How Many Calories Does 15000 Steps Burn? A Comprehensive Guide to Burn Extra Calories!

Burning the extra calories is the headache of second person in this World. Do you think walking steps can burn Calories? Indeed yes! Feel free to explore more...

how many calories does 15000 steps burn

Hold on for a second and look at your posture. Is it correct right now? Or have you been sedentary for many hours now, sitting idle in front of the screen?

Consider moving around a bit or taking your dog on a walk in the neighborhood. Sounds healthy for both you and your loving pet, right?

Walking is an all-in-one exercise that lowers belly fat overnight and boosts the immune system. But to make the most of it, you should know about your walking pace and body parameters like weight and height. Because these factors significantly affect the number of steps you will take to reach your ideal weight. It will help to set measurable goals and daily step count, and you will feel motivated to do the walk. Doctors generally prefer to walk at least 15000 steps daily to maintain good health and reduce the chances of getting cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity. But the question comes in mind that how many calories does 15000 steps burn?

Does Walking 15000 Steps Reduce Weight?

15000 steps is a measurable and achievable target for many who are starting exercise. Dr. Liana Casusi, a licensed physician, said that once you get comfortable reaching 10000 steps daily, try to increase the goal and walk 15000 steps daily. It is because many researchers have found that walking 15000 steps enhance metabolism and maintains blood sugar and cholesterol in the body.

However, it is advised to tweak the daily step count according to your stamina, body mass, height, and other factors to get to your maximum potential.

How Many Calories Do 10000 Steps Burn?

Does walking 10000 steps reduce weight

Does walking 10000 steps reduce weight? It is true, but the exact measurement varies from person to person because everyone has a different body weight, walking pace, gender and height. But it is generally observed that 300-400 calories are burnt by walking 10000 steps. To calculate it, you can simply convert number of steps to calories burned or if you’re not good in mathematics, try different steps to calories burned calculators that can accomplish the job for you

An inactive person takes almost 3000 steps walking around the house. So it is necessary to mindfully walk at least 10000 steps (almost 5 miles) to warm up and then build further exercises around it. If you are taking your health seriously, it is important to log your daily step count. For that, there are unlimited android apps available you can download to track your progress.

This concept originated from Japan, and as researchers research it in the medical scenario, they have very much approved the magic number of 10000 steps.

Benefits of Walking Barefoot

Either you’re walking barefoot or not, you carry your weight. And it is a kind of weight-bearing exercise.

  • Make the heart stronger and increase lung health. Plus, reduce the risks of heart attacks or diseases.
  • Increase lifespan by keeping the body active and young
  • Enhance creative thinking and clear up the fogged mind
  • Improve sleep, memory, and cognitive abilities
  • Enhance coordination and improve observation powers
  • Make the muscles strong and increase stamina gradually.
  • Reduce the chances of getting hypertension, increased cholesterol, and joint pains.
  • Reduce tension and stress and help to strengthen the immune system to fight potential diseases.
  • It can be your best “me-time.” And you can make it more effective by organizing your thoughts, planning for the upcoming days, and reflecting on the previous day.

How To Make Walking an Enjoyful Activity?

Walking can be a social activity as well. Maybe your co-workers will join you on your way back home. How to make walking fun? You can make walking more productive and entertaining by listening to your favorite music, audiobooks, news channels, radio, or podcasts. Log in to your favorite Spotify playlists and enjoy the journey to your home or work. You can join several walking groups or health clubs to socialize as you walk.

It is also a great option to vary your surroundings now and then. Try walking in a park in the early morning, or walk on hills if you can. Or you can vary your walking pace from slow to fast after every few minutes.

How to Incorporate Walking into your Daily Life?

You might think that we all do walking to some extent, so is there a need to incorporate walking into daily life mindfully? Yes! It is necessary. It is because many of us spend days and days sitting in front of our computer screens without moving around a bit. So for that kind of people need to include walking in their routine mindfully. Here are some tips for doing so.

  • Start small. For the first day, walk for 5-10 minutes and then gradually increase the duration to half an hour.
  • Take stairs even if there is a facility of elevator available.
  • Take your pet on the walk.
  • Get comfortable sneakers or shoes that are ready to wear. It will reduce the hindrance in getting up and going for a walk or run.
  • Take a walk to your work or home if it is at a shorter distance. Avoid using transport whenever possible. It will improve the health of joints and bones and strengthen them.

Walking is the full fledge body activity that can be helpful if done properly and consistently. It should be a part of your daily ritual to get a well-toned body without buying expensive exercise gear, doing strong cardio exercises, or going to the gym.

The Bottom Line

Pair the habit of daily walking with a balanced diet and incorporate healthy meals like soups and salads to get the maximum benefits of walking. Poor nourishment will drain all the effects of exercising.

Whatever exercise you are doing, be consistent with it. And make the exercise routine by combining it with a healthy lifestyle and eating habits to get the most benefits.

As Joyce Shulman, Author of Walk Your Way to Better: 99 Walks That Will Change Your Life says,

“One of the reasons walking can be so helpful in a weight loss journey because it is something many of us can do regularly and consistently.”

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