The Paparazzi Archive Of 10 New Hottest Celebrity Couples Of 2023: Prime Loved-Up Stars

New celebrity couples

Being a celebrity is difficult in today’s world as nothing remains hidden from the fans. Whenever they go out. Paparazzi follow them and never leave them alone. This is the reason why most of the celebrities have failed to hide their personal life. Fans have find out ways to keep themselves updated about various celebrities. They always figure out what’s going on in their lives. The paparazzi have revealed new celebrity couples of 2023.

Celebrities have become idols of such kind that nothing remains in the private sphere. Best celebrity couples try hard to keep the affairs a secret but to no avail. Fans, paparazzi, and sneakers have continuously teased them. This constant alertness is not without cause. And this is the rising curiosity of laymen. Since they always want to know more about the red carpet walkers.

The cover stories, investigative documentaries, and paparazzi films tells the stories of the same kind. The ultimate goal is to wiretap the scenes behind the curtain. We have just compiled an authentic list of the top ten 2023 affairs between new celebrity couples. Read it till the end. Hopefully, you will find your loved-up stars’ long-term and short-lived relationships here.

Countdown of New Celebrity Couples of 2023

Hold your breath. Below mentioned are top 10 new celebrity couples of 2023. Here we go!

First Affair – Selena Gomez & Drew Taggart

Selena Gomez & Drew Taggart

According to the latest news published by US weekly magazine in January 2023, Selena Gomez and Drew Taggart are dating. They have been seen together, after the Chainsmokers musician called it quits with Eve Jobs. Moreover, according to sources close to the two, they both enjoy spending time together


Image: Instagram

The love story came into spotlight back in August 2020. When Brad Pitt, with 27-year-old Nicole, spotted a private jet from Paris to Pitt’s abode. Till then, both celebrities’ sparking love vibes have enraged Brad’s ex Angelina Jolie.

Paparazzi have kept an eagle’s eye on this make-and-break relationship as the further seriousness would push Angelina Jolie into the foray. It’s a kind of trio, not a duo!

Third Tryst – RIHANNA & A$AP ROCKY

Image: Instagram

Rapper Rocky has been dating the brunette baby for a long time. The phenomenon is now more frequent. The New York Post is the first to reveal all the news regarding their relationship status. They were spotted both in a close intimacy at Beatrice Inn over the weekend.

People were sure about the couple because Rihanna broke up with Hassan Jameel. After the split, the Rih-Rock couple did many interviews to promote skincare campaigns (See: Rihanna and Rocky answering the questions). The sneakers are damn sure that big news is in the making. And will emerge by the end of 2021. Of late, they both have maintained a facade of professionalism, avoiding the rumors of impregnation.

Fourth Love Story – GIGI HADID & ZAYN MALIK

Image: Instagram

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been playing for years, but 2021 proved the game-changer. On Zayn’s 28th birthday, the model extended an arcade-themed celebration with a love message at Insta. The party was full of balloons, games, and over the top Malik’s confetti (See: Zayn’s 24th birthday celebrations).

In the same year, the hottest couple announced the coming of their first baby. Both spent a couple of months together at Gigi’s mother’s farm. Even before they announced the pregnancy. After the baby girl’s gift, likely, Gigi and Zayn will soon break the news of their engagement. Hold the breath. And stay tuned.


Image: Instagram

Laughing in a happy mood with Thom’s legs wrapped around Nicole. This shows the heights of hotness between their relationship (See: Couple’s sexy pics on Instagram).

The pop icon-cum-X factor judge and her rugby star beau have been said to be dating.  As both seem over-the-moon during loved-up photo sessions.

Despite belonging to different backgrounds. Thom, 35, and Nicole, 41, look happier than ever before their first relationship anniversary.

The couple is also spotted playing sports in matching outfits and workout routines. According to the sources, they are going through an indulgent honeymoon. Recently people saw them enjoying a yacht trip at some unknown bay. Thus made the fans more curious.


Image: Instagram

Love stories are not ingrained in history.  These come out of the blue too, such as the case of Thomas Kail and Michelle Williams’ saga. As they took the world by storm. Firstly, announcing the engagement. Then expecting their first baby (Check out the first baby’s photo here). Where applauds arose, a particular segment of critics also came forth questioning the integrity of sudden love.

Nonetheless, the couple has dealt with the negative vibes with patience and utmost composure. After dropping the sonic bomb of revelation. The couple made their red carpet debut appearance at the Golden Globes. What they did best; keeping mum. The smile betrays the fountains of happiness flowing inside them.

Seventh Paparazzi Hit Parade – LADY GAGA & MICHAEL POLANSKY

Image: Instagram

Insiders are damn sure that Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky have been smitten by the bow of Cupid (Find: Lady Gaga and Michael Polansky’s archive here). Polansky, a business tycoon, has spotted smooching, touching, and chuckling with the superstar. Sneakers are also sure that the star actress, 34, has been engaged to San Francisco’s resident.

Confession is yet to arrive. Before that, Lady Gaga was engaged twice. Once to Taylor Kinney and then Christian Carino.

However, time will tell whether this expected engagement leads to success or will count on the previous botched attempts.


Image: Instagram

Kristen Steward. The Hollywood superstar, has been the talk of the town owing to her constant loved-jammed dates with screenwriter Dylan Meyer.

The same-sex couple finally made their relationship public through Instagram account. This happened  on Kristen’s 30th birth anniversary. (Reach out to love post here). Before that, the two had assured the foolproof secrecy from paparazzi and fans’ piercing sights for years. They are open about it now, more love is believed to be nurtured between them.

Ninth revelation – KATY PERRY & ORLANDO BLOOM

Image: Instagram

The love of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom is accomplished after confirming the first child’s news. The love history is a long one. They met at Amazon’s Carnival Row. (Watch episode here) Then got engaged on Valentine’s day of 2019.

The couple is believed to be the hottest, heading for a spiritual journey to India. “Orlando is like a sage,” Katy once said. The would-be nuptial will also share children from their ex-spouses. Mostly the couple keeps the private life secret. The glimpses tell their over-the-moon ride.


Image: Instagram

A brand new Kardashian love is in the making. Blink-182 drummer and Big Sis plunged into a romantic affair from friendship recently. The bond that strengthen their relationship was the mutual sharing of kids (Find the kids).

Kardashian shares three children. And Travis adds up two to their inseparable love pole. Both families live nearby. The kids grew together, so did Barker and Kardashian. This is perhaps the only couple that keeps the “hot” title intact, even with an extended family.

Concluding Notes:

We hope that the article must have been informative and engaging for celebrity enthusiasts. The nitty-gritty of celebrities does bring a sensation of contention. And the same vibes are running down our spine. If the intriguing instincts are not satiated yet. Moreover, you may find a lot more about the affairs, breakups, here.

Most celebrity couples try their best to hide the experiences until it reaches a certain threshold (See: the magic of love marriages).

Nonetheless, the actual grit of journo is to sense the sensation before time. We have done the same trick to reveal the hot affairs of the hottest celebrity couples. Adieu!

Above mentioned, new celebrity couples are just a few who got together in 2023. There are hottest celebrity couples of which fans are not so sure about, but they are often seen together. Like Olivia Wilde and Harry styles as well as Drake and Johanna Leia.

The paparazzi are curious and they will eventually figure out their relationship status. Hope the above article has answered all your questions regarding new celebrity couples and their awaited weddings.

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