How to Remove Wood Stain from Concrete?

Easy and Highly Effective Remedies to Ease Your Cleaning Process

How to remove wood stains from concrete

Have you ever tried DIY wood staining at home? It is quite a satisfying and refreshing activity indeed. Your furniture gets a makeover and shines with a brand new look. It can be done with liquid stains or spray paints. But this joyful activity can end in daunting cleaning sessions sometimes. You must take the precautionary measures properly before starting your DIY project. In other cases, you may stain your concrete floor, driveway, or pavers.

Sometimes, even after caring for everything, you end up staining and making your concrete flooring dirty. Don’t panic here, there is still a solution for it. Your cleaning approach can vary Depending on the situation and the overall circumstances. But with the right method, you can remove wood stains from concrete. Let’s explore some easy-to-handle methods that will explain how to remove wood stains from concrete.

Methods to Remove Wood Stains from Concrete

Methods to Remove Wood Stains from Concrete

The removal of wood stains on concrete will be depending on the type of the wood stain. If the stain is fresh and has not dried completely yet, you can get rid of it easily. In the case of a dry and old stain, you need to go for advanced cleaning methods and follow precautionary measures at the time of cleaning process.

The methods you can follow to remove fresh wood stains from concrete include:

  • Soaking and washing method
  • Sandblaster technique
  • Water cleaning remedy

To remove the old wood stains that has been dried completely, you need to use some powerful chemicals to show instant results. The chemicals can be:

  • Bleaching method using Oxalic acid
  • Muriatic acid cleaning technique

Removing Fresh Wood Stains from Concrete

Depending upon the availability of the accessories, you can decide the best method you want to opt for.

1. Soaking and Washing Method

The first best approach is to remove fresh wood stains from concrete. Whether your concrete driveway or flooring has a porous surface or has sealing for a smooth look, this is an effective cleaning method. Spread the newspaper or tissue paper on the concrete to soak all the fresh wood stains. Tap on it a few times to ensure the maximum stain is soaked. Then, remove the newspaper or tissue paper and spread water around the concrete. You can use a scrubbing brush to rub and remove any residuals left behind on your concrete driveway, floor, or paver.

2. Sand Blaster Technique

Another excellent method is the sandblaster technique. Pour dry sand over the region where the wood stain has stuck to concrete. Tap a bit on the sand so the stain gets soaked up by the sand. Use a brush and a dust-collecting pan to clear off the dry sand. You can then use the scrubbing brush to clean away the sticky sand pieces if there are any on the street. At last, clean it with water and leave it to dry completely, or use a cloth piece to dry it quickly.

3. Water Cleaning Remedy

Sometimes, using water to clean the wood stain from concrete works great. Just spread the water around the stains on the concrete and use a scrubbing brush for cleaning. Rinse and dry it for a clean concrete driveway, flooring, or pavers.

Removing Old Wood Stains from Concrete

The old and dried-up stains on the concrete are often challenging to get cleaned completely. You cannot use the ordinary cleaning methods here. In such cases, you have to use strong cleaning chemicals for best results. Do not ignore the preventive measures while using such chemicals.

1. Bleaching Method

You can use a bleaching agent for the cleaning process. Check for the bleaching supplement in your kitchen or washroom, you might find one having oxalic acid in it. Otherwise, you can purchase one since oxalic acid is one of the strong bleaching agents that can remove old wood stains from concrete. Pour the bleaching chemical over the stains and leave for a while. While wearing gloves, you can use a scrubbing brush to rub over the stains. Rinse off the area with water and let it dry. Use adequate water to get the area cleaned from the bleaching agent. Use a cloth piece at the end to clean the concrete and dry it completely. Till this time, the stain would have been cleaned completely.

2. Muriatic Acid Cleaning Technique

If you opt for the muriatic acid cleaning technique, be extremely cautious during the cleaning session. Prepare a mixture of one part muriatic acid in a bucket with 20 parts water. Then, use this mixture to clean off the stain. If the mixture fails to remove the stain, make a stronger mixture. Strengthen the mixture by one part (1 part acid with 19 parts water). Keep on making it stronger until no more stains are there.

Once removed, rinse the concrete with water. You will then witness powdery residue from the acid, which you have to wash away with water. The cement will now be stripped. To prevent future staining, apply a concrete sealant following the manufacturer’s instructions.

3. Wood Staining at Home

It is good practice to try out wood staining at home and make your cocobolo desk or any other type of wooden desk or furniture like a brand new one. But, before you start, take care of your concrete flooring first. Whether using a liquid staining solution or the spray, take your furniture out in the garage first and start there. You must protect concrete floors before staining wood, no matter where you are doing your wood staining.


If you still end up staining the concrete, don’t worry too much about it – there are ways of getting it out and returning your concrete to normal. You can go with any of the techniques mentioned above for removing wood stains from concrete.

The best of all approaches is to seal your concrete driveways or flooring. Porous or unsealed concrete is more prone to permanent staining. In contrast, the sealed concrete can easily be cleaned without any difficulty.

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