9 Unexpected Things You May Need on Holiday

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You have booked your flights and accommodation, but don’t stop there. Here are a few unexpected things you may need on holiday.

Check the weather! You might think you know what’s the temperature in your destination like, but it’s worth checking just in case they’re having an outlier year.

Don’t rely on credit cards for currency exchange! In some countries, even most banks charge absurd fees for exchanging money from one to another. So check before you go to avoid being caught at an ATM with no money because of hidden charges on your card.

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1A Torch (flashlight)

A torch is a portable light source that can get carried by hand. It comes in handy on all occasions, including when the power goes out after you’ve already eaten dinner. A torch can get used to signal for help or as a weapon against a would-be assailant who is trying to get into your holiday home. Torches usually run on batteries and are small enough to fit in one hand.

2Wet Wipes

No one knows when wet wipes came into existence, but they are a travel necessity. Usually used to wipe the face or clean hands, these little wonders can also get used to clean your body, environment, and objects. They are important if you plan on trekking through any jungle or participating in an activity that’s particularly hard on the skin, like rock climbing.

3Travel-Size Toiletries

Travel-size toiletries include mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, and other liquid products. They’re smaller than the normal size and don’t take up much space in your luggage.

The benefits of buying travel-size toiletries are they help keep your luggage light. If you’re flying with low-cost airlines such as Ryanair or EasyJet, weight is important as most have strict limits on the amount of baggage you can take onto the plane. You should check with your airline before going to the airport to see how much you can carry onboard. Also, understand their rules for checking a bag into the hold.

Even if you don’t need travel-size toiletries for your flight, they will save room in your hotel bathroom when you arrive at your destination. It also means that there will be more room in your suitcase for souvenirs when it comes time to pack up and go home!

4A Universal Plug Adaptor

If you are traveling from the UK or Ireland to an EU country and many other countries, you must ensure you have a universal plug adaptor in your luggage. Countries have different wall sockets, and if you only use British or Irish plugs in your devices, they won’t fit.

The best way to know what kind of socket gets used where you are going is to check on Google. It will tell you exactly which type of plug adaptor you need.

Before leaving for your holiday destination, remember that electrical devices work on different voltages in different countries. If your device has a design for use in the UK or Ireland, it won’t work properly on other voltage systems. However, most modern electrical items can get converted using a voltage converter.

It is also worth checking any electronic devices which you have borrowed. It can include hairdryers and straighteners. It can get converted, and take the relevant plug adaptor with you just to be safe!

5A Tissue Pack

Although most people would not think about bodily fluids on holiday, a tissue pack is still a necessity. You may need one for emergencies, dirty hands, cleaning up the mess, long journeys, or nosebleeds. You may want to wipe down tables or make boats with them. They can be kept in your bag or pocket and used sparingly.


One of the most overlooked items on vacation is chapstick. It can be hard to remember, especially if you never use the stuff at home, but it’s essential to protect your lips from drying out from wind and sun exposure. Like sunscreen, you should keep chapstick on hand in your pocket while traveling.


It’s hard to know when you’ll need painkillers on holiday, but it’s good to have them with you just in case. Keep in mind that ibuprofen is usually better than aspirin for your average headache or minor pain, and only bring as many as you expect to use (don’t bring an entire bottle unless your vacation is long).

Bring both brand-name and generic versions of the drug, just in case one doesn’t work. Finally, make sure to store your painkillers properly. Keep them at room temperature, and away from moisture, so they don’t become ineffective before you get a chance to use them.

8An Informal First Aid Kit

While there’s no doubt that you’ll find some medicines and basic first aid supplies at most destinations, it’s always better to get prepared. You can be sure to pack your plasters, antiseptic cream, antihistamine, and paracetamol.

These are all essential for everyday accidents. Plus, insect repellent, insect bite cream, and allergy tablets. It is especially true if you’re traveling somewhere with a lot of bugs or plants.

And don’t forget all the other medicines you might need, whether it’s something for a headache or hay fever. And any prescriptions you might need to get filled along your travels. You can ensure they’re in their original packaging and that you have enough to last the whole holiday!

9Sunburn Cream

A common holiday mistake is forgetting to pack sunburn cream (if you’re going somewhere warm, of course). If you’re anything like me and turn bright pink after an hour or two in the sun, you’ll know what a nightmare it is to suffer from sunburn while on holiday!

It can be painful and dangerous, so you must protect yourself from the sun. You can ensure that before bed each night, your skin is covered in this protective cream.


Thinking about everything you might need and putting it in your suitcase is a good way to ensure that you’ve packed everything. You can even make a list! Double-check it twice. Once just won’t cut it here. And don’t forget to bring your passport with you!

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