Large SUVs With Best Gas Mileage in 2024

Large SUVs can offer good gas mileage, with some models achieving up to 24 MPG, making them a good option for drivers who need the space and utility of a large SUV without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

Large SUV with best Gas Mileage

Large SUVs offer fuel efficiency as compared to smaller vehicles because of the size and weight! With the advancements in technology, there are many large SUVs with best gas mileage on the market. If you’re looking to upgrade your car or want to get a new car for your family, a large SUV is a great choice. However, large SUVs use a lot of fuel and upgrading to an SUV isn’t always the best idea.

Top 17 Large SUVs with the Best Gas Mileage

Fortunately, there are many large SUVs with best mileage on the market. Also, SUVs are now more popular than ever and companies are making newer models that are coming in hybrid and even electric modes to help save fuel.

Let’s explore the top 17 large SUVs with best gas mileage:

SUV Mileage city/hwy Engine Power (HP) Cost ($)
Chevrolet Tahoe21/28277$56,095-$76,795
BMW X521/25355$62,595
Chevrolet Suburban21/27420$50,059
Hyundai Palisade19/27291$35,900
GMC Yukon16/20420$60,000
BMW X721/25630$77,850
Cadillac XT621/27237$48,800
Toyota Sequoia21/24437$58,300
Audi SQ714/20500$91,394
Buick Enclave18/26310$40,000
Range Rover16/21523$83,000
Lincoln Navigator16/22440$84,700
Ford Expedition17/22380$59,000
Lexus LX17/22409$92,160-$132,250
Jeep Wagoneer14/20420$58,995
Nissan Armada14/19400$52,595
Toyota Land Cruise22/25409$55,000

1. Chevrolet Tahoe: Advance Full Size SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (1)

If you want an advance full size SUV with best gas mileage, Chevrolet should be your go-to manufacturer. They make cars with powerful engines and the Chevrolet Tahoe comes with a comfortable interior as well. It also has amazing gas mileage for its size and can be just the SUV you’re looking for.

It has an average fuel economy of 24 MPG and it’s clearly one of the large SUVs with best gas mileage in the market. However, if you’re looking at fuel economy only, avoid buying anything other than the 3.0 liter variant. Despite the size, its engine still delivers an impressive 277 HP.

You can buy the base variant of the Chevrolet Tahoe for around $50,000-$60,000. If you consider the features and overall fuel efficiency, this price tag isn’t too bad.

Gas Mileage24 MPG
Engine Power277 HP

2. BMW X5: Stylish and Fuel Efficient SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (2)

BMW SUVs aren’t really sold as fuel efficient vehicles, but we’ll have to make an exception for the X5. This stylish SUV has everything you’ll need to travel with power and luxury. With an average mileage of 23 MPG, it rivals the most economical of large SUVs.

It’s a 5-seater with 3-trim levels and a powerful engine to match. What strikes out about this vehicle is its luxurious interior and modern fittings. With features like pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, a panoramic moonroof and a hands-free trunk, there’s nothing left to desire in this vehicle.

Like all BMWs, its engine power is respectable at 335 HP.

Starting at close to $62,595, it’s priced at the higher end of the luxury SUV market.

Gas Mileage23 MPG
Engine Power355 HP

Fact: BMW achieved remarkable sales figures, selling 82,372 units of the X5, outpacing the X3 by over 20,000 units. These sales numbers make it the top-selling BMW model in the United States.

3. Chevrolet Suburban: Large Family SUV

large suv with best gas mileage (3)

The Chevrolet Suburban is ranked 3rd one our list of large family SUV with best gas mileage. This SUV comes up with great engine power. It has a high reliability rating and an unmatched comfortable interior. Chevrolet Suburban’s combined gas mileage is 23 MPG which is better than most other large SUVs.

The base engine is a 420-hp 6.2-liter V-8, but you can opt for the diesel 3.0-liter six-cylinder, which delivers 277 horsepower and matches the V-8 with 460 pound-feet of torque. Additionally, you can add adaptive dampers and a customizable air suspension to the Suburban for enhanced performance.

The Chevrolet Suburban also has good resale value and is one of the most popular mom cars. However, the reliability rating of the 2023 Suburban is average at 78/100, according to J.D. Power.

Gas Mileage23 MPG (21mpg in city and 27mpg on Highway)
Engine Power420 HP (Horse Power)

4. Hybrid SUV: Hyundai Palisade

large SUV with best gas mileage (4)

Hyundai is mainly known for their smaller hybrid SUVs, but they have recently released some good large SUVs with best gas mileage. The 2023 Hyundai Palisade is one of the newer large SUVs. Like all new Hyundai vehicles, it doesn’t burn a lot of gas and boasts a mileage of 22 MPG.

