12 Characteristics Of Real Love

real love

Does real love truly exist? Well, scientists seem to think so. In fact, there are definite characteristics of people who share these incredibly strong feelings for each other. Truly, a bond that never leads to a breakup!

People fall in love every day, but is it undeniable infatuation that we see? Well, obviously some of this love is actually lust or displaced friendship, and we usually learn over time to differentiate between them. Are you in a partnership worth dying for, or is it just a phase categorized by one of these other states of being? The only way to find out is by understanding real devotion and becoming aware of its traits.

What is Real Love?

real love
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Well, love comes in many forms. It can be love for your family, career, hobbies and it can be love for your hobbies and past times that you enjoy the most. It can be love for your memories as well. You can embark upon so many situations but not be in love with them.  . To “be” in love means to experience true and honest devotion. Love comprises of various emotions and factors. Here’s a breakdown for you.

What is Devotion in Accordance with Real Love?

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Over time, I’ve learned that devoted love is unconditionally based. This means, no matter what happens, this great feeling cannot be destroyed. Now, it is possible that such negative things happen that two people have to separate, but it doesn’t mean they’ve lost the love they once had.

It just means things must change despite this. Devotion and loyalty go beyond a chemical feeling we get with infatuation, and it goes past commitments to others. You will see what I meant shortly.

How to Recognize A Unique Bond of Real Love

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In able to know for sure that you’ve found true love, you must first understand the characteristics of this mindset. True love has many distinct traits that display how it operates. If you’re in love like this, you will know by the hints listed in these characteristics. Let’s see what kind of love you’re experiencing today by taking a glance at a few indicators.

It’s A Selfless Union

When honest and loyal love is around, there will be little selfishness. When you enter a union with someone that you love, you will give it you’re all. There will be no distance too far that you’re willing to go to make the other person happy. The magic part is your partner, if it is a great and powerful union, will be willing to do the same. Both of you will act in the best interest of the other with no suggestions. It will just come naturally.

Cannot stay angry

If you’ve found that every time you fight with your significant other, you just cannot stay mad, then this is what’s called true love. It’s a love that cares more about preserving the union than being right.

Although the arguments may be regular, your devotion is definitely more prevalent than any insults or disagreements. You see, unconditional love is just that, there are no conditions and this means making up after all sorts of negative situations and fights.

You Inspire Each Other

Think about those relationships where one person is striving to better themselves while the other one just lays around proud of staying the same person forever. Yeah, those are not real love relationships, and rather they are one-sided. With an amazing love affair, both parties are always working to better themselves and each other.

If one partner has a disability or deficiency, the other partner will go all heaps to inspire and encourage their partner to overcome that fiasco. I have seen people inspire their loved ones to get over the most drastic life struggles. For example, people gain weight over time and if one partner seems to be becoming fat over time, the other one will immediately notice and start guiding and inspiring their partner to be physically fit. I have really seen some people lose weight for the sake of their loved ones and even though it might seem like to be the hardest thing to do, true love makes miracles happen! 

If you’re in a devoted relationship, you will notice a desire to be nicer and more helpful because your partner may be acting in the same way. He will also take cues from your improvements as well. This will prompt a mutual and respectful desire towards betterment.

You Can Be Yourselves

In a relationship that revolves around lust, you usually hide your true self the whole time. But when in devotional love, after the initial infatuation, you start to “let your hair down”. In other words, you get comfortable with each other and see the whole truth about your personalities and characteristics. Now, this might sound kind of less-than-savory, but it proves that no matter what you look like or sound like on any given day, love will never fade.

It’s Just Natural

While some relationships feel forced at first, unconditional love will be a natural experience. There will be less worry or concern when you’re with someone who seems to be naturally yours. Your partner will also feel the same way. Every time you’re together, it will feel like the perfect union and the perfect day. Maybe it won’t be perfection from a storybook, but it will be closer than something that was pressured and persuaded by friends.

You’re Happy for Each Other

When you succeed, so does your partner. In a healthy relationship, each person will have goals and dreams of their own. However, you will celebrate each other’s successes together. When you enter into a union with another, you become one, especially in true romance.

Since this is the case, when one partner does something great in their life, the other one will be just as happy. Is this your relationship? Do you celebrate this great moment of your life when your partner succeeds?

