Learn How to Be a Good Driver – 10 Things that Improve your Driving Skills

Good Driver

Driving is a difficult skill to master. In some cases, it can take years before a person can learn how to drive a car properly and navigate the vehicle on the road. There are a number of aspects of being a good driver other than learning how to drive. This article is a comprehensive guide about how to be a good driver. It tells you about most of the things you need to do to improve your driving that will help keep you as well as others safe.

How to Be A Good Driver And Improve Your Driving

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Most people reading this article probably know more or less how to drive. However, there are certain mistakes that most drivers make which make them inefficient drivers on the road. Here are a few things you can do to improve your driving.

Good Drivers Don’t Tailgate

Tailgating, in simple terms, means following a vehicle too closely on the road. This is very dangerous. If you tailgate, it increases the chances of a collision between you and the next vehicle. Furthermore, it stresses out the driver you’re tailgating. Following a vehicle too closely leaves you with less time to brake. That is why it is always important to leave at least one car’s distance between you and the car in front of you as well as you should learn and understand how to tackle tailgating.

Memorize and Learn all the Road Signs to Become a Better Driver

People don’t really put much attention into learning the road signs. They like to wing their way off the road. However, not knowing the road signs can become very stressful if not downright dangerous. Road signs tell you the road conditions as well as the weather conditions. In order to know what lies ahead on the road, you need to know the road signs. This will come in very handy during road constructions and snowy, foggy or rainy weather.

Don’t Forget to Adjust Your Mirrors Properly

No one learns how to adjust the mirrors on the car. This is another thing that people pick up as they drive over time. However, if you want to know how to be a good driver, you need to know this. Divers who know the proper way to adjust the mirrors are less stressed out on the road. The proper way to adjust the mirrors is to make sure you cannot see your car in the mirrors. Your view should not be blocked by your own car. You should be able to see the road and the cars behind you.

Don’t Bother Changing Lanes

One of the most common reasons for traffic delays is that drivers change lanes too often. In order to get ahead on the road changing lanes might seem like a good and fast option. However, there is considerable proof that shows you cannot gain much time by changing lanes. If anything it delays the flow of the traffic more. The time you again by changing lanes is minuscule to the disruption it causes. So it’s a good idea to stay in your lane and enjoy a good ride on the best driving roads.

Make Sure to Use Indicators for a Smoother Drive

A common mistake that most drivers on the road make is that they do not use indicators or use them too late. Indicators prepare other drivers on the road about your next move. This in turn helps them maneuver the traffic better. That is why it is very important to use indicators to tell other drivers in case you change lanes, pull-aside, or brake your car.

5 Tips for New Drivers That Make A Good Driver

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For new drivers, it can be very stressful to be on the road. However, if they keep in mind these few tips they can learn how to be a good driver very quickly.

1. New Drivers Should Learn the Proper Way to Hold the Steering Wheel

It is important to hold the steering wheel properly. But if you don’t take a proper driving course, no one will tell you what is the proper way to hold the steering wheel. The updated driving instructions tell new drivers to hold the wheel in an 8 to 4 position. This allows the airbag to come out easily in case of accidents. Also, make sure you’re not gripping the steering wheel too tight and blocking the airbags.

2. Never Drive Drowsy or Tired

This goes without saying but we still need to say it because despite common sense a lot of new drivers make this mistake. Never drive a vehicle if you feel tired or drowsy. Most drivers underestimate their own exhaustion. Even if you feel a little bit tired or drowsy pull the car aside and take a quick nap. Exhaustion leads to dulled senses which make people less alert on the road, putting them in danger. It also leads to micro-sleeping which can prove to be fatal.

3. Improve Your Driving And Avoid Potholes by Learning Where The Wheels Are

It is important for drivers to get the feel of their car. They need to know where the wheels are in order to avoid potholes on the road. You can do this by crushing and placing an empty plastic bottle on the ground and driving on it. You can also practice driving around and learning how to avoid the bottle. If you do it enough times you will gradually learn where the wheels are and use this knowledge during actual driving on uneven surfaces. It’s an excellent trick to learn how to be a good driver.

4. Prevent Aquaplaning by Drying Your Brakes After Driving Through A Puddle

Aquaplaning is when the car loses traction and goes out of control when you drive on wet roads or flooded areas. In order to prevent aquaplaning you need to dry your brakes quickly. You can do this by stepping on the gas pedal and pressing the brake a few times. Make sure to not increase speed when passing through a puddle of water. This will just make more water go into the engine.

