Having a Gift Card Strategy Earns You Gift Card Success

Giving gifts is universal and has been there for ages. The new trend of presenting gift cards has given it a new charm worth your lifestyle.

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How often have you run across the problem of needing a gift immediately, for an occasion, and having no idea what to buy? You might scramble from store to store, or click through endless ads, looking for the absolute ‘perfect’ gift for your loved one’s special occasion, but nothing ever feels quite right regarding gift-giving.

The Art Of Giving Gifts Is Not That Easy

The possibility exists that you might make a purchase that seems to ‘fit’ his or her interests, and personality. But, when you actually give it, their response is polite but lackluster. It looks that you have spent and wasted endless hours of time. You don’t even have a prized gift to offer someone, for the effort expended. It’s enough to make a person give up on gift-giving altogether. However, you continue to give gifts, because you humanly wish to deeply convey to your loved ones, and cherished friends, just how much adoration and affection you feel for them.

Shifting Gears From Gift Giving To Gift Cards

Gift cards have been available in the marketplace since 1994. That’s nearly 30 years of gift card gift-giving. While they do, for the most part, appear to be an ideal gift, not all gift cards are created equal. Many of them have limitations that are well worth pointing out, as it is sometimes difficult to read all of the applicable fine print!

Many gift cards have expiration dates

This means the funds gifted to the recipient will disappear into thin air if they are not used within a certain time frame. Your card will never worth forever the amount you paid. Moreover, some cards have fees if you do not use them within a certain time limit. So, it is worthwhile to check with the card issuer before making an attempt to purchase something. You must check it for any expiration date or fees associated with the non-use of the card.

The recipient has to pay money

At times, it may happen that your gift card does not carry the cash required for a particular gift. So, its recipient may have to use some of his/her own money to meet the lacking. How much you may have to spend your own varies from store to store. Hence, be vigilant when you are about to use a card for a specific store to check whether or not the dollar amount will do for that store. Remember, never give someone a $20 card for the Apple store.

Some gift cards accumulate fees

You’ll be charged money for having money; otherwise, you will get no money.

Many have various limitations

The gift cardholder may be faced with blackout dates for using their funds, or card funds might also face ‘brand’ blackouts. Besides, some cards can only be used at specific stores which means your card may go wasted if there is not any branch of that store around.

Balances left on the card

If the gift receiver has a gift card, for example, for a restaurant they may not want to visit more than once, they will lose whatever value is left on the card, after their first visit. Also, no matter what the standard of the gift card is, it gives the impression of a rather thoughtless or lazy gift.

Purchasing the Right Gift Card to Earn Gift Giving Success

Take the pressure off yourself in finding not only the best, most desirable gift but also the best, most desirable gift card. A Visa gift card eliminates the fear of the ‘small print’ because millions of vendors and merchants accept it all around the globe. Though the cards themselves might have an expiration date, you can easily transfer the funds to a new card. This applies only if nobody has used the funds by that specific date. There are no worries about leaving balances behind at grocery stores, auto shops, hotels, and millions of other places. Choosing the Visa gift card allows every penny to go towards goods and services.

Did You Know? You Can Customize the Visa Gift Card

In the past, some people have complained that gift cards were too impersonal for them to give as gifts. Now, all of the naysayers can take note that customization of a Visa gift card is easy. Besides, it is also quick, and ultimately, priceless in the eyes of the gift recipient.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, but do you want it to be a thousand dollars? Load the gift card with your choice of monetary funding, and upload a special picture of you with the gift recipient, or a shared special event. This turns the gift card into an automatic keepsake that the recipient treasures and remembers.
  • Display the text you wish to convey. Are they having another 29th birthday? Perhaps they are celebrating their retirement or spending their anniversary with the one they’ve loved for years. It’s easy to pick just the right words for any occasion with a Visa gift card. Let the gift card do the talking for you.
  • Send a gift card tomorrow, next week, or immediately. The convenience of a Visa gift card is what holds it to a higher level. It rises above all other gifts, and gift cards. With a few clicks online, or over your phone, you can instantly send your good wishes to any worldwide destination. Remembering your cousin Sheila’s birthday, in Australia, or your nephew’s graduation in Depew doesn’t have to be met with panic. Now you can imagine gift-giving without panic.

Celebrating those Special Gift Giving Moments

You probably wouldn’t gift a pool toy to a person who doesn’t own a pool. You likely wouldn’t gift an Indian Cuisine gift card to someone who isn’t terribly fond of Indian food. However, you may present a gift card on Father’s Day, graduation, wedding anniversary, or just to say, ‘I miss you. The gift of a Visa gift card lets your loved one feel your appreciation. It also shows deep regard while giving them control over purchasing what is important to them.

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