Best Digital Nomad Destinations: Living Cost, Co-working Spaces, Pros & Cons

Best Digital Nomad Destinations

Globally, there are almost 35 million digital nomads in just the beginning of 2024. And most of them are in their 30s.

This data speaks of the exponential rise in the digital lifestyle trend of becoming a digital nomad. Therefore, they always look for the most efficient, affordable, and best digital nomad destinations that provide them with the facilities they want.

In this piece, we have collected the top 10 places that provide exclusive facilities for remote workers. You will find their living cost, internet speed, pros and cons, and co-working spaces that will help you in making the final decision. So, here we go!

10 Best Places For Digital Nomads You Must Know

These are the best digital nomad locations with different budget options and environments.

1. Melbourne, Australia | Livable & Multicultural Environment

Melbourne, Australia

Living Cost: $3,642 / month
Internet Speed: 117Mbps (avg)
Famous Co-Working Spaces: The Commons, The Hive, The Cluster
Historical Landscapes: Old Melbourne Gaol, Cooks’ Cottage, Melbourne Town Hall

A city that can easily beat New York and Paris, Melbourne is one of the most suitable digital nomad destinations. On the Global Liveability Index by the EIU, it stood 3rd. It means that it provides the high-rated services of healthcare, stability, education, and infrastructure.

Moreover, it caters to all sorts of financial brackets. From luxurious to budget-friendly accommodations, you will find various options.

If you are more of a wanderer and want to experience different places while working, Melbourne has some local cafes and coffee shops. They offer not only delicious coffee and lattes but fast internet speed to help you work undisturbed as well. The cozy and aesthetic environment with people hanging around will satisfy your social needs as well.

A global city with lots of cafes and barsUnpredictable weather
Excellent networking opportunitiesCan be expensive for some
Best public transportation

2. Madeira, Portugal | Relaxed and Laid-Back, Work-Life Balance

Madeira, Portugal

Living Cost: $2,090 / month
Internet Speed: 71 Mbps (avg)
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Amparo Workspace, Cowork Funchal, John do Passos Cultural Centre
Historical Landscapes: Valley of the Nuns, Cabo Girao, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption

Madeira is not only well-optimized for tourists but remote workers as well. The high-speed internet services, access to top travel destinations, affordable co-working spaces, and several options to dine under budget make it a perfect nomad city.

It has a laid-back environment. So you can experience a perfect work-life balance. You can make your dream of globetrotting come true here. Despite being an Island, it offers unlimited opportunities to network and connect with brilliant minds.

The peaceful environment surrounded by beaches, cultural festivals, music, and cuisines is conducive to the digital nomads who want the best of both sides, i.e., work and fun!

Adventure sportsNot-so-happening nightlife
Lush, mountainous natureUnpredictable weather
Less expensiveIt’s slowed lifestyle may not suit everyone

3. Tenerife, Spain | Island of Eternal Spring

Tenerife, Spain

Living Cost: $3,481 / month
Internet Speed: 66 Mbps (avg)
Famous Co-Working Spaces: The Zen Den Tenerife, Gocoworking, Espacio Kernel
Historical Landscapes: Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria, Tenerife Auditorium, Finca Las Margaritas Banana Experience

Tenerife has exceptional internet connectivity everywhere, from cafes, hotel lobbies, and restaurants to some beaches. Therefore, it can be the best place to visit in Spain if you are considering setting yourself up as a digital nomad.

You can maintain a perfect work schedule here because of the ample opportunities for everything from leisure activities to dedicated workspaces.

Since it is in Spain, you must have a minimum income of €2,600, or $2,750 per month, to get the visa. As a side note, Spain is the #1 destination for remote workers in 2024, and one of the top reasons is that it gives the best digital nomads visas.

Cheap petrolNot so many people are English-speaking
Good air qualityHealth service can be bad in southern areas
Lower rentsSlow bureaucracy

4. Budapest, Hungary | Booming Digital Nomad Communities

Budapest, Hungary

Living Cost: $2,388 / month
Internet Speed: 97 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Impact Hub Budapest, The Other WorkSpace, Loffice
Historical Landscapes: Castle Hill, The Millennium Monument, The Hungarian Parliament Building

You might not hear Budapest at the top of the list of best places for digital nomads so often. There are several reasons for that. But it is still on this list because of its unique luxurious architecture, stunning landscape, and extreme security.

They have some of the most affordable houses for rent, with high-speed internet almost everywhere. The vibrant social fabric, networking activities, and fastest-growing culture of co-working spaces make it the best option for many freelancers or remote workers.

Dining out can be expensive here. Instead, doing groceries and making your food is a much cheaper option. Plus, the transport system is inexpensive and efficient, so you can explore the location while fulfilling your work responsibilities.

Rich culture with delicious food varietiesCan be crowded
Medieval ruins and green landscapeLanguage barrier
Vibrant nightlife sceneExpensive utilities

5. Weligama, Sri Lanka | Emerging Digital Nomad Hotspot

Weligama, Sri Lanka

Living Cost: $1000 to $2000
Internet Speed: 31.42Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Outpost Weligama, La Isla Bonita, Pasijou
Historical Landscapes: Kushtarajagala Statue, Kushta Raja Gala, Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex

You might have known Weligama because of its incredible beach life and surfing scene. But, it is also an emerging hotspot for virtual workers. It provides the perfect combination of fun, relaxation, and deep work, so you get the best of everything.

