Respect Your Parents The Way It Meant To Be

Parents are the shadow of God on the earth. Give them their due respect for your here and hereafter and be contented.

respect your parents

God loves humans so much that He created parents for us and filled them with immense love to bring up their children with care and affection. And, out of this built-in love, almost all the parents struggle vigorously to fulfill their liabilities towards children. They never feel tired or tedious in this regard. Also, throughout your life, you interact with your parents the most. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain an all-time good relationship with them. Giving them their due respect morally and serving them cordially is what you literally owe to them. Hence, respect your parents from your cores and stay blessed evermore.

“The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day.” 


This piece of writing will elaborate on the real respect towards parents, its importance, and some effective ways children can reflect it through to make their parents feel preciousness they deserve. Come, let’s move on.

What Does It Mean To Truly Respect Your Parents?

Respect Your Parents

Respecting your parents means having feelings of deep admiration for them. It also means to have good wishes for them. However, this matchless valuable relationship demands expression in terms of action. In fact, all of your acts, body language, behavior, and attitude towards your parents should show deep respect.

In short, you need to prove your love and respect for your parents through practical steps. We have also discussed some of them in the second part of this article.

Why Is It Direly Important To Respect Your Parents?

respect your parents

To be honest, there is no room for the word ‘why’ in this question. You should respect your parents simply because they are your parents and they deserve it the most.

“First your parents, they give you your life, but then they try to give you their life.”

 Chuck Palahniuk

However, you can name countless reasons to show respect towards your parents. Here are a few of them.

1. They always love you

Parents love you unconditionally. Everyone else might love you for certain qualities you have. Also, people might love you for their own motives. Conversely, parents are the only ones who love you simply for your sake even if you get disobedient and rude to them.

Furthermore, their love is forever. No matter how old you grow or how far you go, their love is neverending.

2. They take care of you at all times

There was a time when you were an unnoticeable little ball of cells. Right from that day, your parents are taking care of you. Your mother left everything that was obnoxious for you even if it was her favorite. Your father left no stone unturned in providing you with all the necessities of life. Further, they sacrificed their sleep, peace, and social life in order to facilitate you.

They keep on dealing with you in the same polite way, though you may get obstinate at times and start behaving disrespectfully.

3. They are the reason why you are in this world

Your parents are the source of your birth. Your mother let you grow inside her and endured the tough phase of pregnancy. She then delivered you by risking the depths of her own life. To add on, she spent many sleepless nights changing your diapers and feeding you.

“When you look into your mother’s eyes, you know that is the purest love you can find on this earth.” – Mitch Albom

In short, you owe your existence and survival to them.

4. It is a duty assigned by God to respect your parents at all times

Every religion preaches to do good to parents. God has ordered you to show respect and love to your parents even if they are not following your religion. Moreover, disrespecting and neglecting your parents is an eminent sin.

5. Showing respect means acknowledgement

There are many ways to acknowledge the services of your parents. But, respecting them stays on the top of the list. If you respect your parents, it means that you are truly grateful for everything they did for you.

6. Respect and be respected

If you are respectful towards your parents today, your children will respect you tomorrow. This is because kindness is always rewarded. Moreover, children do what they observe. So, if they witness you being humble and respectful towards your parents, they will reciprocate.

This is How you can Respect your Parents

Treat your parents well

An expression is mandatory for any kind of relationship to sustain. You express your love for your friends, spouse, and siblings. But what should be the possible forms of expressing your feelings towards your parents?

We are going to share some ways for you to convey your love and emotions to your parents.

1. Always behave positively to ensure your parents’ respect

It often happens that you almost ignore the goodness around you and focus on the dark side only. However, this should not be the case. While treating your parents, you should always recall their kind behavior and neglect if they wronged you some time.

2. Differ politely

It is quite possible that you and your parents might not be on the same page. In such cases, when you happen to be with seniors living conflicts arise. But, remember to stay calm and poised. Moreover, instead of arguing, have a discussion in a very polite manner. Present your point of view respectfully and listen to theirs.

3. Let bygones be bygones

There could be certain times that your parents yell at you or abuse you. But, keep in mind that they never wish anything ill for you. So, neglect those harsh memories and always remember the good ones.

4. Spend time with them

Nowadays, children and young adults mostly love to spend time with their peers. They do not realize that their parents also need them. So, you are supposed to keep a fine balance between the two attachments. Schedule your day in such a way that you must spend some reasonable time with your parents. Do plan some healthy activities for assisted living as well. They really need you!

5. Console them

If they are angry or upset about something untoward, try to pacify them. Tolerate their bad mood even if you are not the reason for it being so. Do not say any bad words or give any bad expressions. Remember, your parents are your only paradise on earth.

6. Don’t use gadgets in their presence

It is the world of science and technology, and the use of mobile phones and laptops is very common. However, if your parents are around, you must put the gadgets down and attend to them duly. It will make them feel glad and precious.

7. Seek their advice

They are wise and always wish the best for you. So, ask for their opinion and guidance. They will realize that you value and respect them as well as their suggestions.

8. Respect your parents, their friends and relatives

Show interest in your aunts, uncles, and your parents’ friends. Never pass negative comments about them, but always treat them with love and kindness.

9. Appreciate them in person as well as in public

Parents are your real heroes. They deserve appreciation for all they did for you. Not only should you praise them personally, but also show your gratitude for them in front of others.

10. Take care of their needs

When you were a child, they took care of all of your physical as well as emotional needs. Now, it is your turn to take their responsibility. Try your best to pay back the way it can make them most satisfied and elevate you in the eyes of the Almighty.

The Final Wording

Your parents are the ones who deserve the most from you. Always treat them kind-heartedly as they did to you throughout. It will bring the sweetest fruit to your life. Let’s make the first move before its too late.

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