Top Gadgets for Effective Task and Project Management

task management tools

When it comes to project management, most often everyone talks about the tools that are necessary to effectively complete tasks. This isn’t all you need to know. In addition to software support, it is worth providing technological support. We will list here gadgets that will be useful for optimizing your work efforts.

10 Best Tools for Task Management

task management tools

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1. Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer

If you find yourself enduring freezing winter days and feeling like the person in charge of the thermostat prefers office temperatures that rival the Arctic, this Foot Massage and Heated Foot Warmer ($27) is the perfect solution. It keeps you warm and cozy, especially if you’re working remotely from an ice box, like myself. Additionally, this foot warmer comes with a built-in massage feature.

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2. USB LED Flag

luxafor flag

Luxafor flag, a USB gadget, can supercharge your productivity. It proves handy in open office environments with numerous colleagues. Let your coworkers know you’re busy with this gadget. All you have to do is turn the light from green to red to signal that you are buys and your coworkers will get the message to steer clear. It’s the ultimate tool for eliminating distractions. It works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows. A whopping 73,856 office workers use it to boost their productivity.

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3. Massage Cushion

massage cushion

Give yourself a reprieve amid your workday by indulging in the tranquility offered by this Shiatsu massage chair cushion ($112). Attach it securely to your office chair and allow its 14 distinct massage settings to alleviate the tension of your current project, even if only temporarily. With an automatic shut-off after 15 minutes, it proves to be an ideal choice for your much-needed break.

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4. Fidgi Pen

Fidgi Pen

If you tend to fidget, you can utilize a fidget pen. It not only serves as a useful tool for note-taking but also doubles as a fidget toy while maintaining a professional appearance. The pen comes in four colors: stealth, snow, slate, and rose gold. It weighs just 0.16 ounces and measures 7.1×0.08×1.8 inches. The Fidgi Pen aids in reducing work-related stress and promoting relaxation. It benefits individuals with ADD, ADHD, and autism.

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5. Desk Fan

Desk Fan

During the summer, you’ll find a desk fan essential at work. It’s perfect for those days when you need to cool down. This personal desk fan, priced at ($21), conveniently plugs into a USB port, eliminating the need to search for a wall plug. It operates silently, ensuring it won’t disturb your colleagues or create excessive background noise during your conference calls.

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6. Charging Station

charging station

Reduce the clutter on your desk from your phone, tablet, personal device, and work device by using a desktop charging station ($29). It not only helps you organize everything but also ensures that all your devices are charged. You can simultaneously charge up to six devices.

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7. Portable Scanner

portable scanner

When you find yourself in a situation where you require the copying of notes, photos, diagrams, or charts, this portable scanner ($149) is an ideal solution. It operates on batteries, eliminating the need for connecting to a computer. The scans are conveniently stored on an SD card, allowing for easy uploading to your computer.

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8. Bluetooth Keypad

Bluetooth keypad

Does your keyboard lack a numerical keypad? My portable iPad keyboard certainly does not have one. Simplify your life by effortlessly inputting numbers with a Bluetooth keypad ($19). Just insert it into your bag for on-the-go convenience. Moreover, it seamlessly functions with iOS devices.

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9. Brain Stimulating Headset

Brain Stimulating Headset

A headset that helps you gain focus and boost productivity. With the ability to improve memory and creativity, this device allows you to concentrate on your work when you need to. By activating your brain, it enables you to perform at your best.

The headset comes with a user-friendly app, offering various modes such as concentrate, create, learn, and rethink. This versatile tool is perfect for studying, unleashing creativity, and eliminating distractions. To use PlatoWork, you need to be over 18 and have a healthy neurological condition. When you order the headset, you will receive three sponges, one USB cable, one bottle of saltwater, and a helpful start guide.

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10. Artificial Aquarium

artificial aquarium

Transform your office into a vibrant space by introducing a whimsical artificial aquarium (£18.99). It offers all the perks of having live fish without the hassle. Just add water and enjoy the lively ambiance without the commitment of maintenance!

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These task management tools can be useful for anyone who is part of the digital landscape. These tools not only optimize time utilization but also foster a more cohesive and transparent work culture. As technology continues to evolve, the future of task management tools holds promise for even more sophisticated solutions, further revolutionizing how we approach and accomplish our professional responsibilities.

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