Love Vs. Lust: A blend of Positive and Negative

Love is the noblest of all passions whereas lust is the negative extreme of this kind gesture. Better if you remain positive in your life and keep away all kinds of lust.

Lust vs Love
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Love and lust are two important yet sensitive aspects of one’s life. Love is the keenest subject of both arts and science. Everyone experiences love differently and how love changes into different categories varies for everyone too. Love is like defining the passion and warmth and, of course, the closeness we feel with someone close to our hearts. But love does not only exist between two opposite sex; it could be between a mother and a daughter or any other relation as well. Lust, on the other hand, is the negative extreme of getting what you love. You may often find yourself analyzing love Vs. lust in your heart and mind.

Love Vs. Lust – An Introduction

Though it’s an extremely sensitive subject to elaborate the differences when it comes to love Vs. lust, however, I have tried to compare the two as per my own sense.

What is Love?

Love over Lust
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Love is a deep affection or feelings you have for the other person. It involves the attraction and the earnest desire to be with that particular person with whom you have an emotional attachment. You also care for the person you love the most in the universe. When you are in love with someone, you have positive thoughts about that very person you adore, and this love also requires sexual intimacy. You want to experience the best with the one you love and adore.

Passionate and Compassionate Love

Passionate Love against Lust
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Whatever kind of romantic relationship you have with your lover, it does involve two components: passion and compassion. Passionate love involves intense feelings of desire. This involves a strong feeling of attachment and intimacy to the point where you just want to be in your lover’s arms, no matter where you are or whatever the situation is. This also refers to the category of being in love.

Whereas compassionate love involves emotional attachment and cares for the romantic partner when contrasting love Vs. lust. The level of intimacy and the desire to be in their arms are not very strong, but this type of love involves feelings of care and love.

What is Lust?

Kissing Couple
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This is the intense and strongest desire to have that particular object by any means. This involves sexual intimacy, another sort of love, money, or food. If one compares it to love, lust is a stronger desire to have sexual intimacy with the lover.

This could also be referred to as the psychological force to have sexual desires or intimacy with the lover. Lust is said to have imposed such hard sexual desire that it is often stated as a sin because it loosens the human essence and forces it to get what it wants.

Types of Lust

love vs lust
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Lust is often referred to as the unhealthy and adulterated desire for something. People can lust for anything whether it is sex, revenge, or power. The various types of lust are as follows:

Lust for Addictive Substances

Well, this type of lust involves drugs, nicotine, or alcohol. Whether a teenager or as an adult, there are people who just cannot help it and go notoriously crazy for drugs and alcohol. And such people need help more like rehabilitation centres. And people who suffer from lust for addictive substances usually have gone through a tough past in their lives.

Lust for Power

This could be anything. Some crazy people want to take control of everything they see or hear. As an example, in some marriages, one partner wants to control and dominate the other for no reason. This sort of power often destroys the relationship and could turn violent if the submissive partner shows no reluctance towards the situation or takes no action immediately.

Lust for Pornography

Porn is available everywhere, and it is accessible to everyone over the internet. Teenagers watch excessive porn and become addicted to it. Most parents are unaware because the internet and mobile app technology are available to everyone. And when the lust for porn increases, teenagers often attempt to do these unhealthy things.

Lust for Sex

This is the most common form of lust. Some crazies are crazy to have sex with anyone or anything. This could involve any object, either living or non-living. These people can have sex with animals or humans multiple times, and still, their desire for sex is never finished. Such people are also referred to as pedophiles, and one must stay away from such people.

Love Vs. Lust: Differences Explained

love and lust
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As discussed above in love Vs. lust, love is a feeling of strong attraction and passion for someone close to you, whereas lust is more like a physical attraction you feel for someone. It increases the urgency of hormones inside your body.

They say love is blind, and this goes for lust, too, because it could be strong and blind. Therefore, when you are feeling butterflies in your belly after seeing someone, and you are not sure whether it is love or lust, look and read at the following situational signs, we are going to discuss.

Do you Want to Spend All Night Talking

Well, in case of lust, two people would stay up all night just to have sexual intimacy with each other. They might have nothing as such to talk about, and they might be physical all night without even knowing each other’s names. However, in love, two people could just end up in their sofas or bed and could talk all day and night. They could just talk and talk and would just end up talking all night long. There might be not a single topic they have not discussed or talked about. They might lose track of time in their conversation.

You Want to Cuddle And Have Breakfast The Next Day

Well, there could be two forms of it. After having strong physical intimacy with one another, you would just want to stay up all night to cuddle and talk about all the beautiful things. Whatever the topic comes up in your mind is most welcome. While on the other way, you would have sex with your partner and would just want to rush to work the other morning. On the other hand, if its a Saturday Morning they would rather have the breakfast served on their luxurious bed.

You Can’t Stop Thinking About Each Other

Well, in the case of lust, the two people would just be daydreaming and thinking about how they want to have physical intimacy with the other person, or they could be thinking about the physical features that attracted them the most.

Well, the ones in love would also be daydreaming about each other, but they must be thinking about the stuff they talked about and what sort of personality traits they liked about each other. They must be thinking about physical intimacy too, but that will not be their main topic of interest.

You Want to Meet Those Important to Them

Well, the ones in lust would just want to have or end up having physical intimacy and relation with each other. They will not be much interested in knowing their circle of friends or family. But the ones who are in love would love to hang out and meet the other person’s family friends, or loved ones.

They would just want to know more about each other, and this involves their families, their likes, and their hobbies. Because love is about everything and not just physical intimacy. Lust cannot survive for long, but love can because it involves a feeling of attachment and cares for one another.

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