Most Common Tricks To Manage Home Cooling Costs

summer energy saving tips

As any homeowner will tell you, summer time utility costs can easily become unmanageable in the absence of the proper precautions. Without even realizing it, many of us consistently engage in behaviors that drive up home cooling costs and leave large holes in our finances. If you are a part of this fraternity, then you will definitely benefit from our hand picked summer energy saving tips and save money.

Top 4 Summer Energy Saving Tips

There is no time like the present to take stock of your preferred home cooling habits, if you are currently contending with exorbitant utility bills. As you’ll find, the following behaviors can massively contribute to reign in out-of-control utility bills.

1. Do Not Let Your AC Run Constantly

While putting your AC system through its paces may seem like the perfect way to provide your household with 24/7 cooling. It is liable to do quite a number on your finances. Furthermore, the more you run your AC ragged. The more likely it is to require pricey maintenance and repairs and the shorter its lifespan may ultimately be. So, for the sake of your air conditioning system and financial well-being, limit AC use to when you truly need it. For example, why crank up the air conditioning on a day where turning on a fan or opening some windows would prove just as effective? Additionally, you should abstain from leaving the AC on when you’re not home – unless, of course, you have pets.

2. Utilize Ceiling Fans Properly

Perhaps the most underrated summer energy saving tip is the properly utilizing ceiling fans. So, if your current fans are in need of an upgrade or your residence lacks them altogether, take care to remedy this in a timely manner. Ceiling fans can effectively complement air conditioning by efficiently circulating the cool air it produces throughout the entire home. Even without the assistance of AC, ceiling fans can produce downward-flowing cool breezes when their blades are adjusted to rotate counterclockwise. Furthermore, if the temperatures in your area tend to drop overnight. Opening some windows once the sun goes down and having your ceiling fans circulate the cool air from outside can help ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Regardless of how selective you are, you shouldn’t have trouble finding ceiling fans that are perfectly suited to both your home’s décor and your individual cooling needs. For example, if you have a fair amount of space to work with, consider purchasing large ceiling fans with a variety of convenient settings.

3. Address Roof Damage

The longer roof damage is allowed to linger, the more it’s likely to cost you in the long run. Holes, warping and other forms of damage that go unaddressed for long periods can compromise a roof’s structural integrity. Thereby, placing your family’s safety at risk. As such, it’s imperative that you have your home’s roof professionally inspected at least twice a year. Ideally, once in the spring and once in the fall.

If you live in an area known for harsh winters, springtime roof inspections are particularly important. As they ensure that you’re able to assess any problems facilitated by snow, ice and general cold. Furthermore, certain forms of roof damage – like holes – stand to actively hinder your home cooling efforts. Even relatively small holes can provide cool air with a means of escape and warm air with a means of entrance.

4. Replace Unreliable Windows

Regardless of whether they’re opened or closed, standard single-paned windows aren’t always conducive to cool air retention. Since it’s fairly easy for air to escape – and enter – through these windows. There is a good chance that single-paned windows bear some measure of responsibility for your high utility bills.

With this in mind, consider making the switch to energy-efficient windows. Their multiple panes effectively minimize how much cool air is able to escape and how much warm air is able to enter. Although energy-efficient windows tend to have higher upfront costs, the savings they help facilitate make them a cost-effective purchase.


Few things can take the enjoyment out of summer time as much as exorbitant utility bills. Despite having ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, travel excursions and other types of summer fun. You’re liable to feel frustrated and financially burdened by high cooling costs all season long.

If you’re determined to get through the summer without putting a hole in your finances. You’d do well to examine your household’s preferred methods of staying cool and implement these summer energy saving tips. You’re likely to find that certain behaviors on the part of you and your family are largely to blame for your cooling woes.

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