Cool Tech Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Moms In 2024

Practical and cool tech devices for mom!

Gift for mom

There is no special occasion to show your mom you care about her. Whether it is Mother’s Day or not, a thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile to her face.

Deciding what to get her might be the real challenge as your choice will need to be both practical and useful while at the same time must pass her impeccable standards.

To make your decision easier, we have collected the most trending tech gifts for moms that will surely impress them.

11 Tech Gifts For Moms That Will Make Her Proud

1Kindle Paperwhite

If your mom loves reading books, she must have a Kindle Paperwhite. Of course, traditional books have their own appeal, but ebooks are matchless.

You do not require any space to store them, and they are portable and inexpensive. So, why not pick this one of the best gadgets for moms on the market?

The Kindle Paperwhite will work for years without posing any trouble while keeping thousands of books in its memory at the same time.

Contrasting to iPhone, iPad, or Android phone, this Kindle reader does not stress the eyes and presents the same experience as reading from paper. Furthermore, its battery life is very long, and it is waterproof (the newer versions) as well.

You can have one in 8 GB or 32 GB and pick the colors from black, twilight blue, plum, and sage. If your mom loves traveling too, the Paperwhite could be the perfect companion with loads of books stored within the weight of only one.

2PopSocket Phone Grip

We all use our smartphones for watching videos, making phone calls, tracking routes, etc., daily. A phone grip like PopSocket is ideal for such situations. You can find these grips in various colors, patterns, and materials.

They not only look stylish but also make it effortless to grip your big phone easily. Next time you walk or drive your mommy’s car to pick up the kids from soccer practice, you will not have trouble gripping your phone with this phone grip.

3Fitbit Charge 4

Being a fitness enthusiast is a luxury in this busy world, and there is no better device than Fitbit Charge 4 for fitness tracking.

Gift your mom this handy gadget to correctly track her exercise through a touchscreen display. A more affordable option comes in the shape of Flex 2, but it neither has a display screen nor a heart-rate monitor. It is useful if your mom needs daily activity tracking only.

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4Roku Streaming Stick+ (or Amazon Fire TV Stick)

For those looking for the most inexpensive 4K HDR streaming device, the Roku Streaming Stick+ makes for one of the excellent tech gifts for moms.

Just insert the HDMI stick into the TV, set it up, and use voice commands for the search. However, in case your mother is Amazon’s Prime member, you should choose the Fire TV Stick. It is also not that expensive, considering you can see Prime videos in 4K HDR and use Alexa.

5Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Are you seeking to entertain your mom with a smart speaker without breaking the bank? The Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is an affordable and fantastic way to use Alexa.

While you are free to choose the latest model, older/smaller variants are equally good tech gifts for moms. If you are not fond of Alexa and Siri opt for the Home Mini with Google Assistant in its place. This smart speaker is also compact and supports intelligent home device control.

6Wyze Home Security Camera

For moms looking for ways to ensure the safety of their families, a Wyze home security camera is a perfect option.

Wyze presents a variety of security cameras, including indoor and outdoor, at an affordable price tag. Indeed, they do not have the features you expect from expensive alternatives, but they do the job.

7Tile Pro or Tile Mate

Since moms have to take care of plenty of stuff daily, they quickly forget things like home or car keys among other things.

If your mom is one of those, get her the Tile Pro tracker. The company employs crowd-sourced tech, meaning it sources data from other users near your lost item. It does not matter if your phone is out of the range of the tracker; you will still get a location alert for your item.

Although Tile Pro is available for both Android and iOS users, you can also go for Apple AirTag if you are a pure Apple fan.

The Pro comes with a one-year subscription to Tile Premium, giving the tracker the ability to warn you when it goes out of the Bluetooth connectivity range. The plan also comprises:

  • $100 repayment if Tile can’t find your thing
  • Free battery replacements – dispatched every year
  • Defects and damage cover

8Microsoft Surface Go or Asus Chromebook Flip

Get your mom a superfast laptop for work without putting a hole in your pocket. While the market is full of options due to continuous innovations in tech, we suggest you choose Surface Go.

This highly portable 2-in-1 go-anywhere laptop is now available with Windows 11 to enjoy the best features Microsoft’s new OS has to offer.

If your mom does not like Windows, you can still make her happy with Chromebook Flip C302CA. The Chrome OS with touch capability powers it.

9AeroGarden’s Hydroponic Garden

Women love to grow fresh herbs, tomatoes, etc. If your mom is someone who enjoys growing fresh food inside the home, we present you AeroGraden.

It is a hydroponic garden with LED lights that automatically work to ensure the seedpods receive the necessary light for proper development.

One of the best electronic kitchen gadgets for moms on our list is even able to tell us the best time to shower water or plant food.

As a kid, if you love to eat fresh tomatoes, herbs, lettuce, and other vegetables, you should get your mom this device on her birthday.

10Pillow Sleep Tracker App

Upbringing a child comes with several sleepless nights. Even when kids reach their teenage, parents still worry about them all night.

Just to let them know you care, gift your parents a sleep cycle tracker for healthier sleep. While many applications are available, we suggest the Pillow app for effortless sleep tracking and evaluation.

The application will let your mom better comprehend her sleep patterns and gain awareness of the arising problems.

In addition, the app comes with an intelligent alarm clock to awaken your mom at the lightest likely sleep phase to initiate the day revitalized and calm.

Your mother can even record movements like snoring, sleep apnea, and sleep talking. Your mom’s better sleep will not only make her happy and agile but will also boost her physical and mental well-being.

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11iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Daily cleaning is a hard task for moms, especially if they also work full time. iRobot Roomba Robot could make her life easier, as it effortlessly cleans up the floors. The best part is its schedule setting and voice assistance, allowing your mom to control it through her voice.

Its remarkable 3-stage cleaning system & dual multi-surface brushes catch every last dot of dirt from carpets as well as floors.

The useful edge-sweeping brush can reach every irritating corner and edge. This smart home device employs innovative sensors that let Roomba steer under & around furniture.

Our favorite feature in Roomba is Dirt Detect Sensors that notify the device about filthier zones of your house, such as hallways, allowing it to clean them more carefully. It certainly sounds like one of the most incredible tech gifts for moms on Mother’s Day.


Have you decided, what to get your mother? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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