10 Great Tips To Make Your Interstate Moving A Breeze

Interstate Moving

Relocating to a new place is exciting and overwhelming at the same time, even if you have to travel just a few miles. But interstate moving is a whole new challenge because you have to uproot every single thing from your place and move elsewhere altogether. Besides the process of moving, there are so many other things to take care of in the new state, such as adjusting to the contemporary society, weather, and so on.

So, is interstate moving bound to be so stressful? Well, it shouldn’t be if you prepare your move appropriately.

10 Best Interstate Moving Tips

Here are some tips that would help you plan for the long haul.

1. Planning Beforehand Is The Key

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Stage-manage every task before you even pack a single item. Make a list of things that you need to complete, including packing, requiring professional assistance, finding the best long distance moving companies, services affected by the move, the time needed for each task, and so on.

2. Visit The New Place Before Interstate Moving

Visit New places while driving
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Nothing puts you more at ease than good information. Before interstate moving, it is always an excellent idea to know about the area you will reside in. Gather details of everything from hanging out, dining, relaxing, and playing to educational institutions and shopping plazas. It will give you a feel of the new area. If possible, meet with the locals to understand the place better. In a short period, you would get a budding sense of understanding, aiding you before the ultimate move.

3. Start Packing Early

Start Packing Early for Interstate Moving
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Last-minute packing is always a hassle because you can forget essential things behind or fail to complete a critical task. Packing late puts you under a lot of pressure as you struggle to meet up.

Start packing early to allow yourself adequate time to separate things you need most and leave the non-essential ones. Interstate moving is undoubtedly a big deal, so it is wise not to carry the things that will clutter your new home. Here are some top packing tips:

Tip 1: Get Necessary Packing Supplies

While you can hire the services of a professional packer company, we suggest you do this task yourself to save money. Interstate moving is itself a costly affair.

To start with, you need the right packing supplies such as:

  • Solid and long-lasting containers in a range of sizes
  • Packaging and protection provisions such as bubble wrap, foam wrap and butcher’s paper
  • Packing tape – with dispenser (much stress-free and harmless than employing your teeth or scissors)
  • Pointers for marking and writing on boxes
  • Fragile stickers
  • Mattress covers
  • Box cutters
  • Scissors, string and ties

Tip 2: Do not use Newspaper

It is wise not to wrap particular items with newspaper because papers cannot shield them (particularly breakables). Moreover, they tend to leave black marks on the items. Try bubble wrap, foam wrap and foam ‘peanuts’ to keep your belongings safe.

For non-breakable things that do not need much protection, butcher paper is an excellent option.

Tip 3: Pack Boxes Sensibly

Robust and purpose-built removal cases are perfect for interstate moving. Avoid light boxes because they can crack and tear easily, particularly if you over-pack. Ensure to seal the bottom of containers with packing tape. We are sure you don’t want to receive an empty box at your destination.

While packing, the rule of the thumb is to stuff heavy and bigger things at the bottom of every case and soft/lighter items at the top. Make sure you do not over-pack; the boxes must be easy to carry by one person, and their tops must be flat when sealed for effortless stack and protection while transiting.

A tip for budget moving: Get free small boxes from a supermarket or grocery store to pack non-valuable items. For fragile and expensive things, buy sturdy packing boxes.

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Tip 4: Pack Clothes Carefully

We highly recommend you pack early, starting with out-of-season clothes. Use empty bags, travel suitcases and even plastic packing containers. All these are useful to carry clothes and linen (given that they are protective).

Another idea is to use exclusive ‘wardrobe’ cases to store clothes, pillows, and linen. Again here, you should be careful not to over-pack, or they can break during transit.

In case you like to store your clothes in a typical case, it is not a bad idea to wrap them in plastic first. It will block dampness from entering while set aside before the move.

Tip 5: Label the Whole Lot

Label each box or item you carry to keep track of the packed stuff and unpack it at your new place. A label must include:

  • Your name, complete address and contact info
  • The information of your interstate mover
  • Any tracking number offered by the mover
  • The insides of the box, bag or thing and the room it is going to (e.g. living room, garage)

It is better to pre-print all labels before the moving day. It will not only make labelling effortless but would also save you a lot of time.

