Recently life is getting hard for many of us as the world keeps shutting down. Due to the rise of new variants, social distancing has become the new norm. Therefore, to stay sane in these chaotic times, people have adopted many hobbies. One of the most entertaining options available is to watch intriguing films. Hence, we have carefully curated this list of the best war movies 2022 for you.

“Only the dead have seen the end of the war.”


Similarly, if you are an avid reader, check out these all-time favorite movies based on novels. In addition, movies based on true stories, courtroom movies & making money movies should also be on your watch list this season.

My Personal List Of The Best War Movies Of All Time

Let us check out some of the most inspiring, action-packed, and greatest war films of all time. We also pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives, families, and dreams to ensure security and peace for their nation.

Gladiator (2000)

Star CastRussell Crowe as Maximus
Joaquin Phoenix as Commodus
Connie Nielsen as Lucilla.
IMDB Ratings8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes77%
Release YearMay 5, 2000
Directed ByRidley Scott
AwardsAcademy Awards
Based OnThe plot of Gladiator was inspired by historical events like the Third Servile War and The Fall of the Roman Empire.
Available OnNetflix & Amazon Prime


It is the story of blood and revenge where the protagonist Maximus was a successful Roman general. The conflict arose when he was chosen by the emperor as the heir instead of his son (Commodus). Then he developed feelings of jealousy and revenge when Maximus’s family was brutally killed by Commodus. And at last, he was sent to gladiator games until his last breath. Now, he just wants to conquer it all and retaliate – for the turmoil he had gone through.

Some Behind The Scenes Facts that May Fascinate You.

  • Joaquin Phoenix was so nervous and intimidated (regarding the film) that he almost quit.
  • To set in his role, Joaquin Phoenix increased his weight and kept the sword along with him.
  • The most iconic line: “Am I not merciful?” was not scripted. It was ad-libbed by Joaquin Phoenix.
  • The screenwriter William Nicholson confirmed slight tension between him and Crowe over the script lines as he was not happy with some sections of the script. But Nicholson said Crowe is the best actor, so his slight arrogance doesn’t matter to me.

What Do The Critics Say?

Gladiator was released 22 years back, it is still indeed one of the best war movies ever. This classic has all the essential elements that an evergreen war movie should have. The heart-pumping action, political twists, brutality of war, and intense action scenes make it worth watching.

Troy (2004)

Star CastBrad Pitt as Achilles
Eric Bana as Hector
Orlando Bloom as Paris.
IMDB Ratings7.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings54%
Release YearMay 14, 2004
Directed ByWolfgang Petersen
Box Office RecordIt was a box office hit that earn nearly 497.4 million dollars globally.
Available OnNetflix, Google Play & Amazon Instant Video


Vividly displaying the struggles of war between two nations, Troy in my opinion is the best war movie of all time. It is set in 1250 B.C. – the late bronze age. The climax arises when Paris, the prince of Troy, sways the Queen of Sparta to leave her husband named Menelaus. After knowing the truth, Menelaus asks his brother for help in getting his wife back. The war ignites as the Greeks landed on the shores of Troy with 1000 ships.

What Do The Critics Say?

The film is visually majestic and one of the best war movies available on Netflix, Troy, is indeed an epic saga. You can think of it as the Gladiator but on a much greater scale. Wonderfully directed and perfectly performed by the greatest artists, it is a must-watch in lockdown.

The Pianist (2002)

Star CastAdrien Brody as Wladyslaw Szpilman
Thomas Kretschmann as Captain Wilm Hosenfeld
Frank Finlay as Father.
IMDB Ratings8.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings95%
Release YearSeptember 6, 2002
Directed ByRoman Polanski
AwardsOscar (Brody)
Available OniTunes & Amazon Instant Video


It revolves around the life and struggles of a Polish Jew who is a radio station pianist or classical musician. He witnessed the alteration of Warsaw in world war 2. Wladyslaw Szpilman got separated from his family and sent to Warsaw Ghetto. He tried to survive the barbarity of war by hiding in the remains of demolished Warsaw.

Was Adrien Brody Deeply Affected By The Pianist?

After so many years, oscar-winning actor Adrien Brody still suffers from sadness and slight depression as he thinks about the heart-wrenching scenes and miseries of the movie.

Apart from the role in this movie, he thinks that every famous celebrity pays the price of fame. That is the anonymity that he was living in before getting famous. Once a man becomes a famous actor, he can’t just walk around on the street anymore without getting noticed.

What Do The Critics Say?