Hyundai’s Palisade SUV follows the brand’s geographic naming tradition. Specifically referencing the affluent Pacific Palisades neighborhood in Los Angeles, it aims to evoke the area’s opulence, adorned with mid-century modern and Spanish Colonial Revival homes, distinct from the New Jersey Palisades.

The Hyundai Palisade sets itself apart in the crowded crossover market with thoughtful design, seamlessly blending bold and subdued elements for a unique yet balanced appearance.

Its powerhouse performance, boasting 291 horsepower and excellent fuel economy with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, outshines competitors demanding premium fuels. The intelligent safety features, including pedestrian detection, lane departure warning, and six airbags, make it a remarkably secure investment.

Notably, the Palisade’s affordability, starting at $35,900, underscores Hyundai’s commitment to providing high-quality vehicles without breaking the bank, making it an accessible choice for a wide range of customers.

Gas Mileage22 MPG
Engine Power291 HP

5. Full-Size SUV: GMC Yukon

large SUV with best gas mileage (5)

While GMC struggles to compete with other auto giants in sedans and smaller vehicles, they have a reputation for producing some of the best SUVs in the market. The 2023 Yukon is GMCs flagship large SUV and one of the most successful models available.

Its engine delivers an impressive 420 HP of power, making it an attractive option.

With a comfortable interior, large engine and an average fuel rating of 18 MPG, it’s one of the most fuel efficient large SUVs you can get. The price range from $59,295$99,195 depending on the variant and trim. it’s one of the most affordable luxury large vehicles.

Gas Mileage18 MPG (16mpg in city/20mpg on highway)
Engine Power420 HP

6. 2023 BMW X7: Large Luxury SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (6)

BMW has produced many popular SUVs in recent years. The X7 is one of their recent releases and it’s clear that they have worked on improving the gas mileage of their SUVs. This large SUV has a commendable fuel efficiency of 22 MPG on average, which rivals many non-luxury brands.

The 2023 X7 is one of the more powerful large SUVs with a 630 HP engine. However, it’s still a BMW and you’ll have to consider the price tag when buying this option.

Gas Mileage22 MPG (21mpg in city / 25 on highway)
Engine Power630 HP

7. Cadillac XT6: Family-Oriented Three-Row Luxury SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (7)

If you’re looking for a luxury large SUV that has quality, the 2023 Cadillac XT6 is a smart choice. Many Cadillac cars are known to be fuel guzzlers, but the XT6 isn’t one of them. With 23 MPG gas mileage, and an affordable price tag, there’s no reason not to consider this option.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have great off-road capabilities, but it’s decent enough considering its 2.0 liter 237 HP engine.

Gas Mileage23 MPG (21mpg in city / 27mpg on highway)
Engine Power237 HP

8. Three Row SUV: Toyota Sequoia

large SUV with best gas mileage (8)

Toyota Sequoia ranks 8th at our list of large SUV with best gas mileage (22 MPG). This SUV is also known as three-row SUV or 7 passenger SUV because of the seating capacity. It has a comfortable interior and powerful 437 HP engine that makes it perfect if you love off-roading. And, if you value reliability, you’ll love to know that this is one of the most popular SUVs of the 2000s.

The fuel economy isn’t too bad either and the mileage is and it outperforms many other off-road vehicles. Now, let’s consider the price. The Sequoia sells for around $60,000 which makes it one of the most affordable options for you.

This is why we rate it as one of the most reliable SUVs in the market.

Gas Mileage22 MPG
Engine Power437 HP

9. Audi SQ7: Best Three-Row Luxury SUVs

large SUV with best gas mileage (9)

Audi has recently become a top player in the luxury SUV market and their 2023 SQ7 variant is gaining popularity for its amazing fuel economy. This variant has a gas mileage of 17 MPG, which is perfect if you’re looking to save at the pump.

However, it’s slightly more expensive than many other options on this list, which is justified by the amazing tech features, luxury interior, 500 HP engine and high resale value.

Gas Mileage17 MPG (14mpg in city / 20mpg on highway)
Engine Power500 HP

10. Crossover SUV: Buick Enclave

large SUV with best gas mileage (10)

Buick has made a name for itself in the SUV market and the 2021 Buick Enclave is a testament to this fact. This powerful large crossover SUV has an average fuel economy of 21 MPG and it won’t be heavy on your wallet at the pump.