Real Love Leads to Happiness

When you are truly in love with someone, you realize that happiness doesn’t come exclusively from this union. Both of you know that happiness is a state of being regardless if you are with someone or not.

The good news is, you can explore happiness together and share your different feelings about this emotion.  You can also both learn the ups and downs of happiness, and that sometimes it doesn’t look like what you thought as a child. You both know all these things when you’re trying to build a relationship.

Way to Communicate

Communication doesn’t come easy to everyone. In fact, those who think they are in love but fail to show other characteristics also have problems with communication. A feeling that isn’t true shows brazenly when two people are unable to communicate with each other about differences. In a situation of stress and anxiety, you will notice this when one partner always gets loud or leaves the room. This is a huge indicator that a couple is mismatched and neither of them can use words to express feelings in a healthy manner.

Family and Friends Come Around

Two people who aren’t really in love will often alienate their friends and loved ones from each other. With a love that never dies, this doesn’t happen. A real and loving relationship includes friends from both sides and plenty of time with family and at family functions. Often, in lustful connections, there is jealousy toward friends and sometimes family, but not with true love.

Change Comes Easier

I don’t care for change, and you might not like it either. But, when a unique type of love abounds, making changes is much easier. For instance, maybe you aren’t the best at expressing your feelings and your partner asks you to work on that. Well, if you have unconditional love, you will be able to change when it’s needed.

The same goes for your partner as well. Maybe you need more quality time with your partner, so with communication, changes can be made with this too. Change is good, especially when you can make these adjustments with someone who truly cares about you.

The World Seems Better

When you’re truly in love, no matter how bad the world gets, you still find ways to be excited about the future. That’s because you have someone important to share the ups and downs of life. You know that even if wars raged and sicknesses engulfed the globe, you would have each other to lean on. Undying love is like a bracer against the negative of life and strength to build on positive attributes of everything.

Never Bored

Two people who know they’re meant to be together will never grow bored. If you’re always excited to see your significant other, and never have enough to talk about, then you’re probably in a love that defies explanation. You can sit quietly and say nothing for hours and still have mad infatuation. You can run errands, clean rooms, and any old mundane thing while finding absolute joy in the experience. Nothing seems boring, and there’s always this glow within your relationship.

Being Inspired by Real Love

Love is essential for life
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These characteristics of an undying love can help you understand where you are with your own relationship. Maybe you already know it’s an infallible love, and maybe you’re trying to discover where your union is going. Here are a few memorable quotes that can also help you recognize what love and adoration truly look like.

“Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love”

-Mandy Hale

That’s right. Such a relationship cannot be pursued. It will usually land right in your lap when you least expect the experience.

“True love is selfless. It is prepared to sacrifice.”

-Sadhu Vaswani

Strong emotions that never fail are feelings that sacrifice what’s needed in order to make the union work. If it takes to change, so be it. Sometimes change is necessary in order to get the most out of your relationship.

“True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked.”

-Erich Segal

A solid relationship usually isn’t all that big and bold. There’s usually no spotlight shown on the devotion of this kind. It’s calm, soothing, and comfortable. It can leave you with peace beyond what you can understand. That’s just the way it operates.

“Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love”

-Billy Graham

A healthy home is a place where two people are happily united. Other kinds of feelings sometimes result in tumultuous and dysfunctional homes. Because of the inability to communicate and volatile fighting, love that isn’t true can disrupt your whole existence.

Are You Really in Love?

Real Love
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Although these indicators can help you understand the basics of what love looks and feels like, they aren’t all-inclusive. Love looks different from person to person. While these characteristics are good ways to gauge your own relationship, you should never base them 100% on what you feel is normal and healthy for you.

The truth is, there are many ways to calculate and analyze unconditional devotion to another. There are things, based on various personalities which may change the way you see textbook traits, and these ideas should always be included.

So, before you bet your life on what your relationship entails, take time to learn more about your partner and understand the custom-made traits of your own personal love affair. It takes time to find your soul mate.

True love is completely faithful and loyal. In true love, both partners are blind. Once, one partner starts to open their eyes, the other one is automatically induced to see what is actually going on. True love helps you find happiness in every single, even minuscule instances and moments of your life which, in reality, might not seem to be a Jubilee.

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