Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements | A Comprehensive Guide

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Every year, approximately 1.5 million Americans suffer a traumatic brain injury. Sustaining a brain injury due to someone else’s negligence can be an emotional and financial burden. If you want to get the compensation you deserve, you’ll have to undergo a lengthy and thorough legal process.

But what can you expect from mild traumatic brain injury settlements? This guide explains how your case may pan out, and how an injury lawyer can help.

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements: What Should You Expect?

There are various areas of concern in such cases. The foremost will always be your health. Getting a clean bill of health from your doctor should be your first priority and if you are going through a strnous fiscal situation on top of that then you should definitely contact a lawyer and set out your expectations regarding settlement. Read on for everything you need to know.

What Is a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

The symptoms of a brain injury can be mild, moderate, or severe. Some symptoms develop immediately, while others don’t manifest until some time later. Patients who sustain mild traumatic brain injuries may feel disoriented or dizzy for weeks after the original incident.

A migraine, light-headedness, minor confusion or memory loss, vertigo, blurred vision, weariness, poor sleep, and behavioral changes are all indications of a mild traumatic brain injury.

The phrase ‘mild’ can be misleading when talking about brain injuries. If your brain injury case goes before a jury, your injury attorney will assert the fact that a mild traumatic brain injury can be a life-changing event.

Brain Injury Claims in Practice

In court, defense attorneys will likely try to prove that your brain injury is not as significant as your injury attorney claims. Many mild traumatic brain injuries go undiagnosed for some time, and the defense will often use this as a weapon in their case.

However, a delayed diagnosis does not rule out the possibility of brain damage. There are several reasons why brain damage may not be detected right away. Often, the patient’s symptoms are not observed or present until long after the incident, especially in closed head injury situations when the sufferer suffers other, more visible injuries. This is especially the case in car accident related injuries where your car injury lawyer might just sue for visible injuries like whiplash and ignore unseen ones.

The best lawyer will demonstrate to the court that your injuries are life-changing and fight to get the justice you deserve.

Your Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Settlements

mild traumatic brain injury settlements

Generally, there are two options for recovering compensation following your injury: a settlement or a verdict. A settlement occurs when both parties agree to resolve the dispute outside of court. If a resolution can’t be reached, the matter might be heard in court by a jury. If the jury rules favor the plaintiff, they will pass a judgment requiring the defendant to pay restitution.

While jury decisions are made public, out-of-court settlements are kept secret. As a result, determining an average payout for a traumatic brain injury settlement is difficult. You should hire a competent law firm like among many others to handle matters for you and get you a just settelment.

What to Expect

A brain injury can be a life-changing event. That’s why you must get the support, compensation, and justice you deserve from your mild traumatic brain injury verdict.

By working with a good personal injury attorney, you put yourself in the best possible position for closure and recovery.


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