What To Wear Hiking In Summer? Essential Tips for Comfortable and Stylish Trail Attire

What To Wear Hiking In Summer

When you hike far-away mountain trails in summer, you experience the real thrill and adventure. But, to enjoy the trip without trouble, you must know what to wear hiking in summer.

For a quick guide, you must pick lightweight, durable, and airy clothes. These will protect you without making you suffocated and exhausted.

Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, especially in the US. However, few individuals know what to bring and what to dress on a hiking trip.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the top hiking clothing and gear you should pack for a family vacation.

What To Wear On A Hike in Hot Weather? List of 11 Best Trekking Outfits

1. Lightweight Sun Hoodie

What to Wear Hiking in Summer? (Lightweight Sun Hoodie)

Sun hoodies might look the same as standard hoodies, but their material is super light. So you can wear it on a sunny hike. Since you will be hiking under extreme temperatures, this hoodie can keep you cool. With the breathable material, loose-fitting, and long sleeves, you cannot sunburn. It also limits the use of sunscreen on hiking.

2. Light Jackets

Light Jackets for hiking

Wearing heavy jackets is not a wise option. Instead, you can carry lightweight jackets if you feel a temperature drop at night. The best way is to put on clothes in layers. It will make it easier to remove them if you feel hot under the scorching heat.

3. Warm Base Layer

Warm Base Layer

You can wear a base layer in summer as well. At the end of the day of hiking trails, you need something light and thin to wear on summer nights. So, a wool base layer is the perfect option that can also protect you from wild insects and mosquitoes in the wild.

4. Hiking T-Shirt With Short Sleeves

Hiking T-Shirt With Short Sleeves

These are not your regular short-sleeved t-shirts. Shirts for hiking are created with a material that can easily absorb sweat and get dry. They are more durable and can tolerate rough hiking.

These shirts are created from several types of material:

Synthetic Material: It can efficiently absorb moisture and dry quickly. Due to its good breathability and durability, you can wear it on hiking. One downside is that it can get smelly.

Merino Wool Material: This material adapts to temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it feels gentle on the skin. What makes it perfect for hiking in summer is the UV protection properties.

Polycotton Material: There are opposing views on wearing polycotton shirts on trekking or hiking. Since it can absorb and hold water for longer hours, not many people prefer it. On the other hand, it is also hypoallergenic, affordable, and lightweight. Therefore, many hikers wear it in summer.

5. Hiking Shorts

What to Wear Hiking in Summer?(Hiking Shorts)

Hiking shorts are breathable and light to wear. Plus, they give freedom to move with less friction, which is extremely useful in hiking. People who have issues of skin irritation should choose shorts over long pants. On the other hand, if you want to protect your legs from UV radiation, bugs, and dirt, then hiking shorts are not a good choice. Moreover, if you are habitual of carrying stuff in side pockets, avoid wearing shorts. Their pockets are often small.

6. Full-Length Hiking Pants

What to Wear Hiking in Summer (Full-Length Hiking Pants)

Hiking pants are for the ones who can not tolerate the dirt, leaves, thorns, pebbles, and rough terrain that damage their legs. The thin material can maintain the airflow. However, the downside is that they are not as breathable as shorts. Plus, they can hinder free movement sometimes.

7. Rain Pants

Rain Pants

If you are going hiking in summer, there can be a chance of rain along the journey. So, expert travelers suggest keeping a pair of rain pants with you in case you need them. They add a layer of protection from water and strong wind to maintain dryness and warmth.

8. Hiking Shoes

Hiking Shoes

You need something roomy, durable, breathable, and lightweight for hiking. So, the best option is to get lightweight hiking shoes. They provide necessary cushioning, ankle support, and protection.

Avoid getting heavy-duty waterproof hiking boots. The issue is that they can easily make your feet sweaty and warm. And you do not want that during summer hiking.

