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Aye! Do you ever think about what it means to both of you when you hug someone? Yes, it means a lot. Right from their births throughout the rest of their lives, humans rely on the most effective form of physical touch: different types of hugs. Ever thought about how many hugs do you need a day? Perhaps more than what you can imagine.

Many among you never know what hugs mean to your loved one or to your other common mutual relationships. In fact, the importance of hugs has been universal for ages, as they are the signs of love, security, friendship, emotional support, romantic intimacy, etc. However, never think about how many hugs a day should be there. Instead, just make them a part of your daily lifestyle and get happier and healthier with every single touch.

What Makes All Types of Hugs So Important?

Remember, hugs are like therapy. You must embrace them no matter whatever hugs you get. When words fail to express your feelings, it is a sweet intimate hug that conveys your sentiments more effectively.

“I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words”

Ann Hood

Strong hugs always exchange a good amount of energy between the huggers. However, each type of hug is equally special as it expresses your emotions about others.

Besides, heart-felt hugs along with holding hands always help to reduce your anxiety and stress and improve your general mood and health as well. Hopefully, you yourself must have experienced a few nice hugs in your daily life.

Most probably, a deep emotional hug also impacts your married life and daily lifestyle if you frequently exchange it with your significant other.

Both of you will feel an enhanced level of intimacy after a warm hug of love and romance. You may just move on and test my claim right now if you two are together under a roof.

Hugs are intimate gestures that have been there throughout human history and won’t change in the future, either. If you are a female, do you know what does it mean when a guy hugs you first?

A hug is like a boomerang—you get it back right away”

Bil Keane

7 Types of Hugs and Their Meanings

To better understand various types of hugs and what they mean, I have had long talks with intimacy and relationship experts. The following is what I concluded from these discussions. There are actually seven common types of hugs, you should know, which speak a lot about your relationship with others. Also, there are different meanings of hugs guys and girls give on different occasions. Read on and try your best to often share the best hug ever!

The Side Hug

Also called the buddy hug, this is the most relaxed one of the lot. The hugging persons stand side by side with their opposite arms around either the waist or the shoulder of each other. When in good mood, you often hug your close friends and acquaintances this way. Not as romantic a hug as some others meant for couples or life partners, this is a very sweet hug. You often see people hugging each other in this style at the time of posing for a photo.

However, speaking of a girl, if a young boy hugs her this way, it never means that he is into her. Rather, it is a sign that he sees her just as a friend and she will have to go the extra mile to get his attention for something special.

The Long Hug

This is a pretty intimate hug, characteristic of a long-term relationship. The huggers want to tell that they miss each other a lot and they feel protected in each other’s arms. This great kind of hug is often for close friends whom you miss a lot. However, partners or couples also embrace each other in this way.

What do long hugs from guys mean? They show that they have strong mutual love and are happy to have each other.

If partners include some eye contact in this hug, they show that their love is deep as well. Consider yourself a lucky person if you get such a long hug from your partner, as it is not usual to hug all the people in this way.

It shows that you are also the best friend of your partner who can trust you in the hour of need or when life gets tough.

The London Bridge Hug

In this specific sort of hug, both the parties touch only the upper part of each other’s bodies. The lower parts remain far away in this polite or friendly hug. Most often, politicians, diplomats, acquaintances, and casual friends are seen hugging like this. Why do they do so, after all? I think this is just to keep themselves uptight towards each other. If you get such a hug from someone, be sure he/she does not love you so much and never likes to develop any deeper bond with you, either. So, I think this, a bit cold type of hug is not your cup of tea. Is it?

Around-the-Waist Hug

In this version of the hug, both the partners bring their respective waists completely aligned and rest their arms around each other’s waist. They often lean back in this position and look into each other’s eyes.

Unfortunately, if you have gone through a recent breakup, such a hot hug will go a long way towards getting over this mishap, establishing simultaneously a strong love bond with your new partner.

Showing a lot of love and affection, this intimate romantic hugs may provide an opening for the huggers to make the next move. It may even take them to a more joyful and playful sexual realm, depending upon the situation and occasion. It shows that they are comfortable and are enjoying every second being spent together. There is something special more than just a friendship between the two. However, this sort of hug may also indicate a passion of lust on the part of one or both of the parties.

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The Back Hug: One of the Most Common Types of Hugs Guys give

Indicating a romantic relationship or just an affectionate parent-child relationship, this surprise hug always gives the feeling of comfort, affection, and protection to the one being hugged. The hugger stands behind you and wraps his/her arms around your chest or torso. Though he/she is not before your eyes, you still enjoy the style and passion involved in this loving hug. It shows you that the other person, who may be one of your parents, elder siblings, best friends, or life partner, has deep feelings for you.  If it is your significant other, be sure that he/she loves you from the cores of your heart and misses you desperately when you are not around.

The Tight Bear Hug or The Squeeze Hug

This is the best hug, tight, reassuring, and worth a million words. It remains a constant part of your life right from early childhood till the end. First, you get this lovely hug from your parents and siblings quite often as one of the good morning hugs. Then your relatives and friends hug you in this way during your childhood and early teens.

Afterward, you get attached to someone special from the opposite gender and this platonic hug becomes one of the most comforting gestures for you on earth. You two squeeze each other and get utmost satiation, infatuation, and warmth.

This very passionate gesture of yours shows that you are head over heels in love for each other.

Also called the bear hug, it proves an embrace that gives the two huggers love, care, fondness, energy, protection, etc. Most couples and life partners execute this profound hug and relieve themselves of stress and anxiety as well.

The Straddle Hug: One of the Best Types of Hugs from a Woman

Straddle Hug: Best type of Hug

This is meant for those who are in deepest love for each other. Reserved only for the special ones, this hug is very intimate, often done in private, and also a sign of sexual tension. More than quite often, the female partner takes the initiative and gives this bold hug to the one she trusts blindly and completely. The moment she does so, she exposes her inner passions and feelings very openly. Also, this purely romantic and sexual hug shows that you and your partner have a fabulous spiritual as well as physical connection.

Here, I would say that this loving gesture is often seen between married couples, whether their wedlock is love-based or purely arranged.

Finally, What I Have to Say Overall about Different Types of Hugs

You express your strong affection and deep connection through different types of hugs. These build bridges among various relations such as parents, children, siblings, friends, lovers, partners, couples, etc. If there falls some misunderstanding regarding a relationship, a true hug releases all the tension between the huggers, as it is more priceless than words. Being finely nuanced, hugs of different types and the manner they are performed tell a lot about the nature of the relationship being shared between the two huggers.

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