Healthy Habits for Kids
Why should we focus on healthy habits for kids? The answer is simple: Whatever, is adopted in early stages of life becomes an absolute habit of a person and these habits in most cases decide what kind of person a child is going to become. Succinctly saying, "Your Future...
Fungal Acne
Do you have stubborn acne that just refuses to go away? You’ve done everything you could think of but you still can’t get rid of it? Well, chances are you have fungal acne. No need to panic, it isn’t nearly as harmful as it sounds. Fungal acne is a skin...
How to Stop Anxiety Attacks
For some people, anxiety attack is a novel concept but for others it’s a reality they live with everyday. It’s difficult to describe it to someone else because it’s so deeply personal and has many faces. Some might experience it as the constant nagging thought at the back of...
How to clean baby toys
All types of toys require extensive cleaning to keep your kids out of harms way.