Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in the United States

Traveling with a pet with extremely rewarding however it requires some preparations!

Best Pet Friendly Airbnbs
Best Pet Friendly Airbnbs

Airbnb, also known as “Air Bed and Breakfast”, is something that probably everyone over the globe has heard of. When you first think of a vacation, you start looking for a place where you can accommodate yourself during your travels.

You feel like enjoying your time with your Cavapoos or perhaps you are more of a cat person. For pet owners, their fur-babies are the most friendly and the cuddliest cuties ever. But, you’re plagued with worries like where to spend the night with your pet during your vacations. Truly, a major worry is whether one can find a pet friendly Airbnb or not.

Interestingly, almost 66% of US households own a pet. And even among them, almost half of them consider their pets as family members. That is why, it is all the more important to be aware of pet friendly Airbnb near you or in any other desired location.

So, if you’ve been looking for pet-friendly Airbnbs’, we’ve made the entire process streamlined for you. Take a look at these 10 best pet friendly rentals!

Top 10 Pet Friendly Airbnbs Stays | You Need To Check Out!

Top 10 Pet Friendly Airbnb

Here are 10 of the best Pet Friendly Airbnbs as rated by SpoliaMag’s consultant travel junkies:

1. Lacy Lakeview, Texas

Lacy Lakeview, Texas

Lacy Lakeview is a McLennan County city situated in Texas, United States. What can be a better place for people wanting to take a break from the human and office hustle and bustle? Just imagine you being alone with your pets in a quiet but homely place. The place is also very close to nature with its abundant forests and lakes.

Many people have super-rated their experiences in the guesthouses of Waco. For example, the German Schmear Cottage is a studio guest house that can accommodate up to 4 guests and their pets.

The surrounding areas are also dense enough to allow your pets to roam and play freely. It is one of the more dog friendly Airbnb rental places.

Price: The guest houses can charge from $95 to $856 per night depending upon the experience requirements and the selected place and amenities.

2. Airbnb Waterville Maine, Washington

Waterville, Washington

This villa is located on a pioneer ridge near Orlando in Washington. It’s a very spacious and clean place where one can partake in the view of the Columbia River no matter the season. Whether you want to shop in a cheerful place or drink tea in a peaceful room with a window filled with scenic views. This is the place for you.

One important thing to note is that this place is pet friendly as much as it is beautiful. Though this is exclusively an Airbnb dog friendly rental place. Pet owners need to be aware of certain regulations while renting this place.

One of which is that dogs are allowed only with an additional charge of $50 per dog per stay. Sadly, other pets are not permitted. Also, dogs are not allowed on the bed or any other furniture. In case one of these regulations gets violated, a $300 fine will be applied for extra cleaning.

Price: This super-rated place charges $529 as the starting price per night.

3. Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas

Hot Springs, Arkansas in the United States provides a luxury experience second to none. The Nest of The Hot Springs, for example, comes with an African tent-style setting blended with a luxury interior. You can either relax in a hot tub that can accommodate 7 people at once.

You might be thinking about how a hot spring location can allow pets, but you do not need to worry. This is one place that comes under the category of “Airbnb pets allowed!”. Although you have to pay a $75 pet fee per pet.

This fee is nonrefundable and you are also responsible for cleaning up after your pets. But that only means that your pets can enjoy the hot spring experience with you. One thing to keep in mind is that if the pets are found on the property without having paid the fees, then the entire deposit will be retained.

Price: This experience starts at $352 per night.

4. Thimble Rock Point, Mesa County

The Thimble Rock rental area is one that you will most definitely want to check out. This stay is on private land. It also offers a host of nearby activities for multi-day stays as well. That’s why don’t forget to pack your road trip essentials!

For pet owners wanting to seek a vacation in this place, rejoice! Because pets are allowed and this place is one that doesn’t limit the breed, size, or age of the animal. In other words, it is a dog friendly place as well as a cat friendly Airbnb.

Here are top 12 most expensive cat breeds in the world to adopt if you don’t have one! It is inclusive of other kinds as well. Of course, this place also charges an additional fee for the pets. But unlike others, this fee does not include cleaning up after your pet or other such regulations.

Price: this place charges $373 per night.

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5. Cabin in Granite Falls, Washington

This rental was originally built in the 1970s as a fishing cabin. Despite having been remodeled and expanded, it has not lost a bit of its beauty.

Whether you decide to play your guitar by the campfire. Or sit in peace in the hot tub while listening to nature’s music or reading a book. This cabin offers the ultimate camping experience.

One thing to note is that these cabins are placed on private properties. And while you are welcome to explore the nearby areas, you’re not allowed to wander the private roads of the community.

The good news is that this place is very pet friendly but they allow only dogs. Sadly cats or any other pets are not permitted. Since it has a river right in front of it, you need to be very careful about your pets.

Other than that this place offers a fully pet friendly Airbnb experience or in other words an experience of Airbnb with dogs. Other than the Airbnb pet fee, there are no additional charges.

Price: This place charges $387 per night as its starting price.

