How to Encourage your Employees to Maintain a Healthy and Engaged Relationship with their Job

How to motivate employees

A healthy relationship with their job is crucial not only for your employees’ physical and mental well-being but for maintaining a positive working environment. This helps the employees to stay engaged and motivated throughout the day, boosting productivity and making it easier for them to stay focused.

4 Ways to Motivate Employees to Maintain Healthy Relationship with Work

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Wondering how to motivate employees to maintain a healthy, engaged relationship with their jobs? There are a number of ways to do so, including getting to know your employees, listening to their ideas, and offering a range of employee benefits to boost their motivation and help them to take a positive view of work.

Here are four of the best ways to make sure your employees are happy and focused on their jobs.

1. Getting to Know your Employees

When you talk to an employee, keep in mind that they have a life outside of work, and get to know them as a person. Finding out more about who they are is a great way to improve their relationship with their job, as they’ll realize you value them as an individual. This helps them to develop a positive perception of work and to enjoy their job, which encourages them to stay motivated.

You don’t have to get into an in-depth conversation with each of your employees in order to get to know them. Instead, take a few minutes to chat with them at the start of the workday – for example, by asking how their weekend was.

2. Listen to Their Ideas

When your business is working on a new project, ask your employees for their ideas. Not only will this help them to feel that you value their opinions, but it’s a great way for you to get a fresh perspective on various elements of your business. It also means that employees will feel more confident in putting forward their views and making suggestions.

3. Offer Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an effective way to let employees know that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. Benefits can include various types of insurance, such as group life insurance or income protection. If you’re thinking about offering these types of benefits, it’s a good idea to look into employee benefits insurance.

You could also consider other employee benefits, such as retention bonuses and pay rises. There’s also the option to offer non-monetary benefits, such as extra days of holiday or early finishing times on certain days. This can contribute to a good work-life balance, which is an important factor in your employees having a healthy relationship with their jobs.

4. Encourage Them to Voice Suggestions

If employees have any thoughts on changes that could be made to the workplace, encourage them to express their views and take what they say into consideration. This contributes to a positive environment at work, which is great when it comes to encouraging employees to maintain a healthy, engaged relationship with their job.


If they have a positive impression of the workplace, they’ll look forward to coming in each day and are likely to be more motivated and productive at work. This also helps to prove to your employees that you are prepared to listen to them and that their ideas will be taken seriously.

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