10 Best Hiking Trails the Nature Has to Offer in America

“The sun shines brightest from the peaks of mountains.”

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There may come a time in your life when you want to take a break from your daily routine and observe nature. Like cross country road trips, hiking is an incredible way to relieve stress and spend some time alone with nature. If that time has come, you might just be wondering about the best hiking trails to kick off your adventure.

Today, we’ll go over the ten best hiking trails in the United States of America to give you a nudge out of the door. Enjoy the picturesque locations and have a relaxed walk without worrying about researching the hottest places to hike.

Unveiling the Best Hiking Trails for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Having the hiking trails listed before you set out is a beautiful way to set the tone of your adventure. Furthermore, you can sort the list in the order you wish to visit each hike. Following this, you can not only save time in deciding where to head next but also make your best hikes journey far more fun and easy.

So, without any delay, below, we have discussed the best places to hike to make your adventure memorable in the United States.

1. West Maroon Creek Trail

Image: Pexels

The first from our best hiking trails list is the West Maroon Creek Trail in Colorado. The trail’s completion level is easy to moderate and takes around a day to finish. This hiking trail connects Crested Butte and Aspen and is most rewarding in July when it displays the peak of wildflowers. The track spans 10 miles and hosts dramatic and eye catching views along the way.

The trail begins from Maroon Lake, showcasing the picturesque twin Maroon Bells view. Then, the path progresses through a glacial valley and White River National Forest, passing through the aspen groves. Next, you’d climb arduous 3,000 feet over the Maroon Pass before making a stunning descent to conclude the journey.

2. Best Superior Hiking Trail

Image: Pexels

Minnesota’s superior hiking trail makes the second spot in our best hiking trails collection. The trail takes its route around the Lake Superior ridges for 296 miles, starting from Duluth and ending near the Canadian border. From the lake, the track progresses 1,000 feet upward and then descends into the forested river valleys. If you’re lucky, you might even catch sight of moose, beaver, and bear on your way.

Although you can complete the entire trail in a day, the various trailheads along the path make it possible to extend the journey for weeks. The most exciting part of this trail is the 18-mile path from Silver Bay to County Route 6, taking you through scenic cliffs, birch groves, and picturesque small lakes.

3. Penobscot and Sargent Mountains

This Maine trip is another addition to our best places to hike list. Situated in Acadia National Park, this trail features various ponds, rocky expanses, and two peaks. The 5.4 miles circular path begins and ends at the Jordan Pond House. It’s an old eatery mostly visited by fellow hikers.

The journey lasts a day and is not that difficult to complete. To travel through Penobscot, you’d experience squeezing past boulders and then venture downward toward Sargent Pond. From there, you’d climb back 1,373 feet to the top of Sargent Mountain. The effort is worth taking in the mesmerizing view of the whole Down East Coast.

4. Tongue Mountain Loop

Tongue Mountain Loop

New York’s Tongue Mountain Loop is one of the best hiking trails in America. The path offers an exciting combination of nature’s peace and the surrounding areas’ business. The peninsula features many hiking trails, but the hikers focus on a particular path. This featured path is a 13 miles loop around the base, showcasing the entire lake and the mesmerizing view of its many islands.

The trip has many ups and downs, including scramble through the 1,500 feet high summits. However, all the weariness goes away at the Tongue’s tip, where a chance to bathe in the water at the Sunny Montcalm Point awaits you. The trip lasts for a day, but the difficulty level is moderate.

5. Tillamook Head Trail

Tillamook Head Trail

The Tillamook Head Trail in Oregon, renowned as “the grandest and most pleasing” trail by William Clark in 1806, is another addition to our best hiking trails collection. The track is 6.3 miles long, but you can complete it within half a day due to fewer obstacles. Having moderate difficulty, the path begins with a 1,000 feet ascend through an old forest, showcasing breathtaking mountain ridges views.

Along the way, witness eagles and elks, and if you’re lucky, you can catch gray whales migrating in spring and winter. The descend presents an equally stunning view as the Indian Beach comes into sight. You’ll also eventually witness Cannon Beach and its renowned basalt rock formations shrouded in mist.

