Teen Time: How Exciting Weekend Activities Help Parents to Connect with their Teens?

Weekend Getaways For Teens

It’s no secret that teens may be challenging to win over, but teenagers are also quite passionate about the things they do, they just need a little encouragement to carry their interests. Since teens spend a large portion of their time online, which also affects their social life, it is good if you spend time with your teen during the weekend and try some parent-child bonding over their favorite activities. Here are a few little ideas that will help you connect with your teen without starting a screaming match.

5 Weekend Getaways For Teens

1. Visit a Theme Park

Planning a theme park excursion may be exciting and enjoyable for everyone, and teens may go go-karting or get completely soaked in the water park. There’s a chance that an amusement park offers other entertainment options, such as escape rooms and laser tag, so you two can do those together, too.

Tell your teenager to make advance plans and select the theme park they want to visit and where to eat because a trip to the theme park will take a full day. You can also get help from 2guyswithknives.com if you want to simplify things and not worry about hangry teens!

2. Try Sports or Built Things Together

Try Sports or Built Things Together

You can start teaching your kid how to play golf and see if they are into it, but don’t enroll your teen in a golf instruction course; just try to teach them yourself. Who knows, they may even like the indoor driving range and have some fun there with you, and for an added workout, take a nice walk around the entire golf course.

Some teens are into mechanical work and like to build things, and if that is the case, you can buy them equipment from BTH Sales and just build whatever they want to build!

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3. Visit a Historic Site

Every teen is interested in history, but they probably aren’t interested in the same period as you. So, ask them what they are particularly interested in, whether it is the Civil War or the Civil Rights Movement, and visit a relevant historic site. This type of outdoor activity can also be a learning experience for both of you.

4. Go to the Coolest Cafe

Go to the Coolest Cafe

Visiting amazing places to share on Instagram is the one thing most adolescents enjoy more than anything else, and the good news is that you have a wide range of options. There are several possibilities to make dining out a memorable experience, such as going to themed cafes, or to the latest cafe that opened in your neighborhood and looks so cool from the outside.

5. Have a Garage Sale

The benefits of holding a garage sale are numerous because your teen will be busy sorting through belongings and identifying items to sell for many days, and at the same time, you get to make some room in your house. Additionally, the items that get sold are not getting dumped in a landfill and affecting the environment, but they are going to a home where others will use them.


These teen-focused activities allow your teen to explore their interests, avoid boredom, and have fun with you. Some are more suited for outdoor activities, and others work well as family time that they may participate in with their younger siblings. While all of them are enjoyable, some of them also covertly impart knowledge that will improve your bond with your teen.

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