How to Make your Home Outdoor Space more Environmental Friendly and Sustainable?

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Environmentally friendly design components have become more prevalent in recent years. They are at the top of the “must-haves” in exterior house design. According to surveys by the American Society of Landscape Architectural Designers, the emphasis on sustainability is directly responsible for many top advancements in domestic landscape architecture.

5 Exterior House Design Ideas for your Garden

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Permeable pavers, drought-resistant and native plants, edible gardens, less turf, liquid-efficient irrigation, and rainwater collection systems are a few design components that can significantly impact the environment. We’ve gathered a list of the top five environmentally friendly outdoor design ideas to assist you in making your exterior sustainable.

1) An Outdoor Dining Area or Kitchen

Americans are opting to invest more time outside on a daily basis. They prefer to enjoy cooking, dining, and socializing in their garden, which is unsurprising. Therefore, you may consider covering the patio portion with outdoor blinds to safeguard your furnishings and accommodate the weather fluctuations.

Outdoor furniture sustainability is also key in deciding what you buy and from where. Sustainable furnishing is all the rage these days and should be so to ensure environment friendly decor. Moreover for outdoor furniture, there are different types of wood available on the market.

2) Raised Beds and Integrated Outdoor Planters

A raised bed dramatically reduces the effort required to maintain a nutritious garden, which can be painstaking work. And compared to a bed made of timbers or logs, one built using modular retaining wall blocks has a far longer lifespan. Pay extra attention to an integrated planter for cultivating aromatic plants near a patio kitchen or grill island.

3) Heated Porous Pavement

It is possible to construct a warmed porous paver system for areas with lower temperatures with heating cables below the pavers that can be turned on by humidity and temperature detectors to dissolve snow and drain it away quickly.

This can significantly aid in minimizing the build-up of snow, which will help decrease or eliminate requirements for ice removal products or the labor necessary for snow removal. Driveways and walkways particularly benefit from this. The insertion of heating cables would not affect a LEED accreditation or an environmentally friendly label, which contractors need to know.

4) Include Some Indigenous Plants

By including native plants in the backyard that reflect your surroundings’ natural features as well as green living, you may develop an organic landscape that is one of the best around. The backyard will provide sustainable advantages over time if a garden respects the ecosystem around it. These plants also do well without much care or water because they are accustomed to the local climate.

5) The ‘year-round yard’ trend

Americans want to take advantage of their outside areas all year, not just in the summertime. In order to use their patios, yards, and porches all year long sustainably, homeowners are looking at ways to make their garden space more cozy and appealing.

Efficient heating is the best method to convince your loved ones to spend time outside. Therefore, you can combine an EcoSmart Fire with an electric radiant heater, which helps you create a beautiful ambiance where everybody feels warm.


You must adhere to these top 5 attractive and sustainable décor trends to ensure that your outdoor is ideal for partying and protecting biodiversity. This is how you can create a lovely and pleasant outdoor area that promotes interaction and is the backdrop for many experiences.

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