Customize Your Phone with These Most Amazing Apps for Android

We have enlisted the top 10 android apps to maintain a better lifestyle.

best android apps for productivity

Android lovers, this article is for you! Here is a collection of the best android apps for productivity that will revolutionize your automated best friend. As we know, there are millions of applications on the Google Play store, accessible for entertainment, research, or common purposes.

However, there are a few applications that stand out based on intention to create, assistive user interface, and innovative features. The applications mentioned below fulfill the criteria with their diverse functions and customizable properties even in the era of constant technology flux

10 Best Android Apps For Productivity That Will Change How You Use Your Phone

best android apps for productivity


Let us begin the list of best android apps for productivity with a meditation application. Balance is a professional application that guides the user with a custom meditation schedule. When the user launches Balance, a survey greets them. The questionnaire is based on a few inquiries related to meditation and future expectations. As a result, Balance will provide a personalized meditation agenda to overcome psychological challenges.

Anxiety, depression, and stress have become very common. In addition, the stigmas involved with these disorders do not aid in eliminating false perceptions. Therefore, Balance provides a professional platform with effective tools and assistance on your journey to inner peace. The application is free to download for the first year of use so download it today.


Are you a podcast lover? Do you listen to audio discussions while driving or going for a run? Moonbeam is a reliable android application that will keep you company while running errands. However, the application is lesser-known since we are so familiar with shorter bursts of entertainment such as Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts.

Moonbeam creates a special connection with the listener by constantly publishing new content. Furthermore, the application offers a high engagement rate with an interactive comment section. Thus, successfully attracting new podcast fans accustomed to 40-minute to an hour-long conversation.


It is difficult to read and reply to messages while you are driving or busy doing something else. Safety is always a priority. Therefore, installing Speechify will translate texts to speech so you can focus on the task at hand. In addition, the helpful android application offers speech in different voices and up to 20 languages. As a result, you can create a custom AI-speaking assistant.

Need we go on? Speechify scans texts from online documents or web pages and reads them loud confidently. Listen to your favorite magazine, book, or research journal after downloading the application from Google Play Store in just a few seconds.

7Sleep Cycle

Are you experiencing an irregular sleep cycle? Do you sleep late and wake up early with a tension headache? The next app is one of the best android apps for productivity that will improve your sleep cycle and immunity system. The application is called Sleep Cycle; not the most innovative name in the book but it does what it claims. Therefore, we won’t pester it too much.

The assistive android application will wake you up with a gentle alarm sound, programming your mind to wake up without blasting music. Furthermore, if you own smart gear, it will vibrate your watch at equal intervals until you wake up.


Childhood trauma or watching air crash documentaries embed the fear of air travel. As a result, the fear of heights is a legitimate fear among the masses. Thankfully, ZeroPhobia is created by well-versed scientists practicing in healthcare for decades to help overcome this fear.

ZeroPhobia will eliminate the fear of flying through a VR viewer. ZeroPhobia introduces the user to a foreign setting among its six options such as standing on a balcony of a high-rise building, looking down. As a result, ZeroPhobia motivates the user to face their fears without leaving their house.

5Last Pass

Did you forget your work computer password? Is your banking application inaccessible due to consistently failed events? We present an easy solution and it’s called LastPass. It is an innovative android application that will manage passwords securely. Furthermore, it also acts as a password generator too to amp up security.

In addition to its feature, LastPass will also provide a master password that applies to computers, mobiles, and tablets. The user account synchronizes access to credentials and passwords from anywhere. Lastly, if you are unsatisfied with the restricted purchase, go premium with $12 per month. You won’t regret it.


Do you have a tough time adjusting? Use the Telegram application to create small groups of like-minded people. Or, if you prefer a small circle, you can text in long threads with a few selected individuals. Telegram also offers some fun features such as a sticker pack to aid in better-communicating emotions.

The application is completely free and very easy to use. It is the perfect pick for individuals who value their privacy. The innovative feature deletes the messages right after the recipient reads them. Furthermore, the ads will not consume unnecessary data, which makes it cost-efficient too.


Launch Discord on your smartphone to call a friend or browse through the servers to join a community based on topics and location. The social media app has grown exponentially during the pandemic by providing remote video and voice calls without any disruptions in the connection.

The best feature is yet to come! Discord stays active in the background so you can communicate in groups or individually while gaming. If you feel like it, completely customize your messages with custom emojis. All these features are available for free, so visit the Google Play Store to download the application.


You can download a competent language learning platform to your phone. Duolingo will teach you languages and mainstream dialects successfully. Furthermore, the interface is vibrant and interactive, with the Duolingo parrot mascot leading the way.

12 million trust Duolingo to learn verb conjugations, nouns, and sentence structure of a foreign language daily. There is a free version and a premium version which costs $13 a month or $84 every year. This amazing android app is similar to a classroom with a point-keeping mechanism to keep you engaged.

1Among Us

15 individuals are stranded on a spaceship with two killers among them. This isn’t a movie plot but a storyline of the next mention—Among Us. All work and no games make the android user a very dull person. Time to finish the list with a game about betrayal and working together! Among Us sits at 12 million downloads on Google Play Store. In addition, it is also available on Apple phones and Windows desktops.

The players can choose from 4 maps to play on. As each body is discovered, the teammates use deductive reasoning to figure out the killer among them. Among Us is a very addictive game so watch the clock.

Continue the Search for More Android Apps

The best android apps for productivity depend on the users’ preferences and hobbies as a phone is an extension of your personality. Furthermore, installing an excessive amount of applications will consume battery life and the phone’s internal memory at a faster rate. Therefore, before installing, read about the application and use reviews. You may find a hidden gem at the Google play store.

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