Undoubtedly, The Pianist is a well-composed and well-written war film that depicts drama, emotions, and suspense. It is a heartful film that revolves around the delicate sentiments of intense love, loss, and death of loved ones. It shows how a sophisticated pianist – the survivor of the holocaust – became an empty being when he lost his home and family.

So if you want to watch an emotionally packed movie with the flavor of the turmoil of wars – The Pianist is one of the best war movies ever made.

Best World War 1 Movies

World war 1 was a major turning point for the world, after which the world did not remain the same. Several movies are made to depict the devastation and struggles of world war, but these are the best ones to watch this year.

All Quiet On The Western Front (1930)

Star CastLew Ayres as Paul
Louis Wolheim as Kat
John Wray as Himmelstoss
Arnold Lucy as Kantorek.
IMDB Ratings8.1/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings98%
Release YearAugust 24, 1930
Directed ByLewis Milestone
Based onBook of the same name, written by German writer Erich Maria Remarque.
AwardsAcademy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Directing
Available OnAmazon Instant Video (Rent/Purchase)


At the commencement of world war 1, this group of young and motivated boys experienced the contradicting nature of war. It is the story of the young German recruits who wanted to become heroes but saw the tragedy and horror of world war 1 with their own eyes.

What Do The Critics Say?

It is one of the best world war 1 movie that depicts the true struggles and horror of wars through the eyes of front-line soldiers. The post-war trauma and sufferings of disillusionment were deeply embedded in the generation of that time.

Forest Of The Hanged (1965)

Star CastVictor Rebengiuc as Lieutenant Apostol Bologa
Anna Szeles as Ilona
Stefan Ciubotarasu as Petre.
IMDB Ratings8.2/10
Release YearMarch 16, 1965
Directed ByLiviu Ciulei
AwardsCannes Best Director Award
Based OnA novel of the same name, written by Romanian writer Liviu Rebreanu.


Set in 1916, the masterpiece “Forest of The Hanged” follows an individual named Apostol Bologna, a Lieutenant in the Habsburg Army at the time of world war 1. He fights at several fronts in Glacia and Italy and gets wounded. It is a must-watch in 2022.

What Do The Critics Say?

It seamlessly reflects reality and gives a deep insight into the emotions and hardships of times of war. It revolves around the fundamental sentiments of love, war, duty, and family. But the aura and wild ambiance of the film gives it a strange heart-wrenching vibe.

Best World War 2 Movies

World war 2 – just like world war 1 – is an unforgettable event in history. For documentation of this historical event, these best war movies should be on your watchlist.

Schindler’s List

Star CastLiam Neeson as Oskar Schindler
Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth
Ben Kingsley as Itzhak Stern.
IMDB Ratings8.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings98%
Release YearFebruary 4, 1994
Directed BySteven Spielberg
AwardsSeven Oscars
Adapted FromHistorical non-fiction novel “Schindler’s Ark”.
Available OnAmazon Instant Video


It revolves around a businessman Oskar Schindler who was born in the Czech. He tried to exploit Jewish labor during World War 2. But did not completely succeed. However, he did save the lives of around 1000 Polish Jews.

What Do The Critics Say?

It is the greatest war film that every history enthusiast should watch. It depicts the ultimate horrors, brutality & sin humanity is capable of committing.

Pearl Harbor (2001)

Star CastBen Affleck as the Captain Rafe McCawley
Josh Hartnett as Captain Danny Walker
Kate Beckinsale as Lieutenant Evelyn Johnson.
IMDB Ratings6.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Ratings24%
Release YearMay 25, 2001
Directed ByMichael Bay
Box Office Record6th highest-earning film of 2001 with a revenue of $449,220,945 globally.
AwardsASCAP Film and Television Music Awards (2002)
Available OnAmazon Prime & Google Play


Based on the historical events, Pearl Harbor is one of the best war movies of all time. It tells a story about a group of friends who participated in world war 2 as pilots. After that, these 3 protagonists faced a difficult situation in Hawaii.

What Do The Critics Say?

It is an unusual and best war movie of love, friendship, and war that has twists and turns. The 3 young souls struggle with their relationship and face the horrors of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. The emotional touch makes it the best war movie of all time.

Final Thoughts on Best War Movies:

War is not the resolution of conflict. Instead, wars initiate terror and turmoil. The best war movie makers and cinematic minds document such historical events to convey an authentic vibe to future generations. These best war movies can bring thought-provoking turns to your life.

“War is what happens when language fails.”

-Margaret Atwood

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