Male Stupidity Behind the Wheel? How to to Avoid Being Distracted While Driving?

Distracted Driving

Imagine – you are driving a cool new car, the road is straight, clean, and swift, like an arrow of a noble knight, and your heart is roaring with happiness in time with a powerful engine. And now and then you are pulled by a friend sitting next to you and friends who have just found out about your purchase, everyone calls on their mobile phones.

Are you saying that you were distracted from the track for only two or three seconds? And now calculate how much distance at a speed of, for example, 120 km/h, your “horse” galloped essentially without your control. And if you are not distracted for the first time on the road?

Moreover, the car is not yours, and you rent a luxury car?

4 Ways that Causes of Distracted Driving

Causes of Distracted Driving

In addition, even abroad, for example, Ferrari rent a car Dubai at a local rental shop. It’s certainly cool that you know how to enjoy life so much and can rent a supercar to drive around beautiful places. But do not forget about security, which allows you not to make your life shorter than it can be. Agree, it is better to be able to rent an exotic car many times than just once and it is the last one.

So, let’s move on to the list of stupid things that men most often do while driving a car.

1. Looking for your favorite tune

Recent studies have shown that about half of all driver distraction from the road is the search for suitable music on the radio or audio player.

Tip: Tune in to the right channels in advance and turn on the music even before you hit the gas pedal. Your travel playlist shouldn’t be too long. And if your friend or girlfriend is driving next to you, ask them to switch the player to another channel instead of yourself.

2. Texting and Tweeting While Driving

On average, it takes at least 4.6 seconds to type one SMS message on a mobile phone while driving Of course, your eyes look at the monitor for the same amount of time, and not at the road. And every time it is a potential emergency.

Tip: download a special application for your communicator that reads all messages coming to you on your mobile phone and reads them. It will automatically send messages to your subscribers that you cannot answer them personally at the moment.

3. Checking the Road Maps

Modern drivers are increasingly checking their routes with all sorts of electronic road maps and GPS navigators. But they do it while driving! And this is not safe (see above).

Tip: do not try to set up your navigator directly on the road – do it in advance. And use special sound services, with the help of which you will “communicate” with the device by voice and give instructions to it.

4. Kissing in a car

It is probably difficult to stay within the framework of a young beauty who shoots her eyes and sighs nearby. Especially when you rent a luxury motor vehicle. At such a moment, it is not surprising to forget about some cars, sidewalks, and pedestrians! But for some, this is not enough – it is known that, on average, up to 30% of drivers kiss girls right while driving a car.

Tip: hold your passion. Remind your guys more often so that they look more at the track. Otherwise, they can simply no longer see their lives.

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