A Selfish Husband Is A Real Nightmare

A Selfish Husband can be a really fiasco to deal in life and such people are a curse mark on all relationships. Please consider if you find any signs, take actions and save your relationship!


You heard it right! Having a self-centered man in your life is no less than a nightmare. Sometimes it feels like you are being crushed under the pressures of married life, and your spouse is least interested in helping you or sharing some of the pressures with you. A selfish husband thinks only about himself and his well-being. So, the meaning of his life starts and ends at him solely.

What if You Have a Selfish Husband?

Selfish Husband

A self-absorbed man thinks only about his happiness and is considered a douche-bag. His egoistic actions towards his wife mean nothing to him. Moreover, all he thinks about is his comfort and luxury. Does any of this sound conversant to you? If yes, then take a look at our article where we are going to discuss the signs that are exhibited by a selfish husband. If any of this sounds familiar, I think it’s time for you to take some action.

Six Signs That You Are Married to a Selfish Husband

Selfish Husband

1. A Selfish Husband Wants to be Dominant As Usual

Having a dominant and submissive behavior for sexual pleasure sounds interesting, but when the situation goes beyond bedroom pleasure, one must think about it. A self-obsessed and dominant man will make you feel useless and unworthy of every need and desire. At every point, he will make sure that things run according to him.

He will not pay attention to your needs and desires. Even if things are out of proportion because of him, he will still stand on his point. That’s more of a rigid behavior that you can expect from a selfish spouse. All these things will ultimately affect the mental health of his spouse, and that’s exactly what he wants his spouse to feel.

2. A Selfish Husband Will Take No Responsibility No Matter What

A selfish man will not take any sort of mental or financial responsibility. He will not take charge of his words and actions. And even if he agrees to any point that he’s been hurting you, he will make sure that you are the real reason behind all the selfishness. You are the main irritant who provokes him every time. One way or the other, it’s going to be your fault. Deep inside, your spouse knows that he’s been misbehaving with you, and he is wrong, but he’s a total narcissist.

3. A Selfish Husband Doesn’t Care About Your Needs in Bed

Another important sign is a selfish man who does not give a damn about your happiness and pleasure in bed. If you want him to cuddle or show some intimacy, he will show his selfish behavior by simply refusing. But when he’s interested, he will try pretty hard to sleep with you, and once the achievement is done, he will turn to the other slide and sleep—such a douchebag.

4. Not Interested in Your Interests

It’s completely normal if two beings have different interests and hobbies. It’s not much of a problem, but when it comes to marriage, things are different. A selfish man will have zero interest in you and your hobbies. He’s going to completely blind to certain things like he will have no clue what sort of color you like or what kind of cuisine is your favorite.

5. He Doesn’t Appreciate You

By appreciating one doesn’t mean that you start licking your spouse’s feet just because you have done great favors. Marriage is all about mutual understanding. A selfish husband is never going to appreciate the sacrifices or the efforts you have made just to make this marriage work.

6. He Doesn’t Respect Your Time

Every spouse has careers and me time, but still, to make a marriage work, both husband and wife must take out some time for each other from their busy schedules, but with such an arrogant plus selfish man, you cannot expect any sort of respect for your space and time.

Signs Your Selfish Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Every marriage has its ups and downs, but all couples work hard to make it work, and during this procedure, things eventually settle down. But certain men just don’t want to make it work and stop loving their life partners. Here are a few signs that show that your husband doesn’t love you anymore.

  • When a husband stops asking you about your life or your daily routine, it means he is no longer interested in you. Even if you keep on asking him about his work, friends, and family but he, on the other is least bothered to ask anything that concerns you; this means he doesn’t love you anymore.
  • When you are talking, and your husband completely zones out or engages himself with his mobile, it means that he’s no longer interested in knowing things related to you.
  • Many couples hug and give kisses to each other while sleeping or before heading for work. In some cases, they cuddle and show each other love while watching TV or while working. But when a husband stops loving you, he will withdraw all his love and attention.

9 Signs That Your Selfish Husband Doesn’t Respect You

Selfish Husband

We have already explained the various signs that are associated with a complete narcissist. 9 signs that tell that’s he’s no longer concerned about your self-respect are:

  1. A selfish husband refuses to listen to your concerns or needs.
  2. You have caught them cheating.
  3. They give you the mute treatment.
  4. You are no longer his priority.
  5. They intentionally hurt you and your feelings.
  6. Sexual intimacy is nowhere.
  7. Your boundaries are no longer his priority.
  8. He is no longer spending time with your family.
  9. Their habits are unsympathetic.

Reasons Your Selfish Husband Doesn’t Want to Have Sex as He Uses To

Other Things are a Priority

With time men are more interested in work or are more apprehensive with their kids. They come back from home after a long hectic day, and they either watch some TV or prefer some sleep. Usually, sleep is the main priority, and in all these, such men completely forget about having sex, and that’s also a reason when marriages stop working.

Suffering from the Disease Like Prostate Cancer

A selfish and egoistic man will not let himself down in any case. Even he is suffering from diseases like erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer: he will not let his spouse know about him. He will completely disengage himself from sex for obvious reasons and will put all the blame on his wife. This is exactly what he is good at!

How to Deal with a Selfish Husband

Selfish Husband

Discuss But Do not Complain

Yes, no matter how rude or angry your husband is, never complain. Accordingly, sit down, make a cup of tea, and try to talk about the situation. Try to explain your point of view in a much respectable way that no one gets hurt.

Look at the Positive Side

Out of all the bad habits, there must be one thing where your spouse gives you importance or priority. If there is one, it means things can still change, and you the potential to turn the tables. So, hang in there!

Laura Doyle, relationship expert and New York Times bestselling author, offers a cure for a self-centered husband – pretend he’s not selfish. “Nobody is selfish one hundred percent of the time, which means they are generous sometimes. Even if it is only one percent,” she says. Laura recommends you look for ways that your husband is thoughtful or giving. The evidence is there and just being overlooked. “Imagine it as a self-fulfilling prophecy,” she boldly states and hints that every husband actually wants to please his wife. Give this a try and start looking for positive or thoughtful interactions with your husband and see what manifests instead.

Let Him Take His Responsibility.

Sometimes without knowing or thinking, we take all the responsibility and forgets to give our spouse any chance to play their part too. Therefore sit down, show some resistance, and let your husband do their part.


You come first. You must take care of yourself, especially during the days when things are not perfect. If you kept on running after him, you will hurt yourself only. Things take time, and your health always comes first. So, don’t neglect yourself behind all the drama that is happening in your life.

Speak Up

Indeed, time waits for no one. When you feel things are getting out of control, and it is disturbing your home and your peace of mind, it’s time to speak up before things become worse. Moreover, you must ask what is bothering your spouse and why he is not paying any attention. Be firm yet soft in your words. Also, avoid aggression.

Identify the Main Root

What is the major cause of all this situation? This particular question and its answer will save marriage only. Dig a little deeper and find why your spouse is so inconsiderate. What made him act like this, or is there any other person who is behind all this?

The Final Call:

Consequently, if you think and feel that things are never going to change, and despite all the hard work, your selfish husband does not take interest in setting things rights, it’s time for action. If he is no longer willing to cooperate, leave him for his better, but if there’s still something that stops you from taking any action, think about it again.

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