The Perks of Doing A Diamond Push-Up? Here’s All You Need to Know!

Work your whole upper body with diamond push-ups! Let’s learn all about this exercise, its variations, and how to do a diamond push up easily.

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Today, we are going to tell you about an amazing push up that can do wonders in building your body. Diamond push-up or diamond shape push-ups, are perfect for working specifically on your triceps. So, to help you in working on your upper body especially triceps, we’re going to tell you how to do a diamond push up as well as provide all related information about it.

Are you a gymaholic looking for ways to tone-up your body using best triceps exercises? Well, if you’re one of the fitness freaks who do classic push ups and indulge in classic exercise to attain the gym perfect body, this blog is for you!

So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to know all about diamond push up!

What is a diamond push-up? Is it a good way to exercise?

Diamond push up
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The diamond push up is a difficult version of routine push up or you can simply say that they’re advanced push up. In diamond push up instead of keeping your arms wide apart at your shoulder’s width. You put your hands together in a diamond shape and perform push-ups at arm extension. Diamond push up is a popular military exercise, it is one of those tricep workouts that helps in developing chest and abdominal muscles.

The diamond push up are comparatively harder than regular tricep push ups. But because of the extraordinary results that diamond push-ups produce for building lean muscle, a majority of people do them as part of their daily home workouts routine.

Therefore, if you want to work on your chest muscles, pec minor and triceps then these tricep push ups are perfect for you. By incorporating diamond push up as a part of your bodyweight exercise is an excellent way for building your upper body as well as for how to get rid of lower belly fat.

How to do a diamond push-up: A step-by-step guide for doing it!

If you’re wondering how to do a diamond push up, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In this section, we will be teaching you step by step procedure using which you’ll be able to do this workout like a pro. Read on to know how to do a diamond push up easily on your own.

  • To start, get on your all fours and make your self stable.
  • Keep your hands close to your body as this will help you in maintaining tension.
  • Now start by slowly adjusting yourself in normal pushup position. Once you’re all set to dive right in, move your arms from their original position in front of your chest.
  • Now make a diamond-esque shape with your hands and do the push ups like you usually do.
  • Remember, that when you should pause at the bottom and top of your rep.

How to do a Diamond push up easily

If the classic procedure is difficult for you then you can make use of this easier variant of how to do a diamond push up easily.

For being able to perform these push ups everyday, you can make use of this easier version till you master it.

  • To begin simply keep your knees on the floor and maintain a straight line from your knees up to your hips, head and shoulders.
  • Now bend at your elbows to get lower just like the original version.
  • After getting into posture start your push ups in an easier way. And if making diamond shape is tough for you, you can make a triangle instead.

This exercise form is quite easier to perform and you can easily make it a part of your everyday easy exercises.

Different Diamond push-ups Variations that you can Use

Diamond push up
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Although these are difficult than regular push ups. Still, if you want to spice it up a bit more to challenge your limits, here are some harder and more challenging versions for you. But try these versions once you have completely mastered doing these tricep push ups.

By keeping your knees off the ground. On this note, let’s take a look of how to do a diamond push up in difficult positions.

Spiderman push-ups:

The spiderman push-ups is a fantastic exercise to take your everyday workout to a harder level. These push-ups are always a great home workout routine addition that will make your exercises a bit more challenging.

  • To do these harder push ups simply set your body in the regular push up position.
  • Now step your one foot back behind you and lift your knees. Engage your glutes and tense your legs but keep your body rigid.
  • Keep your in front of your chest and make the diamond shape.
  • Now perform your reps like you do.

Dive Bomber Push-ups

Just like the Spiderman push-ups, you can also use bomber push-ups as a tougher form of tricep exercises. These healthy exercises will surely help you in maintaining the perfectly toned-up body.

  • Start of by getting on your all fours, widen your feet apart but put your arms in front of your chest and make a diamond shape with your hands.
  • Now lift your hips in the upward direction and transform your body in a V shape. Try to keep your body straight.
  • Now, bend your elbows and lower your head and dive in towards the ground. Keep your head and shoulders forward while you’re going down in a lower plank position.
  • Now, by moving your head and shoulders backwards, push your upwards to regain the V shape again.

Push Up & Clap

This version of diamond up is really difficult. So, if you want to know how to do a diamond up while clapping, follow these steps.

  • Simply get yourself in the regular push up doing posture.
  • Now put your hands in front of your chest and make a diamond shape with your hands.
  • Now, diving in towards the ground to do your pushups.
  • When you’ve to go up push your body harder so you’re in a jumping position and clap your hands.
  • Now dive back in with the same posture.

These are some of the diamond push up variants that you can try for pumping up your everyday routine.

How often you should do diamond push-up?

Like every other compound exercise, you can make diamond push-ups a part of your everyday workout routine if you know how to do the exercise well. However, the amount of these workout you should do and how often you need to do them depends on your fitness goals. For instance, if your aim is to build up muscle mass then incorporating it as part of your weight training routine is good. You can add 3 sets of 15-20 reps each in your routine.

Diamond push up: Top 5 benefits of doing it

Diamond push up
Image: Pexels

In this section, we’ll discuss some benefits of diamond push ups that you can enjoy after doing it. Continue reading to find out all the diamond push up benefits that you can get after making it a regular part of your workout regime.

1. Activates Triceps

The diamond push-ups are one of those few good exercises that work exceptionally well on your upper body especially triceps. Because of the narrower position of your arms during this push-up, the triceps receive more load and gets activated. Various scientific studies have shown that these exercises are great for activating your triceps as well as pectoral muscles.

2. A Great Workout for Your Chest

This type of push ups not only helps in developing your chest muscles rather they also activate them. These push-ups work on your pec minor and major muscles which activates your chest muscles. This fact is proven through study that diamond push-ups are more effective in activating chest muscles than regular push-ups.

3. Helps in Getting Ready for One Arm Push-Ups

Being able to perform one hand push-ups is something that every fitness freak strives for. The right way of progressing towards the ultimate badass one-arm push-ups is by gradually increasing your hardness levels. Once you get used to doing it, you’ll ultimately be prepared to try one arm push-ups.

4. Improves Balance

As during these push-ups, you place your arms much closer to chest where the base is quite small. When you learn to balance yourself in such posture, you improve your overall body balance.

5. Makes Your Shoulder Stronger

Diamond push-ups also work on your shoulder. They are particularly beneficial for strengthening your anterior deltoid. Likewise, it puts extensive stress on your shoulder blades which helps in making your shoulders stronger.

These are some benefits of doing diamond push-ups. However, you can increase the impact of these push-ups by making them a part of your fasted cardio routine.

Final Words

Image: Pexels

We hope that using this information you’ll be able to perform diamond push up easily. All in all, it is a great and effective way of strengthening the muscles of your upper body. We hope that the step-by-step guide of how to do a diamond push up that we have described will prove to be helpful for you.

If you’ve any queries feel free to reach out to us in the comments section below 😊

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