How to Choose the Best Dash Cam Brands: Security & Safety for Safe Driving

Best Dashboard Cameras

Commonly known as a dash cam, a dashboard camera can help you monitor your car when parked and capture video memories of road trips.

Dash cams also record incidents that occur on the road, including accidents, vandalism, and theft. That means they’re an important tool when it comes to car accident lawsuits.

A top-notch dashboard camera will record crystal-clear videos and is easy to install and operate.

Do you want to save money in the long run through monitoring your vehicle and discounted insurance premiums? Look no further than Nexar’s top-rated dash cam.

3 Best Dash Cam Brands to Buy

In this article, we will review three brands, including Nexar, whose products offer reliability and exceptional performance.

Join the countless users who have benefited from its cutting-edge features, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking a trustworthy and high-quality dashboard camera.

1. Nexar

Everyone who owns a Nexar dash camera of any type will agree that the company is an industry leader.

The company designs and creates smart artificial intelligence dashboard cameras. These cameras operate within the technology and automotive fields.

Nexar’s primary offerings include AI-powered dashboard cams and companion applications.

With these key features, they record crystal clear drives, back up vital videos to the cloud, and offer real-time evidence to the phone of the user.

Using Nexar-powered dash camera, AI, and inter-vehicle networking, the company makes every vehicle smart. Nexar is already developing the first safe driving network in the world. Nexar’s popular dash cams include:

  • Nexar One
  • Nexar Beam
  • Nexar Pro
  • Nexar One Pro

2. Z-Edge

ZeroEdge is the second dash cam provider. The provider offers a range of dashboard cameras. Front and rear kits, front-only dash cameras, and a couple of choices for Lyft/Uber motorists who want to capture everything that occurs inside their cars are all available. These cameras feature:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Night vision
  • 256GB memory

Some of its products include Z3Pro and Z3D.

3. Vantrue

Vantrue is a relative newcomer to the dash camera market. The brand was identified by its N2 Pro model. Vantrue doesn’t have a massive range of options. Only three different camera models are listed on its official website. They include

  • Vantrue N5
  • Vantrue N4
  • Vantrue F1


Five main reasons make Nexar’s top-rated dash cam products the best and most popular globally, including:

  • Clear evidence in case of road accidents
  • One-tap insurance reports
  • Surprising and unforgettable videos recorded
  • Smart mobile app, meaning smart driving
  • The latest technologies

Look no further than Nexar if you’re after a dash cam with the latest technologies and features.

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