Strangest Sports In the World | Rules, Origins, and History

Goats on a horse, chess masters boxing and people running from cheese! sounds like a fantasy? Keep reading!

Strangest Sports

The strangest sports in the world resolve disputes, introduce harmony prevent conflicts from aggravating, and bring people together. Regardless of the nature of the sport, they have the same effect. Furthermore, evolution in sports is not uncommon. Today, we present a few unique sports with a fascinating history and a prosperous future. These sports are different from the conventional cricket, soccer, or golf we know of. Perhaps oddness makes these strange sports a lot more interesting.

Top 10 Strangest Sports in the World

1Cheese Rolling

You may have heard of cheese folding, but what about cheese rolling? This oddly named support originates in England, the same land that introduced tennis, cricket, and squash. Gloucester hosts Cheese Rolling tournaments every year. Initially, it requires the players to push a nine-pound cheese wheel down the hills. Subsequently, the players must run behind their wheels until they reach the finishing line—the first to cross the checkmark with their cheese wheel wins.

Imagine running behind a cheese wheel on a steep heel. No doubt the players suffer from injuries. Regardless, it attracts tourism and international viewership. Most importantly, it’s all in a good laugh too.


Filip Eyckmans, a Belgian resident, came up with Boosball in 2004. However, the sport premiered in Spain. Boosball combines gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball in a beach setting. In the beginning, the court hosts two trampolines with a net between them.

This odd sport in the world truly showcases the gymnastic capabilities of the attacker with acrobatic performances. One player is the attacker, whereas the second player is the defendant. They must pass the ball over the net in less than five touches. Undoubtedly, the spectator’s jaw drops but only figuratively.


The third sport we shall mention originates in Japanese military tents. Bo-Taoshi will test your mind while entertaining you at the same time. The sport requires 150 players; 75 on attack and 75 on defense as a primary requirement. An erected pole on the ground is a secondary requirement. The objective is to bring down the pole to a 30-degree angle.

The rules are simple; the defending team must prevent the success of the attacking team using sane strategies, no harassment, and a safeguarding mechanism.

Fun fact: the 151st player is called the Ninja. He sits on top of the pole as a counterweight to make the sport more challenging.


If you are from the South Asian strip, you may have heard of the weird fourth sport on the list. Kabaddi is a playground version of tag but with adults. One person from the attacking team steps into the circle to tackle the opposing team player to the ground. In addition, the player stepping into the ring must hold their breath and return to home base without exhaling.

Kabaddi is a Bengali and Nepali nation support with solid ties to their neighboring countries, India and Pakistan. Unfortunately, the European countries and the UK are foreigners to the sport. However, the Kabaddi governing authority plans to change that.


Do you wish to step inside a transparent plastic ball? If so, you are one step closer to playing Zorbing. However, the sport is playable on level ground too. The player enters an orb that rolls downhill. The player tumbles inside the ball, unharmed and completely safe. The large balls absorb the impact from the soil and shrubs downhill because of dual insulation.

New Zealand takes the credit for introducing this distinctive sport. However, it now represents a recreational activity in commercialized locations for tourists and locals for a specific price.

6Chess Boxing

Lepe Rubingh, a Dutch performer, thought of combining chess and boxing into Chess Boxing. The strange sports are trendy in India, Russia, and Germany. The sport comprises 11 rounds in totality, with five boxing and six chess. Chess Boxing’s every round is three minutes long with a knockout, checkmate, and technical knockout. The player concedes or resigns if the three-minute limit is exceeded. Chessboxing combines the intensity and competing aspects of its forming sports with their integrity. We understand the sport may sound complicated, but we assure you, it is very enjoyable.

7Sepak Takraw

Time to play an obscure sport from the 15th century! It is primarily played in Asia and roughly translates to kickball in English. However, it is called Sepak Takraw in the native language. In the beginning, a net separates a volleyball-like court. Each team on the side of the net must keep the ball in the air. As a result, the team that fails to do so loses a point.

Speak Takraw is a very common strange sport in Thailand and Malaysia, yearly showcased in Asian and South Asian gaming tournaments. However, the player cannot touch the ball with their hands. Instead, they must use their chin, knees, and feet. It is truly a spectacle, making the sport unconventional and truly strange.

8Extreme Ironing

If you are not a fan of ironing, this strange sport may not be for you. Consider your laundry and iron as part of a competition. You must seamlessly iron a pile of unkempt clothes to win the tournament. The United Kingdom introduced the game as art. However, the subsequent documentary popularized it, resulting in global recognition.

Extreme Ironing occurs in the most remote locations, such as ironing while skiing, ironing in a downstream canoe, or ironing without parachuting. 10 nations competed in the first-ever tournament of Extreme Ironing in 2002. The Extreme Ironing Bureau defines it as a dangerous sport. Indeed, it is one of the weirdest sports in the world.


Let us take a trip to the Swiss land to learn about the strange sport, Hornussen. Remember, this is not a routine sport since it combines golf and baseball. The players attempt to stop the pluck with cardboard attached to wooden sticks. In short, the player releases a puck from a whip. The defending team must stop the puck from traveling beyond the last throw.

According to the Sport International Foundation’s rules, the team with the least penalties wins the game. As for the history, you can thank the Swiss farmers for coming up with the game as mediation to prevent disputes and showcase strengths.


Buzkashi involves dragging an animal’s dying remains across an obstacle-filled course. The sport takes us to Afghanistan, which translates into carrying the goats. It is their national sport, and they are very proud of it as it represents their culture. Unfortunately, the sport is not prevailing in Western countries due to its nature. As the game continues, it becomes an intense play because of the physical element and the number of players.

The players on the horses celebrate with each goal. At the end of the course, a circular ring catches the carcass. The Afghani wealthy heavily sponsor the sport.

Fun Fact: Many in the West came to know about the sport by watching Sylvester Stallone playing the game in Rambo 3 (1998).

Which Strange Sports Do You See Yourself Playing?

Leave it to humans to formulate the strangest sports in the world that boggle the senses. Remember, readers, these strange sports are randomly arranged from the least unique to the most bizarre in no particular order. The article intends to raise awareness. However, we hope it diversifies your knowledge from around the world.

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