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5. Keep An Eye on The Taller Vehicles for Better Road Situations– A Quick Tip on How to Be A Good Driver

A quick tip to navigate the road better is to keep an eye on taller vehicles, such as trucks. Drivers in trucks or other bigger vehicles can see the road situation clearly. So if you see a truck suddenly changing lanes or indicating anything, you should follow suit. Chances are, there are unexpected road situations ahead. This is a secret tip on how to be a good driver and be better prepared on the road. Why Defensive Driving is Always A Good Option

Why Defensive Driving Is Always A Good Option – All Skilled Drivers Drive Defensively

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Defensive driving is a skill that means relying solely on yourself on the road. It includes not expecting other drivers to do what they should. Because most drivers are bad drivers, with no regard to traffic laws or human lives. They are irresponsible. So when you employ defensive driving techniques you are more responsible, more alert, and more prepared for anything you might encounter on the road. Make sure that all distractions are out of the way when you’re driving. Pay full attention to the road and react appropriately to other users of the road. Defensive driving gives you peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to stay safe while driving.

How to Become A Professional Driver

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Once you have learned how to be a good driver it can open up a lot of new paths for you. For example, becoming a professional driver. It includes either becoming a pro race car driver, a cab driver, or a professional truck driver. In addition to knowing how to drive, you also need to have considerable experience being on the road. All the tips described in this article will help you navigate the roads and maneuver your vehicle better. To become a professional driver, you will need a Commercial Driver’s License. You can obtain it from legalized driving Centers after taking the required training course. Moreover, make sure you have a clean track record. This means no alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or another criminal record. Having no speeding ticket or other traffic law violations will work in your favor as well.

Teach Your Teens to Drive for The First Time And How to Be A Good Driver

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Teaching teens to become good drivers is a responsibility that falls on parents. It can be very daunting for parents to teach their kids to drive for the first time. Naturally, it can lead to a pretty stressful situation for both the parent and the child. To make this easy, here are a few tips that parents can use to teach their teens how to be good drivers.

Start with Learning About The Vehicle

The first step to teach your kids how to be a good driver is to let them learn about the vehicle itself. Give them the car manual and make sure they read it and are familiar with the car. Learning about the car means they know various functions of the car and have a general idea about how to perform them. For example, your teens need to know how to fill up fuel, change tires, the meaning of the dashboard signals and warnings, change oil, etc.

Basic Driving Skills are the Key for How to be a Good Driver

The second step includes teaching time basic driving skills. This consists of knowing how to drive, how to brake, shift gears, changing lanes, backing up, etc. Make sure your teen has a good grasp on these things and is able to control the car. While teaching them the basic driving skills, it is important that parents do not rush them or expect perfect responses. Teens driving for the first time will make mistakes and it is okay for them to make these mistakes under the supervision of a driving coach. The key here is to teach them how to avoid mistakes and be a better driver.

Parking Lessons Make or Break the Driving Experience

Oftentimes, teens know how to drive and have a good grasp on the vehicle, however, they do not know how to park. Parking is an essential aspect of driving lessons and parents should pay special attention to it. Make sure new drivers know how to parallel park, side Park, 90° angle park, etc.

Instil Responsible Road Behavior in Them that Marks A Good Driver

Knowing about the car and the basic driving skills are not the only thing that makes a good driver. One of the most important things on the list of how to be a good driver is responsible Road behavior. This means teen drivers pay attention to the road, avoid distractions, such as cellphones and refrain from rude behavior to other drivers. Parents should train their teens to be a safe driver. Also, tell them the importance of good driving ethics and respect for other users of the road.

Wait Before Teaching Them Advanced Driving Skills

It is not a good idea to let teens drive in bad weather conditions or at night. These conditions are really dangerous even for skilled drivers. So make sure to wait a considerable time before you teach advanced driving skills to your teens. A good time is after they have master all the rest of the driving techniques. Doing this will prevent any dangerous accident from happening.

In conclusion, there are a lot of things that go into making a good driver. It is never too late to improve your driving skills and learn how to be a good driver. By doing this, you’re not only saving yourself but also the lives of other drivers, as well as pedestrians on the road.

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