Different Types of Beyblades: A Comprehensive Guide

Types of Beyblades

Beyblade’s name and design are based on the Japanese battling top Beigoma. The toy company Takara Tomy first manufactured and introduced Beyblade in Japan in 1999. It is a battling game with a spinning top. There are different types of Beyblades, and in this post, we will discuss them.

Beyblade has gained popularity over the years. However, after its first international World championship in 2018, it gained a wider audience and attention. As a fun game, it attracts all age groups, especially children. Even now, Beyblades are the best holiday gift for kids.

What are Beyblades?

Beyblade is a spinning top battling game. In this game, two players fight each other with their tops to see who is the best. The standard top could not work in this type of competition. You need a Beyblade top inspired by the Beyblade burst series. Beyblade tops are made up of four different parts:

  • The energy layer is the actual part that will contact the opposing Beyblade.
  • The weight disc weights the top.
  • An optional energy disc can be added to the weight disc.
  • A performance tip that controls the movement and interacts with the stadium floor.

Once all these pieces lock together, a Beyblade will be created. When you get your Beyblade, you need something to spin it. You can do it in various ways. The most particular used is a launcher. You can use a ripcord launcher to spin the Beyblade. Ripping the ripcord will spin the Beyblade, and the match begins. An arena or stadium is needed to play the Beyblade battle. The arena is a dome with a plastic cover to ensure the Beyblades do not hit the participants.

Which is the Best Beyblade Brand?

Takara Tomy is the best Beyblade brand if you want to buy good-quality and genuine Beys. Takara Tomy’s different Beyblades have different prices. Usually, the price starts from $20 onwards, depending on the Bey.

What are the 4 Different Types of Beyblades?

Before starting a Beyblade battle you must know: what are the different types of Beyblades. Or what are the all types of Beyblades? There are four types of Beyblades: attack, defense, stamina, and balance. These different types combine to form a battling top.

1. Attack Type Beyblade

Attack Type Beyblade

Now, we talk about the attack type Beyblade. It has long attacking points, and the base shape affects its movement and ability to build a standard attacking type. It moves around quickly and makes constant contact with the enemy blade.

Attack-type Beyblades are mostly used to knock out the opponent.The high recoil of the wheel can cause self-knockout.
It can deplete the stamina of the enemy in a very short time.Very lightweight and easy to knock out.
It can cause more damage to the opponent by its sharp edges.

2. Defensive Type Beyblade

Defensive Type Beyblade

The defensive beyblade has longer, flatter edges and is slightly more round. Its base has a kind of breaking mechanism. Compared to others, it is quite a heavy Beyblade. This results in a sturdy blade that will push enemies away and build a defensive strategy.

It can cast a deadly counterattack on the enemy.The defense type has less stamina than the stamina type.
Easily deflect attack without losing spin power.It needs a lot of weight to counter-attack and maintain its power.
It can be useful to beat the stamina type Beyblade.

3. Stamina Type Beyblade

Stamina Type Beyblade

This type of Beyblade spins as long as it can. The free-spinning disc on the base creates a mechanism for rotating long. Its blades are smooth and round on all sides, regularly trying to avoid any grip or point the enemy blade will be caught in and shrugging off any potential damage.

It can spin and resist against the defense type for a long.Stamina-type Beyblades are much weaker against attack types.
It can deal a lot of damage with continuous spinning.The low burst resistance makes it more easy to knock out with attack type.

4. Balance Type Beyblade

Balance Type Beyblade

It has large tacking wings that are very similar to the attack type. It also has a very heavy disc identical to the defensive type Beyblade. Its base gives a stamina-type effect. It is a balanced type of Bey between all the attributes.

This type of Beyblade is best to counter against stamina type as it can upset its stamina stability.This type of Beyblade has no particular type of Bey opponent.
It can spin longer and resist all types of Beyblades.

Beyblade Battle Rules

Now that you have all the essential information about all the types of Beyblades, we can’t determine the best one because it depends on your battling strategy. Let’s discuss the battle and the thrilling gameplay everyone loves.

Before starting the battle, assemble your Beyblade and hold it on the rip cord at the arena. When the other player is ready for the battle, pull the rip cord and see how your Beyblade works to win.

Beyblade Victories:

Beyblade gameplay has three types of victories, each with different points to win the battle.

Burst victory: Burst victory means one of the tops has released its mechanism, and the energy layer, wait disc, and performance tip will burst apart. In standard tournaments, it is worth two points.

Spin-out victory: When one of the Beyblades stops spinning, the other makes a full rotation. This will be the spin-out victory, and it holds one point.

Knock-out victory: In this type of victory, the Beyblade is removed and gets stuck in the arena’s side pockets. It is also worth one point.

The Beyblade battle lasts until a player gets three points and ends with one player’s victory.

Final Words

Beyblade has gained popularity worldwide without age limits. The different types of Beyblade have their own mechanisms for resisting in the game. For a better Beyblade battle, you need Beyblades, a launcher, and a stadium. This guide explains all these components. Now, it’s your turn to pick the best Beyblade and start a battle with your peers.

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