Love and Its Complications: 5 Stages of Love

You are the luckiest if you love and are loved selflessly. Life becomes worth living just because of the passion for true love. Every stage of love has its own charm.

Stages of love
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Emotions are a crucial part of the human brain. They are actually strong feelings a person derives from their circumstances, mood, or relationships. Colorful emotions, such as love and affection, impart to you a really colorful lifestyle. You must have experienced them yourself. There are different emotions a person might feel at various stages, but love, together with the following five stages of love, is distinctive among all others.

However, love is complicated as well!

What Does Love Seem Outward?

Phases of love
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You might have read fairy tales and seen fantasy TV shows or movies where two meet, fall in love, and live happily ever after. However, the reality is not the same. There do come bitter moments at times during this ever-sweetest journey. One may slip or grip one’s partner during these moments. It all depends on how wisely one passes through and tackles different stages of love.

Are There Really Different Stages of Love?

Love is essential for Life
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Yes, of course, there are several stages of love that lead to a happy ending. Different stages of love progress as you and your partner evolve. While, it is extremely sad to see, several couples do not get past the third stage and there relationship end in a wreckage. Rarely do couples reach the final step to find contentment and make their connection strong. You will be evaluate yourself once you know what are the five stages of love as illustrated below:

Overall Five Stages of Love

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According to Psychologists, the stages of love are cyclical. The couples who have reached the final stages will start all over again. Here is everything you need to know about the stages of love.

Stage 1: Honeymoon Stage; One of the Sweetest Stages of Love

This stage can also be called the merge. Couples at this stage often find themselves in heaven. Everything, including their compatibility, seems to be perfect. Their boundaries merge, and they think of nothing but their companion every time of the day.

At this point, both of them become fond of each other, and dating seems delightful and intriguing. Their heightened emotions provide them with the time of their lives.

However, this stage limits the rational part of a person’s brain. The release of excessive dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins leads to a state of infatuation. This state might make both the partners obsessed with each other. Therefore, obsession alongside addiction might cause both the companions to turn a blind eye towards red flags or other issues.

At this stage, couples should enjoy themselves all the while going slow on making big decisions just because they are “so in love.”

Stage 2: Question Mark; The Beginning of Facing the Bitter Side

At this stage of love, things begin to turn back to reality!

Doubts and denial take over the euphoric feelings caused by infatuation. Couples start to notice the differences between them. A quality previously seen as perfect may turn out to be annoying or irritating.

While the friction between couples increase, their biological responses may all change. A thought of withdrawal due to stress and anxiety might occur several times.

To make the relationship work, the couple shall respect and care for each other whilst facing problems head-on. They will have to acknowledge that arguments and power struggles are a bitter part of every relationship, but that does not necessarily mean that love is ending. They shall stick together despite all odds. Only in this way, they will be able to pass the next stage together.

Stage 3:  Disenchantment; One of the Most Difficult Stages of Love

This is the ‘make it or break it’ stage of love.

At this stage, the thought of a “perfect match” will turn into “chose the wrong person.” Doubts, arguments, and fights will also be at their peak, leaving some couples in a devastating situation. As reality always hits hard, the majority of the couples might distance themselves from each other. As a result, emotional distancing will make matters worse.

Due to escalating disagreements and disappointments, some couples may end their relationship here. At the same time, others may strive and thrive to improve their relationship.

To save their relationship from ending up in ashes, couples should practice patience to coexist.

Stage 4: Companionship; The Most Realistic Stage of the Love Journey

After the third stage, couples begin their journey towards eternal love.

Now that they have seen their partner’s true colors, both of them will love the real versions of their partner’s. They will understand that their partner is imperfect, and he/she can commit mistakes. Therefore, couples will have a more respectful and accepting attitude towards each other.

Aside from this, reaching stage four will teach couples how to forgive and move on. This will lead to fewer arguments and grudges against each other. By this time, couples will have got to experience the authentic version of love. The one that is not displayed in fairy tales.

Things will become better all in all. After surviving the slump, couples will have an optimistic approach to the future.

Stage 5: Soulmate Love; Going Back to the Original Stage of Love

This is the final stage of love.

After decades and decades of togetherness, the couple reaches the final stage of love and only finds the perfect confidant. With good compatibility and understanding, couples can accomplish their mutual goals alongside facilitating the community to make a difference.

However, the majority of couples do not get past the third stage, unfortunately. Reaching the last stage of love will help the partners become a power couple. Their strengths and weaknesses will complement each other well.

Different Types of Love

Different kinds of love
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We have thoroughly looked at the five stages of love. But, to understand the complexities of love, here is a brief yet comprehensive account of different types of love.

  • Agape, also known as altruistic love, is when a person shows selfless love to partners. It is called universal love in Christianity and loving-kindness in Buddhism.
  • Then comes the Eros. Its loving-kindness has an essence of passion and desire in it. Fairy tales usually evolve around Eros kind of love.
  • Mania is a similar type of love except for one thing; it is obsessive. Both the partners demand attention from each other and have a high degree of emotional attachment or dependence on each other.
  • Ludus, on the other hand, is a more casual form of love. It involves flings, flirting, etc. But, above all, it is risky.
  • On the contrary, Pragma is a more realistic type of love. Partners with pragma love share a mutually beneficial connection.
  • Whereas Storgma is a familial affection based on natural feelings of fondness. Partners in storgmic love emphasize building up companionship rather than giving themselves up passion completely.
  • Lastly, Philia is love without attraction. It is also known as “brotherly love”; it occurs between families and friends. In philia kind of love, both the people respect each other’s domains and, they share a unique bond with immense attachment but no physical love. If a person is emotionally attached to his/her mother, father, or any sibling, that is philia love.

Analysis of Different Types of Love

levels of love
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Out of all types of love, pragma, storgmic, and philia love seem to be more natural types of love while others can be seen in fantasy and fantasy only. Other types of love, e.g., Ludus and mania, may not last for a Long time, and with this type of love, partners may part their ways at stage three or four.


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To Conclude, love is a complicated emotion that often leaves humans tangled in their minds. Even to figure out whether or not one’s really in love is a lengthy process, let alone falling in love and passing every stage of love.

People who partner up to form a couple realize that ups and downs in a relationship are a part of the progression. If the couple has a more positive and optimistic thinking pattern, only then they will be able to grow together to reach the last stage and stay their forever.

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