Since the number of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers is increasing, they have some of the best co-working spaces with full-fledged amenities. You can easily find many like-minded communities while you are here.

The incredible cuisines and vibrant musical nightlife instantly make you feel at home. So whether you are a beach person or a party person, Weligama can be a good option for you.

Peaceful and relaxed vibeIrritating bugs
High-quality teaNo giant grocery stores
Affordable housing and transportationRacism exists to some extent

6. Chiang Mai, Thailand | Conducive Environment For Remote Work

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Living Cost: $981 / month
Internet Speed: 61 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Yellow Coworking Space, StarWork Chiangmai, The Brick Startup Space
Historical Landscapes: Wat Chedi Luang Varavihara, Wat Umong, Wat Phra That Doi Kham (Temple of the Golden Mountain)

Chiang Mai is the perfect place to stay for every virtual nomad who loves to get high-quality but affordable facilities. From outdoor activities to happening nightlife, they have everything to offer. You can experience the Southeast Asian culture here.

The co-working spaces have all the amenities you need to work comfortably. Parks, work-friendly cafes, libraries, and coffee shops are built to attract the best talent. You will find a stable internet connection, work desks, and other facilities almost everywhere.

The breathtaking mountain ranges, coastlines, and cliffs with supportive infrastructure will fill your remote work life with adventure.

Affordable houses, food, and travelExpensive electricity
Friendly local communitiesLow quality of education
Moderate weather all year aroundLess English-speaking population in local areas

7. Timisoara, Romania | Rich History with Lively Nightlife

Timisoara, Romania

Living Cost: $1,990 / month
Internet Speed: 50 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Cowork Timișoara, DevPlant, Workify
Historical Landscapes: Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral, Timisoara Historical Center, Bastionul Theresia

Do you love to stroll around the stunning, westernized architecture and cool weather while working remotely? Then, Timisoara is a perfect location for you. Not only the infrastructure but the gorgeous sunsets, lush green parks, and cultural events are the key reasons why digital nomads love to relocate here.

The culture of cute cafes and co-working spaces are rapidly growing. Therefore, you will find many people with similar work/interests as yours. So, it is one of the best digital nomad locations to work and socialize.

High-speed internetTobacco smoking is common
Safe for womenExtremely cold in winter
Efficient healthcare systemNoisy and polluted at certain times of the year

8. Bansko, Bulgaria | Most-Consistently Growing Remote Work Hub

Bansko, Bulgaria

Living Cost: $2,310 / month
Internet Speed: 49 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Snow Pearl, Coworking Bansko, FLC Co-working Space
Historical Landscapes: Velyanova House, Neofit Rilski Museum, St. Nikola Church and Archeological Complex

Bansko has become the fastest-growing remote working hub due to several factors, like uninterrupted internet services, mountainous areas, and affordable accommodation options. You can participate in sports activities like snowboarding, skiing, and other cultural events to get an immersive experience of Bulgaria.

Along with working full-time, you can manage to have fun playing outdoor games and meeting new people. Or you can have a nice walk on the cleaned cobblestone streets.

You will find stable internet everywhere via high-speed WiFi, from gyms to hotels and restaurants. Moreover, as it is becoming one of the best digital nomad destinations, the authorities are providing more facilities.

Reasonable items of grocery itemsSome accommodation options are sub-par
Walkable townOnly a few supermarkets are available
Convenient transportationDifficult to make long-term friendships as much of the population is transient

9. Athens, Greece | Among Top 20 Most Attractive Cities For Remote Workers

Athens, Greece

Living Cost: $3,190 / month
Internet Speed: 59 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Impact Hub, Selina Theatrou, The Cube
Historical Landscapes: The Acropolis, Theatre of Herodes Atticus, Filopappou Hill

The history of this city dates back 3400 years. It is considered the best place to live in Europe because of the several facilities and services they provide. The ideal weather, speedy internet, and well-maintained public transportation allow them to explore the city while doing their work online.

You can also get a chance to secure digital nomad jobs for beginners because they have tight-knit communities of digital employees and freelancers who can assist you. Plus, you can get a good quality of life and affordable pricing brackets.

The cool climate in wintersSummer can be extremely unbearable
Healthy Mediterranean cuisinesLanguage gap
Affordable living costCrowded during peak seasons

10. Prague, Czech Republic | Where Old and New Architecture Meet

Prague, Czech Republic

Living Cost: $2,997 / month
Internet Speed: 61 Mbps
Famous Co-Working Spaces: Locus Workspace, Impact Hub Praha, WorkLounge
Historical Landscapes: Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock, Lobkowicz Palace, Vysehrad National Cultural Monument

If you love historic buildings and medieval aesthetics, you will surely want to move to Prague to expand your career as a digital worker. However, it does not only look aesthetic but offers a range of facilities to promote a remote working environment. The affordable housing options, lavish meals, and undisturbed internet connections make it among the top 10 best digital nomad cities.

For the highly skilled workers and freelancers, they have initiated the best digital nomad visas for selected countries. This visa can help you set up your long-term stay in the city.

Various outdoor activity optionsPickpocketing is on the rise
Efficient public transport systemHighly bureaucratic, i.e., a lot of paperwork
Good healthcare systemPoor customer service at local shops

Next Step? Just research your preferred destinations and check off the digital nomad packing list before leaving for the flight.


The choice of the best digital nomad destinations would be different for everyone. You must consider your career goals, requirements, budget, and the place you are interested in exploring. Setting your priorities straight will help you choose the most suitable destination.

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