5 Easy Hikes in Sedona, Arizona With Scenic Views You Shouldn’t Miss

Easy Hikes in Sedona

Red sandstone formations, healing energies, and spiritual powers – these words can perfectly describe Sedona, Arizona. It is widely known because of its unparalleled hiking tracks that attract many visitors every year. If you also want to go on adventurous yet easy hiking trails in Sedona, we have listed some of the most suitable options for you. You can go through their details and pick the one that matches your vacation destination goals well.

List of Top 5 Easy Hikes in Sedona To Experience Spectacular Landscape

These are the top-picked hiking trails in Sedona where you can plan your next visit.

1. Bell Rock Trail | Iconic Red Rock Formation

Bell Rock Trail - Easy Hikes in Sedona

Bell Rock trail (which actually looks like a bell) is widely famous among hiking enthusiasts. The incredible blend of rich colors of green, orange, red, and brown makes it one of the most scenic places. It is one of the short hikes in Sedona that is excellent for both families and kids.

Many believers consider bell rock as the vortex, which means it is the mecca of the all-powerful energies of the universe. You will find many people meditating on this memorable hiking road trip.

It has both flat rock surfaces for easy hiking and hindered paths for adventurous hiking. So, you must have proper hiking gear with the best trekking poles to avoid any mishap.

What People Are Saying: The best time to go is in the morning hours, the most picturesque place and easy to walk on paths.

Trail Length: 0.8 miles
Elevation Gain: 203 feet

2. Devil’s Bridge Trail | Largest Natural Sandstone Arch In The Sedona

Devil’s Bridge Trail - Easy Hikes in Sedona

Its name might sound spooky, but it has some of the most amazing views to experience, although it might not be beginner-friendly. Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone in Sedona, and it has uphill typography, which grows steep as you move above.

With the 54-foot high arch, it is among the easy Sedona hikes with views. This natural bridgework will give you the best scenic experience.

It is perfect for people who want a quick getaway on a long weekend from a busy life and do some hiking before returning to their work. It is one of the easy hikes in Sedona, AZ, not too far from the city; you will find it a bit crowded.

What People Are Saying: Stairs on rocks make the trail easier, several uphills add to the adventure, busy and not-so-peaceful hike due to the crowd.

Trail Length: 3.9 miles
Elevation Gain: 521 feet

3. Fay Canyon Trail | Perfect Place To Spot Shooting Stars

Fay Canyon Trail - Easy Hikes in Sedona

Fay Canyon is the best hiking trail because it is beginner-friendly and suitable for adventurous enthusiasts. The incredible canyon walls and breathtaking rock formations leave the viewers in awe. The journey might be relatively difficult, but it is worth the effort. Moreover, if you are hiking in the hot weather, it might get more challenging. So, always ensure that you pack suitable dresses while hiking in summer.

The unmatched views of Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock from the top of Fay Canyon are something people like. Moreover, it is a kid-friendly place to spend a day in because of the sandy and flat surface.

It is a somewhat remote place, perfect for watching a serene sunset with a phenomenal panoramic view. The towering sandstones and green plants make it one of the best hikes in the world. You can settle down at the end of the trail or scramble up the rocks.

What People Are Saying: Easily available hike with great views, interesting rock formations, and boulders give unique experiences, not a very crowded trail with free parking.

Trail Length: 2.4 miles
Elevation Gain: 298 feet

4. West Fork Trail in Oak Creek | Best Trails in Coconino National Forest

West Fork Trail in Oak Creek

It has a diverse landscape to offer. As you hike on the West Fork Trail, you see dense forest, towering canyon walls over your head, and creeks many times. It makes it one of the easy Sedona hikes with water. So, if you are someone who loves flowing water under your feet as you hike, this is your place to go. Do not forget to carry the best hiking backpack to keep the camera gear secure from water splashes.

It is well-developed by the authorities, and you get utilities like picnic tables, toilets, and trash cans available on the way. There are sturdy stones on the water through which you can cross the creek or hop on to get some stunning pictures.

The cool waters, shades of trees, and the sweet chirping of birds make West Fork Trail unique from other trail tracks. Durable footwear is the most important thing you should have on this holiday trip.

What People Are Saying: Well-maintained restrooms, pretty easy hike, gorgeous trail with many creek crossings, astounding landscape views.

Trail Length: 6.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 564 feet

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5. Doe Mountain | Mesa-like Summit

Doe Mountain

Doe Mountain is one of the best easy hikes in Sedona, AZ. But many people consider it as easy to moderate for almost every skill level. So, if you love to relax in a soothing environment and serene space or want to climb up the rocks, Doe Mountains is the best option.

All the struggle is worth the 360-degree view of Boynton Pass from the top. You can experience Doe Mountain’s famous magic hour moment in the morning. However, the south side of these mountains can be windy, so you should be mindful of that.

What People Are Saying: A great option to watch pretty sunsets, fantastic top views that are worth the hiking, fairly steep, rapid elevation gains in some areas.

Trail Length: 1.5 miles
Elevation Gain: 511 feet


These are some of the easiest hikes in Sedona that you should have on your bucket list. From dipping your feet into the cold waters of creeks to capturing some incredible moments under towering canyons, there are plenty of things to do while hiking in Sedona, Arizona. On the other hand, you can try visiting the national parks of the USA to explore the diversity that Sedona has to offer.

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