Prevent Your Celebrations From Turning Into A Tragedy | Follow These Firework Safety & Security Measures

Prevention is better than cure!

firework safety tips

Firework Safety Tips! Why do you need them? Let’s elaborate.

The season of summer is an exciting time and can bring levels of fun that winter seasons simply cannot. The National Safety Association suggests participating in all the festivities during the summer for a great boost of confidence. This also includes attending public displays around the country to watch fireworks as they light up the night sky with dazzling colors.

While it might be tempting to try putting on your own show at home with fireworks which are legal throughout most states in America, it’s not a brilliant idea. Fireworks may be legal, but they aren’t completely safe. Especially when you’re doing something as dangerous as firing them off at home. With numerous burnable substances or people nearby.

Firework Safety Tips are Essential Due to Ever-Increasing Firework Hazards

Fortunately, In 2022 there are few cases of firework-related accidents. The number of cases stands between 85 to 100.

If we talk about history. Let’s say in 2017. We will see that almost 12,000 people suffered accidents related to fireworks. In 2017 even eight people lost their life due to these accidents.

Furthermore, fireworks are actually responsible for starting about 18,500 fires, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires, and 17,000 other flames.

Therefore, we should always keep the firework safety tips in mind. You must also remember that for an eco-friendly environment we should refrain from using fireworks.

Hazardous Outcomes of Fireworks are Obvious

Fireworks can lead to injuries and burns, so the best thing you can do for your family at home is not to use them.

The best thing to safeguard yourself is to visit a public fireworks display instead. It’s often legally prohibited in many areas to use them at home, so please double-check before lighting up anything!

8 Best Firework Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life

If fireworks are permitted in your area, keep these firework safety tips in mind:

1. Kids should never play with fireworks

Firework safety tips for kids

Firecrackers, rockets, and sparklers are far too dangerous for kids’ little hands. This is why we remind you to keep them away from your children.

Ensure they are kept in a safe place that is high enough to resist any attempts at reaching and grabbing such as under a mattress or near the oven.

Things like firecrackers can cross 1,800°F (982°C). However, if you decide to give kids sparklers as your grandparents may have been so fond of doing for you many years ago, make sure you keep them away from the face, clothing, hair, and eyes.

2. Ensure that it’s permissible to buy and use fireworks in your area

4rth of July firework safety tips need following as well. Legal fireworks come with a label of the manufacturer’s name, ingredients, and a list of preventive measures.

You should strictly avoid incendiary devices like fireworks festooned with metal filings and sparklers.

Metal filings fireworks cause over two-thirds of all injuries to children around the Fourth of July. You should also avoid other novelty items since these types of products are illegal in some states.

3. Never try to make your own fireworks

The consequences of making the wrong decision can potentially lead to severe injuries. Always use fireworks outside after letting people know the firework safety tips so that they too can join in on the fun.

Keep a bucket of water and a hose nearby just in case something terrible happens. Such as an accident or malfunction.

Steer clear of others who may be setting off fireworks, as accidents can happen at any given time due to careless behavior.

Never throw or point fireworks at someone, even as a joke. Because this can inflict some harm or even lead to death in worse scenarios.

4. Don’t carry fireworks in your hand

Please don’t attempt to hold a firework in your hand while lighting it, as it may explode and injure you.

Wear eye protection; be wary of using fireworks in dry weather conditions. And never put a firework in your pocket. Because friction can result in an explosion.

5. Keep the fireworks away from residential neighborhoods

While celebrating, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that each firework is away from homes and buildings. Ensure that the fireworks are out in nature, where they are not capable of inflicting irreparable damage or injuries.

6. Light a single firework at a time

You should light only one firework at a time and never tamper with one that didn’t go off. If a firework isn’t acting right, don’t light it again.

If your hands are too close to the explosion, you can lose sight of it which can be dangerous.

7. Dispose off the used fireworks

Make sure that you follow fireworks safety tips with all your heart because these tips ensure your safety.

Don’t allow children to touch fireworks after they’ve gone off. Instead, dunk all the unused fireworks in water before throwing them into dustbins for disposal.

8. Take care of your pets

Do not forget about firework safety tips for pets. Think about your furry friends. To assist in reducing some of the stress and noise, keep pets indoors. It will also help keep them safe. As it is illegal in many areas to let pets run loose on Independence Day for their own protection.

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Firework Safety Tips to Follow If any Damage Occurs

If fireworks hurt a kid, instantly head to a doctor or clinic.

1. If some eye damage happens

  • Try not to blink or rub the eye. Let the eyelids cleanse it.
  • Make sure that you use water on your eyes instantly.
  • Seek medical help right away.

2. If your kid is burned:

  • To relieve pain and reduce swelling, remove clothing from the burned area.
  • Head to the doctor as soon as possible.

Fireworks are implied to be relished, but you will appreciate them much more, following the firework safety tips.

How are Fireworks Dangerous?

Firework safety tips

Young children often carry sparklers during festivities, thinking they’re safe. However, despite their harmless appearance, these aren’t the type of toys you want your child to play with.

Fireworks burn at about 2,000 degrees and are heated enough to liquefy some metals.

A sparkler can quickly ignite clothing and even burn a child’s hands if they try taking it apart. In fact, kids have caused severe burns by dropping sparklers on their feet!

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, sparklers are the biggest firefighter concern during the celebration of the Fourth of July.

Sparklers alone account for more than 25% of firework injuries and make fireworks a leading cause of injuries each year in Fourth of July celebrations.


By using firework safety tips and safer alternatives such as glow sticks, confetti poppers, and colorful streamers, you not only lower your chances of getting hurt. But will also help protect anyone nearby who might be extra sensitive to loud noises or other unforeseen dangers of traditional firework displays.

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