasperated: I’m trying to tell you that I’m evil and offering these wares with no regard for the harm they will do!

Me, also increasingly exasperated: I know what Capitalism is to Goddammit

money meme-evil of capitalism

10. Owning Houses is not possible anymore

Millennials looking for a house in the city be like:
Oh wow, windows!… I don’t think I can afford this place.

11. It’s all a façade

Just because I wear a tie to work Doesn’t mean I actually make money

money meme- job woes

12. Oh, the hopes and dreams we had

Me: “When I’m 25, I’m gonna buy my own house, buy my own car, and live my own life!’

Me at 25:

money memes- shattered dreams

13. Where’s the lie?

Your rap name is “Young” + something you always carry with you, no matter where you go
Me: Young Student Loan Debt

money meme- naming jargon

14. Possibly…

“I’m looking forward to the Apocalypse since it’s apparently the only way that I won’t have to pay back my student loans”

money meme-pay back student loan

15. It’s an endless cycle to find satisfaction from the meaningless grind

Me: I need to save my money because I had to work hard to earn it

Also Me: What’s the point of working hard for money if I don’t even get to spend it

(Spends all of it) (Regrets it) (Repeat)

money meme- save, spend, regret, repeat

16. We know the drill

When someone is telling you a sad story And you know they’re about to ask for money

money meme-asking for money

17. Dream Home

I just bought a $400,000 house!

18. Fully furnished flat in New York to rent. Six grand a month.

The Flat:

money meme-furnished flat

19. Clearly wrong

“Money will never buy you Happiness”

Me at Payday:

20. Feeling Rich!

When you get paid while you still have money left over from the last check

21. Anything for the money!

If they were offering $80/hr to clean the cemetery alone from 12 am – 5 am, who’s taking the job?


22. I wish…

-How long have you been working?

-10 years

-So you have lots of money?

23. When you have to pretend that you changed your mind about a night out with friends

“Yeah I might go … I’ll let you know”

24. It’s like finding a treasure!

When you thought you had $5 in your account but then you check and you actually have $17.29:

25. Broke at its best (or worst)

Sees a Book on how to get rich quickly Too poor to buy it

26. Uhhh, borrow money to get a degree to get a job to earn money to pay them back…? (Yikes)

“What’s the craziest thing you’ve done for money?”


27. Yeah, I don’t like the color and stuff (avoids eye contact* and leaves*)

When you ask for the price of something and it’s way too expensive but you gotta act like you’re thinking about it:

28. It’s a simple solution

How I justify being broke all the time:

Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

29. The story of our lives

30. Without a second thought!

Will you press the button?

You become super rich But you can never give a definitive answer ever

Me: Perhaps

31. It A logical decision, duh

“I’m $50 away from getting free shipping which is only $5 and what I want to buy is $12 so I need to spend $38 more to save money”

-My brain

32. When you can’t resist the sale that’s going periodically lasts all year

Me: I’m done spending money, I’m gonna be responsible and save now!

Any Store: Surprise Sale!


33. Of course not, it’s because I’m a highly motivated and detailed oriented person who wants to contribute meaningfully to this amazing company.

“So, why do you want to work for our company?”

“Money can be exchanged for goods and services”

34. Fake it till you Make it, after all. (Or, maybe just keep faking it.)

35. It’s the small things that bring us joy

I don’t always have money in the bank

But when I do, I log in continuously because of the small amount of joy it brings me each time

36. No chance of going back now…?

When you’re just born and you realize that your parents are not rich.

37. Teamwork makes the dream work!

A thief breaks into my house looking for money

Me: “here, let me help you look”

38. When you spend all your money on food

When your parents ask where all your money went:


39. Appropriate size

Finally, a piggy bank the size of my savings!

40. When you can’t decide between what’s more important, making money or comfort.

Me: I need to make more money

Boss: who wants to get off first?


Final Words

Truly, in these difficult times, it is hard to earn money much less save money. But we hope these memes made you laugh and lightened your mood even a little bit! After all, you’re not alone in this. So, cheer up and get ready to hustle with renewed energy and revitalized spirit!

Have a favorite money meme? Share with us!

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