The 3.6 liter engine size is also decent and powerful for its class. It can generate up to 310 hp which is on par with many of the more popular large SUV variants. You’ll also love the sleek design and modern features of this advanced SUV.

To add to its value, it’s rated by Forbes in the list of the best large three-row SUVs.

Gas Mileage21 MPG (18 mpg in city / 26 mpg on highway)
Engine Power310 HP

11. Range Rover 2023: Hybrid and Luxury SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (11)

With a Twin-Turbo engine and a reputation as “the brand” when it comes to luxury vehicles, the Range Rover 2023 is everything a car enthusiast desires. It has amazing off-road capabilities, unparalleled luxury features and 7-seater capacity.

Since it’s one of the largest hybrids out there, the MPG is pretty impressive, despite its engine size. It offers 16 mpg in city and 21 mpg on the highway, which is pretty good for a 7-seater turbo 523 HP V8 engine!

I’m sure the first thing that popped in your mind when you heard “Range Rover” was price, and that’s true. To get your hands on this beauty, you’ll need at least $83,000!

Gas Mileage18 MPG
Engine Power523 HP

12. Lincoln Navigator: Luxury Full Size SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (12)

If you’re looking for a luxury full-size SUV with good fuel efficiency, the Lincoln Navigator deserves a look. It’s designed for luxury and has one of the most comfortable interiors of modern SUVs. You’ll also love the modern intuitive infotainment system with the latest digital features.

With a fuel economy of 19 MPG on average in a 420 HP engine, the 2022 Lincoln Navigator definitely deserves a place in our list of the best fuel economy SUVs.

Gas Mileage19 MPG (17mpg in city / 23mpg on highway)
Engine Power420 HP

13. 2022 Ford Expedition: Full-Size SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (13)

If you’re a Ford fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that Ford has also released a large SUV with decent fuel economy in the Ford Expedition. This vehicle has impressive power with twin turbocharged engines which makes it ideal for off-road terrain.

The 2022 Ford Expedition also has a mileage of 19 MPG. This may be less than some SUVs, but is ideal if you look at its engine power of 380 HP. This vehicle has also won several awards for its reliability, and was one of the best 90s cars.

Gas Mileage19 MPG (17mpg in city/23mpg on the highway)
Engine Power380 HP

14. Lexus LX 2023: Luxury SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (14)

Lexus SUVs are known for their luxurious features and quality parts. However, they aren’t really known for their fuel efficiency. Fortunately, unlike other large Lexus SUVs, the 2023 Lexus LX has a decent fuel average at 19 MPG with a 409 HP engine.

While it’s less than some of the other competitors on this list, you have to factor in the brand value when making a choice.

Gas Mileage19 MPG (17mpg in city / 22mpg on highway)
Engine Power409 HP

15. Jeep Wagoneer: Three-Row SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (15)

Jeep is known for producing large, powerful off-road vehicles, but many have poor fuel efficiency. Fortunately, the 2022 Jeep Wagoneer is completely different. With the same off-roading capabilities and engine powder that makes other Jeep vehicles famous, it also has amazing fuel economy.

For an engine with 420 horsepower, the fuel efficiency of 17 MPG is really amazing. It’s also rated 4th in the list of SUVs with highest resale value, so you don’t have to worry about losing money with this.

If you’re looking for the best family cars, the Jeep Wagoneer may just fit your preferences.

Gas Mileage17 MPG (14mpg in city/20mpg on highway)
Engine Power420 hp

16. 2022 Nissan Armada: Safest Large SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (16)

The 2022 Nissan Armada is one of the safest large SUVs. It’s known for its large, powerful engine and reliability, making it perfect for someone learning how to drive a large vehicle. It doesn’t have the best fuel efficiency, but it’s still decent at 16 MPG.

However, the engine has 400 horsepower and it’s a true beast when traveling on difficult roads and steep slopes.

Gas Mileage16 MPG (14mpg in city / 19mpg on highway)
Engine Power400 HP

17. 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser: Full-Size SUV

large SUV with best gas mileage (17)

We can’t leave out the 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser in any list of large SUVs! Its powerful engine, build quality and off-road abilities make it a must buy if you’re an SUV enthusiast.

However the fuel efficiency averages at around 15 MPG, which is less than many of the vehicles on this list. But if you love the powerful 409 HP engine with great 4 -wheeling capability, it’s worth a shot!

Gas Mileage15 MPG (13mpg in city / 17mpg on highway)
Engine Power409 HP

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for the best large SUV gas mileage, any of the options on this list will do. When choosing the best option, always look at quality, special features and resale value before making a choice.

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