Cocobolo Wood – From History to High-End Collectibles

Cocobolo Wood Collectibles

Cocobolo is an exotic type of wood indigenous to Central America chiefly in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. Cocobolo (Dalbergia retusa) is from the rosewood family. It has been highly coveted among other rosewood members for its distinguishing features such as extraordinary-grained texture, density, strength, and resistance to rot and insects.

The heartwood of cocobolo exhibits a vibrant spectrum of colors, from vivid shades such as red, orange, and even yellow to brown with bands of black and purple. When you cut or freshly sanded cocobolo wood, these hues become more radiant but get dark with wood aging. The sapwood usually appears pale yellow and contains many invaluable oils that impart cocobolo a unique scent, assuredly flower-like.

This precious cocobolo wood is one of the most expensive woods known for its outstanding grain pattern and rich color, making it popular in demand for high-end furniture, decorative items, and musical instruments.

The History of Cocobolo Rosewood

The history of Cocobolo wood traces back to the pre-Columbian era when the native people of Central America emphasized the significance of wood for its strength and beauty. They used it in various ways such as making tools, weapons, and symbolic objects.

After the conquest by Spanish adventurers, they were inspired by wood’s incomparable qualities too, and began its use for a wide range of purposes, including furniture crafting and art pieces.

Cocobolo rosewood is still highly valued for its elegance and durability, and it has been used to create a broad scope of collectibles like pens, chess boards, vases, and jewelry.

Top 5 Collectibles Made from Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo is a famous timber used as a crucial component of wooden items and structures. Being one of the highly expensive woods existing globally, you can see the flawless fusion of natural elegance and we become compelled to praise the exquisiteness of this valuable wood and the creativity of its crafting.

Some of the most prized collectibles made from cocobolo wood are listed as under:

1. Cocobolo Desk

Cocobolo Wood Desk

The cocobolo desk made of rare cocobolo wood, is a timeless classic of beautiful artwork that manifests the allure and elegance of this precious wood. The complex pattern and design of this desk are exquisitely enhanced by the radiant and dark hues of the cocobolo grain which seem to glimmer in the light, thus making it more captivating. The desk appears luxurious and stylish due to its clean polished lines which are in harmony with the natural radiance of the wood.

A cocobolo wood desk, made from one of the best woods for desks, is a masterpiece that brings sophistication and magnificence to your office or study room. Its comfy feel and enchanting appearance surely bring innovation and productivity to enhance your work progress, and its incomparable artistry guarantees it to be cherished for years.

You must be surprised to know that these elegant designs of wood desks came into existence by a famous Mexican furniture designer, Don Shoemaker. He had a wide range of experience working with cocobolo wood and its crafting into wonderful furniture items in the 1960s and 70s and his designs of cocobolo desks are still in high demand at present.

Price range: Upto $16,000

2. Cocobolo Chess Board

Cocobolo Chess board

Chessboard manufactured from cocobolo wood is not only useful for playing chess but is also assessed as a piece of art due to the natural beauty of the wood. You can witness a spectacular visual distinction for the squares that are created by the reddish-brown color of wood with strips of gold and black and you would surely experience a joy to move chess pieces across the board.

As cocobolo wood is very rigid and strong, it makes the chessboard long-lived and resistant to deterioration, thus ensuring the board remains smooth for playing up to many years. Regardless of the fact you are a novice or an expert chess player, this cocobolo chess board is likely to uplift your game to the next level.

Price range: Upto $1500.

3. Cocobolo Wood Guitar

Cocobolo wood Guitar

If you’re searching for a unique instrument with superior efficiency, a cocobolo guitar may be noteworthy. A cocobolo guitar is an awe-inspiring gadget forged from exotic and beautiful cocobolo wood. This collectible is a true gem for any musician looking for a unique and brilliant instrument. Cocobolo wood transforms the guitar into a wonderful piece of art that is not only visually fabulous but also produces a cheerful, eloquent sound. The vibrant shades of cocobolo wood showcasing a deep reddish-brown base with streaks of gold and black color generate a unique combination for each guitar, assuring yours is an exclusive masterpiece.

With a melodic style, the cocobolo guitar provides a balanced and refined sound due to its rich and powerful tone with remarkable persistence. The density of the wood can set a challenge for creating the guitar, therefore responsible for the premium cost of the instrument.

However, the prices of cocobolo guitars may vary depending on how much proportion of cocobolo wood is used in building a guitar. Ultimately, the remarkable visuals and warm resonance of the cocobolo wood guitar make it a phenomenal instrument which seems to be an aspiration for those who value beauty and exceptional sound.

Price range: $2,000 – $2,500

4. Cocobolo Wood Pen

Cocobolo wood pen

The outlook of a pen with its unique design makes it a luxurious writing tool for a writer or an artist. For this reason, the cocobolo wood pen is popular and in demand for having stunning appearance and durability. This pen is designed to display the natural grain patterns and colors of the cocobolo wood, thus making it a wonderful work of art.

The elegant and refined texture of the wood makes the pen a pleasure to hold and use for writing. The high density of wood offers a pen with a reassuring size and perfect balance in your hand thus providing a comfortable and confident writing experience for prolonged durations.

Expert artisans carefully craft these collectibles with polished chrome or gold details blending with the rich tones of wood, creating a harmonious balance. No doubt, a cocobolo wood pen is a considerate present for anyone who loves the art of writing or is seeking a sophisticated and functional companion.

Price range: $35 – $62

5. Cocobolo Wood Ring

Cocobolo Wood Ring

The lovely cocobolo ring is an exceptional ornament to adorn your finger. This exquisite collectible truly depicts the world’s natural beauty because of its rich color palette and intricate grain pattern of cocobolo wood.

The simple and elegant crafting of this ring brings the beauty of cocobolo wood into the limelight which also contributes to the outstanding durability and rich sheen of the ring.

The cocobolo wood ring is an excellent choice as a present on any occasion as it is also considered a symbol of forever love and unity. No doubt it’s a perfect choice for those who love and admire the natural world, and distinctive, artisanal ornaments.

Price range: $144 – $210

Challenges with Cocobolo Wood

Cocobolo wood has been listed under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) due to its limited growth and over-harvesting in the past.

Other issues may occur due to contact with the wood as the dust of wood mixes with sweat and causes an allergic reaction like that of ivy poison in many individuals. Respiratory problems may arise too. Anyone working with this timber needs serious precautions.


Undoubtedly, cocobolo wood collectibles are valuable assets for those who value the elegance of natural materials and masterful artistry skills. Mexican cocobolo rosewood is renowned for its spectacular grain pattern, spectrum of vibrant hues, and fine texture, all of which contribute to the creation of stunning wood collectibles. By bringing cocobolo wood collectibles, you will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will conserve a piece of history, culture, and the natural world for years to come.

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