What is Escape from Tarkov? A Complete Guide from Money, NPC and One Life to Combine Sorties

what is escape from tarkov

What is Escape from Tarkov? Tarkov is a mixture of a simulator and a battle royale, where players of two conditional factions fight between themselves and local bandits in order to control territories, better stocks of resources and earn money.

By choosing your side, you accept all the habits of the units. You can choose to side with the United States and represent the local PMC Terra, or choose Russia and play as BEAR – a similar PMC.

There is practically no difference between the parties, except for the visual and the spoken. The game currency and special items inherent in one of the parties are changing, for example, vodka.

9 Main Deals in Escape from Tarkov that you Might Find Useful

Escape from Tarkov

With the help of latest tech trends in Ai, gaming industry has been getting more and more prominent and come up as an income generating field for many gamers. When it comes to gaming, Escape from Tarkov – a virtual battle game comes at the top. Here are 9 main deals that will definitely up your game!

1. Money Role in Escape from Tarkov

In Escape from Tarkov, money plays a very important role, as it allows you to close the main problems in equipment and equipment in the absence of the ability to go on sorties, or for an additional advantage over the enemy.

For money, you can improve equipment, buy missing equipment, buy medicines and ammunition, and much more.

Money is earned and spent through interaction with local NPCs – representatives of various interests involved in providing the region.

Each NPC is responsible for its own type of activity, and it is useless to look for details that it does not manage.

But there are pleasant exceptions – for example, a nurse from whom you can buy various medicines or sell their surplus will also be happy to buy from you numerous decorative interior items that can be obtained during outings.

Money can be obtained by selling valuable items, or simply by buying tarkov roubles from professional services like Skycoach.

The service ensures the supply of the required amount by legal gaming methods and interacts only with trusted providers to ensure the safety of the player-client. All camouflage measures are being taken to prevent the game administration from interfering with the subject of the transaction and imposing gaming sanctions.

2. Buy and Sell Goods with NPC

Local NPCs are representatives of different factions who buy and sell certain types of goods.

Each interaction with them and the fulfillment of their orders increases the progress of their loyalty and the bonuses that you can receive from them.

It can be better prices for selling and buying items, special goods, or even strengthening your abilities, such as getting stronger wild characters.

3. One life in Escape from Tarkov

Your character is your main character, who, in the event of death, will lose everything that he had at that time in battle.

You just need to remember this and avoid fights unnecessarily.

You can always insure some equipment in Escape from Tarkov and not lose it even in case of death.

4. Function of Combat sorties

You will not be able to strengthen your hero while sitting on a military base, so you need to make sorties and along the way study the game map to know the area.

The fact is that there are no interfaces in Tarkov, and you have to navigate everything that happens in the world from improvised means – a paper map, for example.

This is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but it gives the game the entourage and atmosphere of playing for a special forces soldier who is located deep behind enemy lines and must be careful.

5. Special Characters – Wild

Special characters that can be found in the vast Escape from Tarkov, in addition to hostile PMCs. These are bandits who often roam in companies and attack representatives of private military campaigns. They are quite weak and do not have good equipment, but being in a large group can be a problem.

Try not to engage them in battle unnecessarily – there is practically no loot from them, and there is always a chance to get a stray bullet and die.

6. What is Raid in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov has its own raids – zones where you can get unique and high-quality equipment that is difficult to get in any other way.

To enter such zones, special passes are often needed – cards that can be found randomly anywhere in the game map.

7. Power up your Character with Safe Sortie

Tarkov has a trick on how to power up your character without risking them or the equipment you’ve got.

To do this, you can rent, or essentially play temporarily as a neutral character.

It is wild with a number of features:

  • He has bad, or rather disgusting equipment – rusty cartridges, an old gun.
  • Has neutrality with bandits and is unprofitable for killing enemy PMCs.
  • When dying, he loses only the things obtained during the sortie, without affecting the main character.
  • Can be improved by good relations with the merchant faction.

8. Avoid Jerking while Shooting and Wear Helmet

Remember that Tarkov is about a simulator and death by one bullet, especially without a good helmet, is a common thing.

Try to avoid jerking and running in open areas. Use cover and think over your moves before moving to a new point.

You can always look around the corner before moving on, and keep to objects that can become your refuge in case of a sudden entry into battle.

Such skills come with experience, but it’s better to start developing them right away, because Tarkov is not an arcade game like CS:GO – it’s a full-fledged military simulator with an emphasis on realism.

Control your shooting and the amount of ammo. You will never have enough ammo, so shoot single shots or bursts, constantly alternating between going in and out of cover.

You need to take the initiative over the enemy – see him, keep him in sight and roughly understand his every move. In no case, do not lose sight of him – it will end badly.

The jitters of the first fights will slowly wear off, especially when you can defeat multiple opponents in a fair fight simply by shooting more accurately and using strafe and cover-seeking techniques.

Don’t hesitate to grenade – a good throw and a dense fire will leave the enemy in his shelter forever.

Do not stay in one place yourself either – remember that a grenade can fly at any moment.

9. Medicines and Bandage after Fight

You should always have medicines with you for bandaging after the fight, or even during it.

The more wounds you receive, the more likely it is that you simply will not survive to the point of evacuation along the way, losing all the equipment you have obtained.

You will need bandages and first aid kits, fortunately they can be found on the game map in sufficient quantities, or simply bought from a nurse.


Just remember that a severe wound without dressing will not only deprive you of the ability to fight and move normally, but can also lead to a delayed death, and although you will emerge victorious from the battle, you will soon join your opponent in the next world.

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