How to Care for Pearls? Top Tips for Flawless Care and Longevity

How to Care for Pearl necklace

Black pearls, especially those that come from Tahitian oysters, are known for their exceptional and exotic charm. These pearls can have a variety of hues, from dark green to deep black. In the year 2023, the market value of black pearls was around $200 up to $36,000 per strand. Their rarity and unique beauty make them highly sought-after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

Therefore, having a black pearl necklace requires understanding the actual value and rarity that come with it. This speaks of proper care to help conserve its beauty and value. In this blog post, you’ll find essential advice on keeping your black pearl necklace shiny and lasting for a long time.

5 Easy Ways to Clean Pearl Necklaces

5 Ways to Clean Your Jewelry

Black Tahitian pearls come from the black-lipped oyster Pinctada margaritifera. The distinguishing features of such pearls are the colors and authentic tints: black, gray, generally called ‘peacock blue,’ and aubergine purple.

Unlike other pearls, where color is added artificially with dyes and treatments, these black pearls already have their natural, distinct hue and overtone without human intervention. Knowing where your black pearls come from and what makes them unique contributes to understanding their worth and the most appropriate methods for caring for them.

1. Regular Cleaning Practices

Do the cleaning process for your black pearl necklace often so it will stay at its best. After wearing it, use a wet soft cloth to gently wipe the pearls and eliminate body oils, sweat, and residues from cosmetics or perfume which might harm the nacre if not cleaned off over time. For deeper cleaning, you could dip it into mild soap with water.

Avoid utilizing strong detergents, bleach, or cleaners with ammonia; these could lower the pearl’s shine and damage its surface. After tenderly washing them in tepid water, rinse them thoroughly then dry them using a gentle cloth by softly patting them. Strive to regularly clean your necklace every few weeks or more if it is used.

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2. Proper Storage Techniques

To protect your black pearl necklace, it’s important to prevent pearls from rubbing on other jewelry items as this might create scratches. Place them inside a soft pouch or a box designed for keeping jewelry with a lining inside it. Moreover, avoid storing the pearls in tightly closed containers for extended periods.

Furthermore, to keep pearls shining and attractive, they require moisture. A damp piece of cloth can be put near it to help preserve the right level of humidity for your pearls. Additionally, ensure your pearls are not exposed directly to sunlight or kept in extremely warm or cold areas as this may cause nacre cracking and lessen their shine.

3. Handling With Care

If you wear a black pearl necklace, it’s very important to handle it with care. Pearls are organic gems and they can be damaged by the chemicals in cosmetics, hairsprays, and perfumes. You should apply these things first before putting on your necklace.

Avoid wearing a pearl necklace when engaging in activities that could potentially damage it such as swimming, exercising, or showering. Also, check the necklace often for any damage. Watch out for signs such as the string starting to come apart or pearls becoming loose. It’s crucial to deal with these problems quickly so that your necklace stays in good condition.

4. Professional Maintenance

Certainly, regular care at home is important but taking professional care can help to keep your black pearl necklace in top condition. You should have your necklace restringed every one or two years, particularly if you wear it often. This will prevent the string from getting too stretched or breaking.

For any repairs or professional cleaning, select a jeweler who has expertise in dealing with pearls. While this may come with a cost, it’s a worthwhile investment to maintain the integrity and beauty of your necklace.

5. Dealing With Common Issues

Dealing With Common Issues

Despite your best efforts, there can still be problems like discoloration, scratches, or loose pearls. For a light change in color, you can try gently rubbing the pearl with a soft cloth to see if it helps restore its shine. If there are deep scratches or serious changes in color, then you have to invest in professional repair.

Therefore, if a pearl gets loose, make sure to have it restrung by a professional. This will stop the pearl from falling off and possibly getting lost. Preventive actions like handling with care and keeping up maintenance can help you avoid these issues.


Caring for a black pearl necklace involves cleaning them often, ensuring proper storage, handling them with delicacy, and seeking professional maintenance when required. By giving attention and time to take care of your black pearl necklace, you can maintain its charm and worth for a long time. Always remember that nicely kept-up black pearls are not just an indicator of grace but also an enduring legacy – something to appreciate throughout time and pass on from one generation to another.

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