Arranged Marriage Versus Love Marriage – What Is Best For You?

Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

Arranged marriage versus love marriage is a ubiquitous debate nowadays. Marriage is an important step for every individual that defines the rest of his or her life. Married people tend to enjoy a happier and long lasting life. While, every person wants to find the perfect match for themselves, there are essentially two ways to do that.

However, you can either choose your partner through a love marriage or arrange marriage is your other alternative. Both processes are different, and you must take them carefully as they define the rest of our lives.

Accordingly, today, we’ll discuss arranged and love marriages, the pros and cons of each of them, tips for a healthy relationship, and much more.

What is Love Marriage?

What is Love Marriage

But, before we review the arranged marriage versus love marriage, let’s first understand what is love matrimony? In fact, love marriage is a wedding of two people resulting from affection, commitment, and love for one another. Moreover, the couple solely drives the marriage without the involvement of anyone else in the decision. This term is becoming obsolete in the western world since most of the marriages are now love-based.

However, it is getting popular in the Middle East and some other Asian countries. Mostly, love marriages in these parts happen without the consent of parents or family. The reason for that is the arranged marriages are a part of the culture and religion and hence strictly prioritized and followed by the older conventional folks.

Pros and Cons of Love Marriage

Yes, Love marriages do have their upsides and downsides. Additionally, we will discuss both here to support our argument of arranged marriage versus love marriage. The benefits of love weddings include:

1. Better Awareness

Truly, love marriages result in better coordination between the couples because they are already aware of each other’s habits. By knowing what one’s partner likes and dislikes, the couples value one another’s idiosyncrasies. Moreover, it leads to a much healthier relationship. By being aware of the partner’s nature, it is easier for them to make each other happy. Yet, they compensate for their routines for the sake of retaining a happy relationship.

2. Better Compatibility

Love matrimonies result in much high compatibility between couples. Partners are aware of each other’s goals before the marriage and tend to support them throughout the life. Likely, the long-term objectives of partners align very well in love marriages.

3. Your Own Choice

The biggest advantage of love wedlock is you get to choose your partner without any interference. You are already familiar with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. The love marriage allows that to happen.

4. Flexibility

In love-weddings, couples understand each other far better, so they would make adjustments for one another. The goals of partners change with time. By having someone who understands you by your side, you can adapt to them more easily.

To study arranged marriage versus love marriage, we should know the detrimental effects of love matrimonies as well. These encompass:

1. Little External Support

In most countries, love marriages take place without the consent of family members. It means a lack of support from friends and family members in the daily course of life.

2. Incompatibility May Arise

Despite, you may know your partner for a long time, and they may support your goals. But not all partners know how to adapt to changes. The chances are high that discord may arise between the partners.

What is Arranged Marriage?

An arranged wedding is a marriage where individuals other than the couples themselves choose the partner. In most Middle East and Asian countries, the parents or family members choose the significant others. Many families hire services of professional matchmakers to arrange the marriage. These matchmakers have records of other people looking for an arranged marriage and connect them with the best possible match.

However, no one should force an arranged marriage – meaning the arrangers must not compel couples for the wedding. As a matter of fact, the United Nations discourages forced weddings.

Pros and Cons of Arranged Marriages

Indeed, just like love matrimonies, arranged marriages also have their advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, the benefits are:

1. Family’s Support

Indeed, the biggest benefit you might not find in love marriage is your parents and family’s support. As they have chosen the partner for you, they’ll likely support you throughout your life. Moreover, you may also have more family unions to share your feelings and have a good time together. It is a key point in the debate of arranged marriage versus love marriage.

2. Better Care of Children

Additionally, as you have the support of your family, the in-laws would take good care of your children. Furthermore, grandparents also show love and affection toward them, which plays a key role in their development. Speaking of children, defined here are some healthy habits for your kids.

The downsides to arranged marriages are:

1. Difficult to Adjust

Unlike love marriage, you do not know the partner and are not aware of their habits. You’ll likely find it difficult to adjust with your partner if you do not find a good chemistry.

2. Financial Pressure

Again, often to keep their heads high, families tend to spend a lot in arranged marriages. Also, it only puts unnecessary financial pressure on the persons getting married as well as their families.

Arranged Marriage versus Love Marriage: A Thorough Debate

Arranged Marriage Versus Love Marriage

By looking at the pros and cons of arranged and love marriages, here’s what we got. Both of them have some good-side and bad-sides attached to them. Of course, to understand arranged marriage versus love marriage better, let’s quickly look at what we’ve discussed so far.

Arranged MarriageLove Marriage
Individuals other than the couple select the partner.Couples select the partner themselves.
Couples have the full support of family and friends.Usually, couples do not have the support of a family.
Less conflict between families as they know each other.More conflicts may arise between families as they are not familiar with each other.
Better care of children by grandparents and the rest of the family.Less love and affection from grandparents toward the children due to lack of support
More financial pressure as families try to maintain their status.Less spending on marriage as there is low pressure to maintain the image of the family.
It can be difficult for couples to adjust to one another’s goals and habits.The easy adaptation of one another’s goals and habits as they already know each other.

Yet, by scanning through the table above, you can determine the winner in the arranged marriage versus love marriage debate. It all depends on your personal opinion.

Accordingly here’s some advice on maintaining healthy relationships.

How to Have a Good Relationship when it comes to Love Marriage versus Arrange Marriage

Signs of Good Relationship

Accordingly, we have summed up some useful tips you can use in your daily life to make your relationships healthy. First, let’s examine them and see what makes a good relationship.

1. Bond with Family and Friends

Indeed, the most basic tip is to get to know more about your partner’s family and friends. Also, hit them up occasionally and plan outings to share your routine. Likewise, having a good bond with your partner’s family and friends would tell you more about your partner’s background. Moreover, it also helps you make adjustments in your routine to be more compatible with your partner.

2. Allow Some Alone Time

Now, ss you bond with your partner’s friends, it’s equally important not to take it too far. Furthermore, allow your spouse some time alone with their associates. Simply, as much good a relationship you have with your partner’s comrades, there may come events where they do not invite you. For example, a girl’s night out. Let her enjoy that time on her own and respect her social privacy.

3. Maintain Humour

Yes, get some positive vibes going by having a good sense of humour! Meanwhile, difficulties in life may affect your relationship, but you can promote positivism by maintaining a cool sense of humour.

How to be Happily Married Couples?

Happily Married Couple

Whether you’ve had love or arranged marriage, it’s crucial to be a happy couple for the rest of your life. How exactly to be happy depends upon you? Accordingly, we’ve compiled some tips you can benefit from:

1. Letting Go of Old Issues

It can be not easy! To maintain a good relationship with your spouse, you must let go of any old issues you both have had. Moreover, it’s natural to have personal or family discords from the past, but being happily married start from burning them down.

2. Appreciate Your Partner

As a matter of fact, appreciation can be a strong tool you can utilize to have a good relationship. At the end of the day, let your partner know that you are aware of the work they did today. And how much you appreciate their efforts. Yes, appreciation is a reinforcement to carry on with the daily activities of life, so use it to impact your marriage positively.

3. Celebrate Together

In fact, however small achievements are, try to celebrate them with your spouse. Celebrating day-to-day accomplishments gives the motivation to push forward. When things start to fall apart, the lack of motivation raises the divorce rate in arranged marriages and love marriages.


Indeed, arranged marriage versus love marriage is a highly debatable topic. Consequently, when deciding on the wedding, always consider what’s best for you. As you’re the one who would spend the rest of your life with your partner, do not let external pressures ever sway you!

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