Fun Things To Do In Washington D.C: A Guide to Unforgettable Adventures

Things To Do In Washington D.C

Washington D.C., the capital of the world’s most advanced country, is a good reason to visit this city alone. Nevertheless, it is not just this fact; it also offers a large number of tourist destinations like museums, memorials, art galleries, parks, etc.

City Overview: Washington D.C. commonly referred to as the District of Columbia, is situated at the northern bank of the Potomac River, with its borders shared with Virginia and Maryland. Washington is the major cultural and historical center of the U.S., so if you intend to get an insight into American politics, culture, and history, you better visit this city and make your vacation more enjoyable.

Brief Travel Guide to Washington D.C

Travel Guide to Washington DC

Get In: If you are arriving by plane, you have two options. Only 3 miles south of the downtown is the Ronald Reagan National Airport, from where you can use MetroRail to reach the city in 15 minutes. To go to the city’s East End, hop on the Buses 13F and 13G. The second option is touching down at Dulles International Airport. Around 26 miles from the city center, it will take about an hour to reach the town from here. There are a couple of good options for this trip, and we suggest you take Metrobus 5A, which will cost $7.

Alternatively, you can reach Union Station from Richmond, New York, Boston, and Philadelphia using services like Cardinal, Crescent, and Carolinian. If you are reaching D.C. from North or South in your car, take I-95 and I-81 if you are coming from the South or West.

Besides planes and trains, you can also use bus services from companies like Greyhound, Megabus, BoltBus, BestBus, Vamoose Bus, Peter Pan, and Tripper Bus.

Get Out: Moving around Washington D.C. would be effortless, thanks to numerous transportation options. Get a SmarTrip card for $10 that you can utilize on a subway, bus, and monorail service. The prices usually vary according to the distance you want to travel and the time of day.

If you like to move around the city on a bicycle, you should use the Capital Bikeshare service, which offers a half-hour trip for $2. Moreover, you can choose Fat Tire Tours for bike tours or opt for scooters from Bird, Lime, and Lyft, starting at around $1 for unlocking and then $0.15-0.40 per minute.

Other options are taxis, which could be really expensive, ride-sharing services from Uber, Lyft, and Via, and car rentals. Do not forget to take the water taxi tour between Georgetown, the Wharf, and Old Town Alexandria.

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Places To Visit in Washington D.C

White House should be on the top of your itinerary. Even though it is a prime location that no one can miss out on, we cannot pass away without hinting at it. The White House is the U.S. president’s residence as well as his official workplace. Moreover, the marvelous architecture of the White House is also worth seeing. Developed in 1800, you will learn everything about this building and those who lived here. You need to get your ticket beforehand through your Congress member. If you are here from another country, you will need to arrange a tour via your Embassy in D.C. You need to contact a tour operator in Washington D.C.

In addition, you need to explore the National Mall, a wonderful open space park in Washington. There are numerous renowned memorials and monuments situated inside this park.

Without visiting Lincoln Memorial, your trip to Washington would remain incomplete. It was erected in the memory of the U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln. The picturesque beauty of the memorial is worth capturing with your camera, so don’t forget to carry your DSLR.

Furthermore, you should explore National Art and Space Museum, especially if you are touring Washington with your kids. It houses innumerable attention-grabbing elements like the Wright brothers’ plane, space capsules, missiles, etc.

Developed in 1935, the Supreme Court building, famous as the Marble Palace, is the ultimate authority in the U.S. People can see a court session if they reach on time as well as attend half an hour of free lectures educating the court functions. These sessions are very informative, so you must attend one.

The International Spy Museum started operations in 2002 and presents information on spy crafts. You will find shoes with fake bottoms, pictures of notorious detectives, and discussions with previous intelligence executives. More than 7,000 pieces of information are available with stories even related to old Egypt and Greece. A ticket will cost $24.95 at least.

Go to the other side of the river to see Alexandria, VA. It is a tiny settlement with paved streets dotted with colonial structures and ancient markers. Do not miss the pub crawl/haunted ghost trip.

Things To Do in Washington D.C

Besides the memorials mentioned above and museums, Washington houses various other museums as well, which you must explore. For example, you can pay a visit to the popular Smithsonian Museum of National History, the Vietnam Memorial, and so on.

Make sure your itinerary includes a visit to the famous Rock Creek Park. You can enjoy several activities here, from fishing and playing tennis to going for a walk or biking.

A tour of the Library of Congress is a must to see the large collection of books in various niches. It is the biggest in the world, with more than 16 million books and 120 million other pieces. Founded in 1800, more than 3,000 workers take care of this place. It is the leading research center of the U.S. Congress, and the U.S. Copyright Office is also located here. The authorities run exclusive tours sometimes, so find out about it through their official website. While here, we suggest you go through Thomas Jefferson’s library, Bob Hope’s private papers, and the Gershwin Room devoted to well-known musicians.

Get tickets to The Kennedy Center to witness the Washington National Opera and the National Symphony Orchestra. The programs comprise jazz, live theater, and ballet. It is a must-visit place for a cultural treat.

Shopping and Sports in Washington D.C

One of the best centers for shopping as well as eating is Georgetown. However, you should also visit Dupont Circle to enjoy any and every type of shopping. Here you can buy clothes, antiques, jewelry and so much more.

If you are looking for sports activities, ensure you visit Key Arena. You can not only watch basketball, hockey, and wrestling here but ice shows as well.

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Nightlife in Washington D.C

Nightlife in Washington DC

Washington is home to several pubs, bars, and nightclubs. However, for a thrilling nightlife experience, make sure you visit Adams Morgan. Moreover, you can also find several bars and clubs in Georgetown.

Famous Festivals in Washington D.C

Washington holds various festivals throughout the year; however, the most popular ones are the National Cherry Blossom Festival (March-April), Smithsonian Folk Life Festival (July), National Capitol Barbecue Battle (summer), and Capitol Jazz Fest (early June).


Summer, Spring (March-May), and Autumn (September-November) are excellent times to visit this culturally rich city. For accommodation, you can choose from hostels and hotels and can even do backpacking with a daily average cost of $80. A budget two-star hotel will cost around $100-$140, while an Airbnb apartment will be available at $125. Many food options are accessible in Washington D.C. – cheap and costly. If you are a food lover, you can also take a food tour with prices starting at $68 per person.

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