Tip 6 Keep, Donate, Throw Away

Interstate moving comes with the opportunity of decluttering and donating the unneeded stuff you have. Divide the inventory into three sections: keep, donate and throw away. The fewer things you would have, the faster and more economical will be the move.

While packing, organize the things as you put them in the cases. For instance, if you want to set up a home office first upon reaching your new place, the office supplies must be on the top of a storage box. It will make unpacking more straightforward and faster, saving you time and hassle.

4. Ready Your New Property

New Property
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Before moving, we are sure you have already bought or rented a property in the new place. However, if you have decided to move but couldn’t find your desired home in the new state, you should contact a professional real estate agent. They will be able to find a place matching your requirements.

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In case the new home needs renovations, whether some painting or extensive upgrades, go for it before you move in. Furthermore, do not forget to clean the entire facility before moving. You can never be sure if the previous owner did that.

5. Keep Your All Records At One Place

Save Records in computer
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Those who have undergone interstate moving before would tell you the important stuff that slips your mind while relocating. Yes, the idea of checklists is excellent until you have tens of hundreds of boxes to check.

Therefore, it is wise to pack your all-necessary documents in one case and label them. Some essential documents that must be handy are:

  • Social Security cards
  • Health records
  • Birth certificates
  • Tax forms
  • School records

6. Notify The Utility Companies

Notify your Utility Companies
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Nobody can imagine a life without electricity and gas in this era. To ensure you get electricity, gas and cable in your new place, inform the local utility firms about your arrival. Similarly, tell the present utility companies to stop the electricity, gas and cable services a day after leaving the house.

7. Mail Forwarding!

Email Forwarding
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While most people remember to inform the utility companies before they leave, very few do the same for their mail. You need to notify United States Postal Service (USPS) about your future address change. It is good to inform them a couple of weeks earlier by visiting their official website. Simply set a date for mail forwarding to the new address.

8. Transfer an out-of-state Driver’s License

You might require a new driving license in the new state. States usually want you to acquire a new license within a specified period after identifying as an inhabitant. To transfer your out-of-state driver’s license, go to the new state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. While different States may require different documents, most of them would ask you:

  • Present driver’s license
  • Proof of your social security number
  • Proof of residency (such as utility bills)
  • Birth certificate (likely).

9. Hire a Highly-rated Interstate Moving Company

Hiring in Interstate Moving company
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Although, interstate moving firms are a dime a dozen in the U.S, finding the best cross country moving companies isn’t easy. The best way to pick is to first inquire your friends and family for referrals or check moving company reviews online. Also, make sure the company has a license from the Department of Transportation.

Once you are satisfied, ask them to visit your place and give a quote. It is better to get a quotation from at least three movers and pick the one that satisfies your budget.

Pick an interstate moving company with a COVID-19 safety plan

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is probably here to stay for an unforeseen period, it is wise to hire an interstate moving company that prioritizes the health of its workers and customers. Choose a mover with a comprehensive COVID-19 action plan.

The firm must check their employees daily to ensure workers are fully healthy with no coronavirus symptoms. The staff should follow regular hand washing, sanitization and ensure significantly less contact with customers. Interstate moving is a complex job, and you should make sure, only healthy workers are there to handle your move.

10. Get Ready for the Big Day

Ready for Interstate Moving
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A day before your interstate moving, tick all the boxes of your initial plan. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you will use your own vehicle to carry luggage, ensure it is in good working condition with all the fluids topped up. Furthermore, the tires should be in excellent condition.
  • Switch off the fridge and defrost the freezer; it could take a day. Discard or donate the perishable items you can’t take with you and use an ice chest for the carry-along stuff.
  • Clean your house yourself or employ the services of a cleaning company.


There is no denying the fact that interstate moving is a stressful task. However, if you follow our guidelines, you can perhaps keep some of the anxiety at bay. Now, get set and go!

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