How to Buy Fireworks For Your Upcoming Celebration

How to Buy Fireworks

With summer coming up soon, many people are starting to plan special events for the warmer time of the year, such as weddings, birthday parties, Fourth of July celebrations, and more. If you’re prepping for a memorable occasion over the coming months, you might be interested to buy fireworks to help make the party or other event even more special.

Top 5 Tips to Keep in Mind Before You Buy Fireworks

It helps to follow a few tips when you go shopping for these products.

1. Understand What You’re Hoping to Achieve with Your Display

Start by clarifying what you specifically hope to achieve from your fireworks display. While you of course want to create a great show, there may be more to it than that. For instance, you might want the display to last for a particular timeframe, or you might be more interested in the tone it sets at your event, how it ties into a theme, if it impresses your kids, or if it’s as memorable as possible.

The sooner you get clear on your goals for buying fireworks and how you envisage it will all play out, the sooner you can start shopping for options and know what to look for.

2. Know Your Budget


The next step is determining how much you feel comfortable spending on your fireworks display. Before you begin shopping, it’s wise to clarify how much you want to outlay so you don’t get carried away when looking at options and spending far too much.

Also, when you already have a budget decision, you can give salespeople in stores selling fireworks a guideline of how much you’re willing to spend. They can suggest the best fireworks to purchase to utilize your dollars most effectively. When shopping online, you can also use your budget as guidance and ensure your total cart doesn’t exceed your budgeted number.

3. Get Some Ideas and Info from Experts

Get Some Ideas and Info from Experts

Don’t be afraid to ask experts for information about fireworks and ideas on the best way to combine them to make a display, especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to buy fireworks before. Those who sell the products, or even make them, understand what’s available, good value for money, reliable, and safe.

Rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself, ask for some recommendations based on the type of display and length of show you’re aiming for. Salespeople can provide guidance about products that will provide the sound, color, height, sparkle, etc., that best suits your needs. They can also provide tips on how to use fireworks carefully, dos and don’ts to consider when lighting them, and more.

4. Know the Types of Fireworks You Can Choose Between

As you search online or in stores for fireworks, you’ll see a vast range of products to select from, which can be rather daunting. It helps, then, if you understand the main types of fireworks on offer. There are two main categories: aerial effect and ground effect fireworks.

Aerial effect products are the ones you’ll be most familiar with since they’re large, colorful, and shoot high into the air, often over 150 feet or so. These fireworks can propel effects from single mortar tubes or create impact through multiple tubes fused together. You’ll find Roman candles, aerial spinners, multi-shot cakes, reloadable artillery shell kits, parachutes, and repeaters in the aerial fireworks range. You’ll see on the labels that any of these aerial options typically warn that they “may shoot upwards” or “shoot flaming balls” and so on.

On the other hand, ground-effect fireworks are the ones that get lit on the ground and don’t shoot anything up into the sky. They can have warning labels like “emits showers of sparks” and feature products such as smoke balls, sparklers, snakes, pops, fountains, tanks, and snaps.

5. Store Fireworks Carefully

Another element to consider when buying fireworks is firework safety. On the top of the list is where and how you’ll store them. This is a vital factor since you must ensure that the hazardous items aren’t found or used by children or chewed on by pets or pests. If you’re buying fireworks months or weeks before you plan to let them off, keep them somewhere dry and potentially locked away for safety. Read product labels to see if there are any other particular guidelines you should follow when storing the fireworks, too.

Other considerations to keep top of mind are how you’ll dispose of fireworks after you’ve used them, how to keep pets and children and structures safe when lighting fireworks, and understanding the laws surrounding the consumer use of these products in your area.


If you educate yourself on fireworks and choose and operate them diligently, you’ll enjoy a better show that doesn’t risk anyone’s safety and makes the best use of your money.

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