6. Mount Rogers Hiking Trails

Mount Rogers Hiking Trails

The Mount Rogers track in Virginia is another notable fit in the best hiking trails list. The trip lasts one day and has a moderate difficulty level. The journey begins at the Massie Gap in Grayson Highlands State Park. From there, it’s a 4.5-mile hike to Virginia’s highest peak in the southwestern Blue Ridge Mountains.

Most of the trip offers open and clear views of the surrounding, passing through rugged pastures. However, the summit houses packed spruce-fir forest, and it does not provide an open experience. An exciting part of this trek is the sight of wild ponies grazing the fields throughout the route.

7. Observation Point Hiking Trails

Observation Point Hiking Trails

The Observation Point Path is in Zion National Park. This park is among the best national parks in the USA. The hike is a one-day journey and has a moderate difficulty level. The 8-mile round trip begins from the canyon floor, takes you to a 2,000 feet high overlook, and then back to the base. The sandstone wall carved path takes you through steep rocks, hugs the beautiful White Cliffs, and passes through the Echo Canyon.

Although the trek can be tiring and strenuous, the effort soon pays off. At 6,508 feet, it is one of the best hiking road trips, displaying a breathtaking view of the entire canyon, including Angel’s Landing, Great White Throne, and Red Arch Mountain.

8. Kalalau Trail

Kalalau hiking Trail

For those who love a complex challenge, the next trek in our best hiking trails list might do you justice. Situated in Hawaii, the path takes three to four days to complete and has a challenging difficulty level. So, you would need the best trekking poles and other gear items the path takes three to four days to complete and has a challenging difficulty level. This adventure travel is the only way by land that accesses the Na Pali Coast, displaying mesmerizing cliffs. Moreover, the path goes through tropical valleys, mango trees, and waterfalls, immersing you in the new experience. The 11 miles trail’s objective is to reach Kalalau Beach, bordered by two volcanic ridges. The hikers prefer to camp on the beach as the authorities allow a full five nights stay.

However, a factor to consider is that the area experiences regular heavy rain, making camping and hiking difficult. Therefore, do invest in good hiking boots before heading on this hiking trip. Alternatively, some hikers who prefer to return within the same day wish to take the route to Hanakapi’ai Beach.

9. John Muir Trail

John Muir Trail

California’s John Muir Trail is one of the best hikes in the world but it can be really challenging. The path offers a ride through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and passes through Mount Whitney and Yosemite Valley, pleasing all nature-lovers. However, this trek is insanely long, lasting for up to four weeks, and spans 211 miles. Moreover, this trip has a challenging difficulty level.

With every step you take, the trail presents alpine meadows, lakes, and steep passes. In the beginning, sights like Vernal Falls and Half Dome make their way in and later progress into the highest peaks in the U.S. Furthermore, the climate is exceptionally pleasant and sunny, offering an excellent opportunity to witness the most beautiful part of the Pacific Crest Trail. However, you must have the proper knowledge about what to wear while hiking in summer. On the other hand, plan your trip between July and October to steer clear of snow.

10. Nankoweap Trail (Best Hiking Trails)

Nankoweap Trail is a Best Hiking Trails

One of the best hiking trails is the Nankoweap Trail in Arizona, offering a challenging experience for the hikers. Unlike the easy hikes in Sedona, it has many challenging routes. However strenuous this Grand Canyon hike may be, it provides equal rewards.

To reach the Nankoweap Creek and the river, you must pass through steep Redwall limestone, yellow sloping shale, and sandstone cliffs. Moreover, the trek offers various campsites with breathtaking canyon views unfurling before your eyes. However, once you’ve reached the river, you have to climb back those 14 miles to get back to the starting point.


Taking time from your busy daily schedule and visiting nature occasionally is a great way to relieve stress and spend some time with your loved ones. For active adventure seekers, we bring the best hikes in America to help you choose your favorite one from the list. Whether you love just a one day hike, a whole week’s adventure, or even a journey extending to up to four weeks, we have an option for you. Depending on the difficulty level, you can choose the best hiking trails suited for you and plan them properly before heading off.

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