Write for Us: Spoliamag

Are you equipped with the ability to provide us with highly motivational, entertaining, reader-friendly, plagiarism-free, and strongly researched lifestyle-oriented content? If so, that’s awesome! You’re most welcome to write for us: SpoliaMag

We feel obliged to work with highly talented writers like you. Additionally, if you write for us, it will give you tons of chances to learn about the different aspects of the writing industry. Moreover, we will also provide you with critical feedback on your contributions and push you to create your best content.

However, before moving on to establish an agreement, we request you to pitch in a reference article of your choice at (email). This is necessary because it will help us examine whether your style of writing is suitable for our blog or not.

Note that our content requirements revolve around informative articles on a variety of lifestyle subjects including, but not limited to, Frugal Living, Home & Real Estate, Family, Parenting, Luxury, Cars, Teens, Home Decor, Self-Improvement, Green Living Impact, etc. Feel free to let us know the niche/s you’re interested in.

Moreover, all authors (guest writers, volunteer writers, paid writers, occasional writers, etc.) should follow the necessary guidelines laid hereunder:

General Guide Lines for Our Writers:

  1. We publish only the original, engaging, non-promotional, and quality educational content based on the latest trends. This is because we aim to raise the audience’s knowledge of their surroundings.
  2. We stand firmly against content forgery, i.e., content filled with plagiarism. So, you should come up with innovative and entertaining content for our audience. We thoroughly check the articles submitted to us.
  3. We will reject any plagiarized, sponsored, or link building content right away.
  4. We will specify the word limit for an article, and we have the right to deny the content if it does not meet our minimum word requirement. Typically, we require content in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 words.
  5. Furthermore, you must acknowledge the responsibility for editing (if any) with our editorial team.
  6. Your articles must vividly break down tough concepts to convey the message reliably to the audience. But, it should be in a creative fashion with no room for any confusion.
  7. You must back your content with reliable facts and stats that will make it not only authoritative and authentic but will also free it from any questionable information. You can do so by including references (non-competitive) and citations to the study materials.
  8. Always provide us the article in .docx format named after the article’s topic and attach five to six images relevant to your content topic (if the article demands).
  9. You must adhere strictly to our schedule and avoid any delays in submission. In case of an emergency or holiday, we expect you to give us a heads-up within a reasonable time-frame (preferably one or two days ahead).
  10. Refrain from publishing your content elsewhere on the web, books, magazines, and other commercial platforms. However, you may hand over any published articles to us, provided you hold the ownership rights. And once you pass the blog piece into our hands, we own the articles’ copyrights.
  11. Do not shy away from inquiring about the task at hand. Moreover, it helps to remove any misunderstandings and insignificant information from the content.
  12. We grant credit to our authors under certain circumstances, as we see fit. You may provide us with a brief author bio and a picture of you.
  13. We will immediately notify you after we are done with revising and publishing your article.
  14. And we will disclose the payment details (for paid writers only) after we have approved your pitch.

Article Writing Tips:

  1. The article must begin with an intriguing topic, followed by an inspiring introduction that expresses what the content piece is all about.
  2. Use a Topic Sentence at the start of the Article after H1. In addition, the Topic Sentence must explain everything about the Article, and it should be catchy and intriguing.
  3. You must structure your article in a way to avoid rifts in the flow of data.
  4. You must divide your article under multiple headings and short paragraphs referring to a particular aspect of the topic. But, the content must be engaging enough to keep the reader’s interest alive throughout the article
  5. Remember to make use of precise writing. In lay-man terms, it is to outline the idea of the content piece in a single paragraph to the readers in one fell swoop. Because it is to help the reader to recollect all the main points contained in the main body of the article.
  6. We encourage you to use the primary keyword with at least 1% density but not more than 2%.
  7. Furthermore, avoid passive voice sentences in your content (keep it under 10 %).
  8. Refrain from repeating the same words and phrases in the blog post. Moreover, variations keep the readers engaged.
  9. Keep the sentences under 20 words for SEO purposes.
  10. Use authority (non-competitive, non-business) links to support your views, claims, and data in the article.
  11. Your article must also have multiple internal links (at least 2).
  12. Use transition words to improve the readability of the content. A few examples are “and, but, so, because, moreover, for instance, firstly, in conclusion, etc.”