6. Joshua Tree, California

Want to enjoy a luxury spa experience while at home? Then look no further. Joshua Tree’s newest luxury spa home is just the one you might be looking for. It is equipped with a stargazing doom, a cowboy pool, and a yoga deck.

This place also comes under the category of Airbnb pets allowed stays. Dogs are allowed with $95 per fee which is liable to change. Despite allowing pets, this place also requires you to fully supervise your kids with your pets. For safety reasons, pets are not allowed in the pool and spa area. Otherwise, you are free to enjoy your time with your pets.

Price: This place charges $296 per night.

7. Lake House in Argyle, New York

Three Pines Lake House on Cossayuna Lake is a cottage in the Argyle district of New York, United States, it allows you to unwind and relax in the company of the serene waters. The living area of the house is all on one level, thereby making you feel even closer to nature.

This is also one of the more pet friendly Airbnbs. Well behaved dogs are welcome according to their instructions. But they do have a limit of only allowing two dogs. And they have certain restrictions on certain breeds as well.

They are unable to accommodate pit bulls, dobermen, pinschers, and rottweilers due to insurance issues. Cats are not allowed due to some allergic issues of a family member.

While other kinds of pets can be negotiated before booking the place. Since it’s an allergic issue, it can’t be helped. Try to cheer your feline friend up with a purr-fect gift.

Price: This place charges $185 per night.

8. Rockaway Beach, Oregon

People wanting to enjoy a simple but romantic vacation should bookmark this place. This renovated A-frame house on the Rockaway beach in Oregon is just the thing.

The most important and attractive thing about this rental vacation house is that all kinds of pets are allowed and welcome. Pet owners can just book this place and come and enjoy a cozy vacation. With not just their loved ones but also their beloved pets as well.

Price: This place charges $214 per night.

9. Angels Landing in Hildale, Utah

People who enjoy their vacations alone with their pets do not need to feel left out. we’ve got just the thing for you! This tiny home situated in Hildale, Utah consists of two tiny huts, one for people and one for pets. For people wanting to enjoy a solo vacation with their pets, this is the camping experience that you were looking for.

Pets are warmly welcomed at the Angels Landing tiny house for a $25 fee to be paid at the time of the booking. You just need to follow certain rules. Any pet that is to be brought along should be introduced to the owner first.

Pets are not allowed on the furniture and other furnishings. You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet. If excessive damage occurs to the property then a separate repair fee will be charged.

Price: This place charges $172 per night.

10. Guest Suite, Orlando

Lastly, this suite in the Orlando Garden Retreat in Florida has everything that one could want in a vacation rental. It includes access to a beach along with a view of a lake and a private pool.

This garden retreat with its tall trees and nature resources is very welcoming to pets. The good news is that all kinds of pets are allowed. You just need to be responsible for their safety and for the fact that they don’t damage the furnishings.

They don’t even charge an extra pet fee for cleaning and the like. But that also doesn’t mean that you should shirk responsibility. Be humble and be respectful in someone else’s house. And they’ll give you the best experience ever much like an oasis does.

Price: This place charges $144 per night.

Pet Friendly Airbnbs Policy

According to the Airbnb Pet Policy, the decision regarding pets lies in the hands of the rental host. Since it’s their accommodation you’re renting out, they get to decide whether to allow pets or not.

  • Airbnb charges an additional cost under the category of Airbnb pet fee. This fee is intended to cover the costs of cleaning up after the animal and repairing any damages to the property lest they occur.
  • The fee is charged on three factors. They are Breed, Size, and Age. For example, certain breeds do not shed fur leading to less expense on cleaning costs. Likewise, young pets are more prone to causing property damage. Many hosts may charge an additional fee of $10 to $50 a night depending on these factors.
  • Vacation rental sites have certain rules and recommendations about service animals. Airbnb does not and cannot deny service animals. Guests do not have to pay a pet fee or cleaning fee for them.
  • In any vacation rental, service dogs or other animals should be allowed in any part of the property to accompany their owner.
  • Hosts should welcome an emotional support animal at their property. Certain places, such as New York and California, require hosts to permit emotional support animals to accompany guests if requested.
  • Airbnb makes highlighting your additional services simple. Under settings, you have the option to select “pets allowed”. This automatically places you in any guest query on staying in a pet-friendly vacation rental. On your listing page, it’ll be shown under “What this place offers”.
  • The hosts should mention that their vacation rental is pet-friendly in the listing description. They should also list any animal amenities they provide. Or if their property is near dog parks or other venues that allow pets.
  • On their website, there are many options that you can select to filter your options. The results come up with their respective descriptions. You just need to read the specifications and the do’s and don’ts mentioned, to prepare for your pet friendly stay. Therefore, with many such options provided, you can choose your desired pet friendly place without any worries!

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To Sum Up, Pet Friendly Airbnbs:

As a pet owner, it can be hard to find a vacation rental that addresses all your needs. However, there are loads of vacation rentals that not only allow you to stay with your pets but also offer unique experiences. So, don’t worry about how to find a pet friendly Airbnb. Just go to the website and type pet friendly Airbnb and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from!

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