What is Protein Water and Why Should You Be Drinking It?

protein water

Finding ways to increase the amount of protein in your diet? Well, the newest way you can do it is by drinking protein water. Protein water is bottled water with added proteins.

These drinks are mostly consumed by people after heavy and hectic workouts so that they can regain their strength. Now the question arises is protein soluble in water? The answer to it would be yes, as it is made by mixing proteins in water.

Most Common Protein – Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most common protein used when making this drink. This protein is isolated from cow milk and then added to the water. Other types of proteins can also be used to make protein water drinks, including plant-based proteins and animal-based collagen peptides.

Low in Calories but High in Protein

These drinks are rich in protein but has a lower number of calories compared to other forms of protein supplements. Most brands that sell these drinks have about 15 to 20 grams of protein and between 60 to 90 calories. These water drinks are much better than any protein shakes as they have very less amount of sugar.

Are Protein Water Drinks Healthy?

Water with high protein can undoubtedly be a source of extra protein and many individuals or groups of individuals may need it. People who may need extra proteins in their diet can be athletes, cancer patients, and old people. Drinking protein water along with a balanced diet will strengthen their muscles and can repair the damage to internal organs.

Moreover, this drink is mostly consumed by people after working out and exercising, this is because they need more proteins for muscle recovery and growth. Active adults typically need 0.5 to 0.9 grams of protein as per their body weight. Furthermore, people who desire to lose weight also intake protein water drinks as it helps in losing belly fat.

This is because protein can boost metabolism and increase feelings of fullness, resulting in lower consumption of calories. Due to these reasons, one may start consuming this water.

Can High Protein Meals Replace Protein Water?

However, relying more on these drinks and less intake of food sources can result in less intake of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are essential for optimal health. Moreover, highly active people can easily meet their protein needs through a proper diet.

People with a stable diet can easily meet their protein needs and regain their strength without any consumption of protein water. Therefore, protein water is not harmful but the benefits of eating whole foods are far greater. On top of that, it is not necessary to drink water that contains protein just to lose weight as one can only stick to lean dietary foods and see much better results.

Anyway, if with a stable diet and regular exercise a person takes that drink once in a while it is of no harm as simple water may not help in the consumption of more proteins.

However, if an individual only relays on simple water, would that help? Is water a protein? Well, no, simple water has no proteins and it is not helpful when it comes to protein consumption.

Who Should Avoid Protein Water?

Some people with medical conditions like Homocystinuria and Phenylketonuria should not consume more high-protein foods. People with kidney issues and metabolism issues should also take fewer amounts of proteins.

If you are one of these patients, then you must limit your consumption of protein and must not drink protein water. People who are intolerant to dairy products or milk should always see the ingredients of protein water drinks. Most of the proteins that are added to the water are extracted out of cow milk.

How Protein Water is Dangerous for People?

Taking these drinks with minimal additives and preservatives is not harmful. On the contrary, it might help you with building stronger muscles. Despite that, it still can be unnecessary for some people to consume this water as they can simply make their diet better. Consuming high-protein whole foods including; meat, eggs, beans, nuts, dairy products, fish, etc will bring about better effects than protein water.

These foods work better for the human body than any other alternatives, so it is always better to stick to natural products. Research proved that more than 58000 Americans consume enough protein in their day-to-day lives, just by eating what they regularly eat.

Therefore, it is completely fine when an individual only sticks to a stable diet and stops extra usage of these drinks.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, it is great when one excessively works out and performs difficult and energy-consuming tasks, so to cope with energy losses they consume protein water. However, unarguably you should stick to a natural diet and avoid such drinks unless your work requires otherwise.

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