Learn How to Get an Adrenaline Rush to Follow An Adventurous Lifestyle

Your best friend in your fight-or-flight mode is adrenaline, a hormone released from your adrenal glands. The way you respond to excitements and stresses depends on your adrenaline rush. So, see to it carefully.

adrenaline rush

Got sick of your lifestyle’s monotony? Want to see some thrill in your life? Good! You know life is a blend of pleasures and sorrows and yours is no exception. Nature has gifted man with a lot of hormones or neuro-chemicals to enable him to handle the positive and negative unexpected outcomes. Adrenaline, medically known as epinephrine, is the leading one in this category. It helps you meet the adversities of stress, anxiety, threat, over-excitement, etc. So, telling you how to get an adrenaline rush through some adventurous activities will be quite proper. You will probably observe a huge difference all around when you experience such an exciting and quick adrenaline rush practically.

How Adrenaline Rushes Throughout Your Blood Stream

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Do you know your blood is the most effective medium of your body? Let it do its best…

Adrenaline, your best companion all the time, comes into action just when you feel or even think of anything untoward.

What actually happens is that your hypothalamus, a part of your limb system at your brain’s base, stimulates your sympathetic nervous system, also known as the fight-or-flight state. Then your brain instructs your adrenal glands to release adrenaline into your bloodstream throughout. This helps you meet the abnormalities of stress or anything abrupt.

What Changes An Adrenaline Rush Brings to Your Body

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An adrenaline rush involves the following:

  • An increased heart rate
  • Rapid and shallow breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Increased sweating
  • Feeling shaky or nervous
  • A spike in strength and energy

Is it Natural or Inducing to Get An Adrenaline Rush?

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Both are correct. Whenever there is a stressful situation, you are sure to get a quick adrenaline rush naturally. However, you can also stimulate it on your own in several ways. You can push yourself out of your comfort zone both occasionally and periodically. You may expose yourself to some frightening stimuli. Or, you may get yourself engaged in certain physical activities. All this will thus bring you an added jolt of energy to make you think that you can perform the impossible within the blink of an eye. This may include lifting a car alone or jumping over too high a wall. However, remember to keep yourself safe and sound. No physical harm is ever welcome in return for an adrenaline rush.

Activities that Ensure You How to Get An Adrenaline Rush

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Bring in some thrill and scintillation to your lifestyle and learn how to get a quick adrenaline rush by undertaking the following activities at random or periodically. Here, it is noteworthy that overexposure to the adrenaline rush may cause digestive problems, weight gain, sleep disorders, anxiety, etc. You must make your best efforts to keep your weight at a fairly acceptable level.

1. Watch Some Scary Movie or A TV Show

Watching a scary movie or some horror show online may get you bothered by the frightening stimuli that may encourage a fight or flight response within you. It may cause your adrenal glands to release epinephrine. For a hard adrenaline rush, a scary movie with a lot of jump scares and surprise moments may serve better than the one that is frightening on a psychological level alone. Remember, action-based scenes work better.

2. Play or Watch A Scintillating Computer Game

Playing or watching violent or action-packed video games especially those involving first-person shooter games encourages an enriched release of adrenaline in your blood. Besides, military based video games also stimulate the sudden rush of adrenaline into your bloodstream.

3. Face Your Fears

Facing what scares you randomly and periodically can result in a fight-or-flight response that can, in turn, trigger a nice adrenaline rush in your body. For instance, if you are afraid of dogs, you should visit a nearby dog park. Moreover, if you have a chronic fear of heights, you should visit a rooftop bar with your close friends. Such activities will stimulate a vigorous adrenaline rush into your blood. However, be vigilant about your safety all the time.

4. Take Risks to get a quick adrenaline rush

Risk-taking is a sure sign of a healthy lifestyle as it encourages you to step outside your comfort zone. Moreover, taking controlled and periodic risks without hurting yourself potentially results in a rich adrenaline rush into your blood. If you close your eyes while driving, it will certainly bring about a fluent adrenaline rush, but it will never be worth the risk. Rather, you should be sticking to behaviors that are normally annoying and uncomfortable to you.

5. Bungee Jumping

Since its launching in the 1980s, bungee jumping has been at the top of accessible thrill-seeking. It is usually performed in the mountains in several different ways. The jumper launches himself into the void from a bridge, crane, tower, ski jump, etc. A person ties a bungee rope with his ankle or body and hence, enjoys the ever enchanting onrush of adrenaline.

6. Sky Diving is a rich source of getting an adrenaline rush

From a height of around 4000 meters, you jump out into the void from a plane, a helicopter, or some other aircraft with a parachute on your back. This is called skydiving that generously invites a quick adrenaline rush. This risky physical activity requires you a fair bit of a bottle. The fall usually lasts between 40 seconds to a minute, but that is long enough to enjoy the feverish flow of adrenaline into your blood circulation.

7. Acro or Freestyle Paragliding

Paragliding itself is a heart-pushing experience and if it is a free-style version, it is simply incredible. It causes a real quick adrenaline rush in your body and you feel highly energetic and strong both mentally and physically. You may take a number of beginner’s paragliding sessions from a professional instructor at some local flight school. It will mentally prepare you for the freestyle version as well.

8. Rafting

A real thrill of the hour is to rock around on a rough river or choppy mountain watercourse in an unsinkable boat. Besides causing you a gushing adrenaline rush, this dashing activity will appease your hunger for adventure as well just like it did to the pioneers of the American West. With the modern technology and facilities available at hand, it is now possible to go rafting even at night.

9. High Diving

One of the best ways of securing a quick adrenaline rush is throwing you down giant waterslides in a position of your choice. However, if you keep your head first, you are sure to get more thrills. Some divers even perform agile acrobatic tricks and shapes before diving finally into a high altitude lake. Try it the soonest if you are looking for extra fun and adventure.

10. Downhill Mountain Biking

Thanks to the latest equipment, downhill mountain biking has become quite safe and extraordinary thrilling at the same time. You really get a fantastic adrenaline rush when you ride your bike downhill passing along many natural and artificial obstacles on the way. Remember, the steeper it goes, the adventurer it is.

The Final Wording

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Whether it is a stressful situation or an extra jubilant activity, adrenaline is sure to bring you thrill and excitement whenever you call it by any means. Your fight-or-flight mode triggers the quick adrenaline rush into your blood. However, be careful to keep potentially harmful activities way far from your precious health and life.

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