A Complete Solar Panel Maintenance Guide For The Renewable Energy Generators In Your Home

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We have seen an unprecedented increase in human advancement in the past few decades and it has not come cheap. Environmental degradation is a plague that will hound our future generations if we do not adopt a greener lifestyle today

One of the pillars of being environmentally friendly is using green energy. When you go solar, you’ll need to learn how to do solar panel maintenance. It helps you stay energy independent and increases the lifespan of your solar panels.

Did you know that solar energy powers 2.8% of our electricity needs in the USA? If you use solar panels to power your homes, you are now energy-independent.

6 Tips for Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are a marvel of technology that allows us to harness the sunlight around us into usable energy to power our home appliances. Like all other sophisticated pieces of technology, solar panels need to be maintained properly to work at full efficiency. We have listed below the most commonly applied methods of maintaining solar panels.

Solar Panel Cleaning Hacks


The first step in solar panel maintenance is to check for any blockages or dirt. Solar panels use photovoltaic technology, making solar power conversion possible. If the glass is dirty, it cannot absorb sunlight and do its conversion.

Solar panels use tempered glass and have no moveable parts. It’s durable enough that you can trust it not to need attention. If you see dirt blocking, consider that the time to clean them.

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Use Proper Cleaning Supplies

solar panel maintenance

Residential solar needs no special cleaning agent to remove dirt and debris. A brush is good enough to remove twigs and leaves. Whole soapy water is enough to remove dirt.

Do gentle scrubbing with the panels to avoid scratching the glass. When cleaning solar panels, avoid stepping on the glass.

Pressure on the glass creates microcracks. These cracks would be bad for the solar panels. However small it is, it can affect their performance.

How to Rinse Solar Panels?

Use a regular hose with a sprayer to rinse your solar panel. Follow solar industry practices and avoid using a pressure washer when cleaning.

Use a microfiber cloth to wipe dry the panel. When drying the solar panels, ensure there’s no residue left on the glass. Like debris, it can block the glass and lower its power output.

Check the Power Output

After cleaning the solar panels, finish your maintenance by checking the power output. Start comparing the energy levels before and after cleaning.

You will see the difference in power levels and how it boosts your power grid. This boost is helpful if you plan to get your federal credits for solar.

Check Your Warranty

Every piece of machinery you own will have its wear and tear. When your solar panels start to lose their efficiency, get professional solar help.

The best solar company gives the most reasonable warranty. A warranty helps you in times when it has fried or damaged parts.

Weather Conditions to Watch Out For

Solar panels and their system will not disappoint you with durability. It won’t be easy to break, and you can expect it to last long. However, in extreme weather, you need to exert effort in taking care of your panels.

Harsh weather can cause micro-cracks or disable one of your solar panels. Insurance and warranty save you trouble during extreme weather. You can get a replacement, or you could also get your system back for the damage.

Do Your Solar Panel Maintenance Today

solar panel maintenance

Solar energy helps you enjoy clean energy and improve your lifestyle. Learn how to do solar panel maintenance now and stay energy-independent today!

Do you want to learn more about the solar industry? Check our other articles and learn more.

Image: Pexels, Pixabay

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