9. Trail Running Shoes

What To Wear Hiking In Summer

Many people go for trail running shoes because they want something more light. It has a protective layer against rugged topography, but they are less stable than a hiking boot. Trail running shoes are created from flexible soles that encourage fast movement.

However, you must note that most trail running shoes are not waterproof. But, it also means that these shoes are quick to dry. You would need to research the best shoes thoroughly before packing for your holiday trip to hiking.

10. Socks With Light Cushioning

Socks With Light Cushioning

To choose the best socks for summer hiking, you must consider some qualities: moisture-absorbing material, breathability, thickness, and cushioning. Get socks that are not too thick because they will suffocate your feet.

Instead, opt for more lightweight socks with a little cushion. Synthetic blends and merino wool are most suitable in that case.

The length and fitting of the socks also have significant importance. Plus, they must have features like mesh ventilation, durable construction, and heel and toe support to reduce fatigue.

11. Hiking Sandals

What To Wear Hiking In Summer - Hiking Sandals

Hiking sandals also get varied opinions. Some hikers love them because they are lightweight, airy, and flexible. And others do not prefer them because they do not provide 100% protection.

Hence, choosing footwear is based on your needs, likes, and preferences. Every hiker prefers different kinds of footwear for hiking trips.

Best Accessories For Hiking

Hiking Accessories

Hiking road trip is incomplete without packing the accessories. From hitting the road to reaching the top of the mountain, you would need these stuff with the hiking dresses. In fact, for not just hiking, you will need them while visiting the national parks in the USA as well. It is a good approach to keep yourself well-equipped with the necessary stuff whenever going for an adventurous trip.

1. Sunscreen: You must choose a sunscreen with an SPF of more than 30 whenever you hike or go on any outdoor adventure.

2. Sunglasses: You’ll need UVA and UVB-protective eyewear. Or, if you’re hiking on a mountain with brightly colored vegetation or rocks (like in Sedona), you’ll need polarized sunglasses to decrease glare.

3. First aid kit: Since hiking is an adventurous trip where accidents can happen, you must carry a handy first aid kit in the best quality backpack. It should have:

  • Bandages
  • Sterile dressing
  • Suction syringes
  • Safety pins
  • Antiseptics
  • Cotton swabs
  • Pain relievers

You can build your first aid kit if you want. You can include some other medical stuff in it as well.

4. Bandana: A Bandana or sweatband wrapped around your head will absorb excessive sweat and tuck up the baby hairs. It will take off any obstruction from your eyes.

5. Sun hat: Your head would not be directly exposed by wearing a sun hat. It reduces the chances of getting drained, dehydrated, and having a heat stroke. The wide brim will provide shade to the eyes.

6. Best Trekking poles: Trekking Trek poles have several benefits. They can make your hike easy, and you burn more calories. Plus, you can maintain a good balance on rugged terrains.

7. Snacks and water: Pack nutrient-packed food, water, and energy bars while hiking. You will need them!

Important Tips to Consider While Selecting Your Summer Hiking Dress

What To Wear Hiking In Summer

Still not sure what to wear hiking in hot weather? Let us give you some key characteristics that your hiking set must have.

  • Select top wear and bottom wear that supports airflow.
  • Cover exposed skin as much as possible and wear bandanas and hats to get protection from the sun.
  • Choosing the right color for a hiking outfit is significantly important. When you are going for a hike under the scorching sun, you must wear light colors.
  • Pick the sock which is the right fit for you. Otherwise, it will get irritating and uncomfortable.
  • The material of the outfit must be breathable, durable, and loose-fitted. It shouldn’t make you feel suffocated.


So, what to wear hiking in summer? It’s up to your choice. You only have to ensure that your outfits are loose-fitted, breathable, lightweight, and light-colored. They should provide ease and comfort along with durability and stability.

Hats, bandanas, first aid kits, and sunscreen are the accessories you must carry when going on the best hikes in the world. These will keep you safe in hot weather so you can enjoy the trail.

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